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June 19, 1975. She would always remember that date because that was the day that she felt she was indeed born. Up until that point. Hazel Jackson had not felt free to live her life as her true self. There was always something to hide from the world, from her family, from herself.

Hazel lived in a world that wanted nothing to do with what she had to offer. From the outside world, Hazel was a beautiful, smart woman who appeared to be ready to go out and make her mark in the world. She was apart of a fine upstanding Christen, family. Her family belonged to one of the most prominent churches in Winchester county. Her upright mother and father were the pillars of their community. They had prided themselves on being good parents of two beautiful girls, Hazel Jo, and Sadie Ann.

Her father Mackenzie Jackson was a good man with a set of values that was past down from one generation to the next. The love of family mends the world to him. He was a hard-working man with values that made him one of the most trusted men in the small community that his family helped settle.

He met the woman that he would share his life with at a school dance. It was one of those love at first sight things. Arty Brown was a soft-spoken woman with values that matched Mackenzie’s. The moment he first laid eyes on her the word marriage popped into his head, and it stayed there until the day he made her his wife.

Along with their two beautiful daughters, Mackenzie and Arty Jackson made a family that was strong and loving, never giving a second thought that one day that they would have to face the harsh reality of a disappointing c***d.

For almost all her life she has always felt like an outsider within her own family. It’s not that she didn’t love them because she did. Hazel Jackson loved and respected her family beyond anything. As a c***d her father was God, and his word was the law in their home. Her mother was the perfect wife and mother, often putting aside her own needs and desires to make sure that the needs of her husband and daughters were met. Hazel loved being a big sister to Sadie Ann. She always knew that it was her role to love and protect her little sister from the harshness of life.

Growing up in small-town middle America was no small task for a black family in the mid-60s. The world was changing, and the old ways of looking at life were disappearing right in front of your eyes. For Mackenzie Jackson, these changes would not come easy nor without a price.

It was this upbringing that Hazel found herself. When she was younger, her father’s ways didn’t seem to be as smothering to her young innocence eyes. But as she grew the way that she viewed her world would someday clash with all that she was raised to be.

As for boys, She liked them as friends, but when talking about her having a boyfriend would come up, she seemed not to warm to the idea. At fifteen sex was a very odd concept for her. It wasn’t that she wasn’t interested, she just didn’t see what the big deal was all about. When she was eleven she kissed her first boy, and it was nothing like she expected, Hazel didn’t hear bells or whistles, it was more like dead silence.

However, Hazel noticed her attraction to women grew with each year that passed. By her eighteenth birthday, she had declared herself to be a lesbian. She had made her self-discovery when she was sixteen and, she started carrying on with a much older woman. Miss Anna Davis was a friend and a member of the church that the Jackson family attended. Miss Anna as people called her was a tell beautiful brown skin woman with long wavy dark hair. She had soulful whiskey brown eyes and an hourglass figure that was to die for. It was not a secret that Miss Anna had taken many women to her bed, and that she preferred much younger women to warm her bed on those long cold nights, it is just that nobody talked about it.

Miss Anna had noticed Hazel when she would come into her dress shop with her mother. Hazel was just sixteen and was trying to figure out just where in the hell she fit in when she met the woman that would change her life forever. It was a beautiful spring afternoon when Hazel read the help wanted add in the paper. She has always liked going into Miss Ann’s dress shop with her mom.

Miss Anna’s was a place where all the well bread woman of color shopped. The day Hazel answered the add was the beginning of Hazel’s first steps into a world where women set the roles to the games they played. The very minute Miss Anna laid eyes on young Hazel Jackson she knew that this was a young woman that she could mole and shape into the kind of woman that she so desired for her life. The first time Anna looked into those beautiful hazel eyes she saw a lonely young girl who needed to be loved and understood not for the young girl that she was, but for the woman, she hoped to be.

Hazel was over the moon that she was now a working girl. Miss Anna had taken Hazel under he wing and had started to groom her into the woman that she is today. Of course being the shy sixteen-year-old girl, Hazel had no real voice in her own life. She fought with her parents for days over the fact that she wanted to get a job and start making her own money. They finally gave in, allowing her to work at Miss Anna’s three days a week and half days on Saturdays. This agreement seems to work for all parties.

Seven months just flew by as Hazel started to come into her own. Thanks to Miss Anna gone was the ponytail that she sported since age eleven. Hazel was wearing makeup and tight, revealing clothes that showed off her exquisite body. By now Miss Anna was in too deep she wanted Hazel and would do just about anything to get her. At age 40 Anna Davis still loves to share her bed with young women that were new to the life. She had lost count of the many sleepless nights she has laid in her bed just dreaming of sixteen-year-old Hazel’s naked body lying next to her, and all the nasty things she wanted to do to her.

Hazel had changed, and it was not just the way she looked that had her mom and dad concern. But she had changed in her demeanor as well. Hazle was a lot more sassy and outspoken. She was discovering her voice of defiance, and she liked it. Before her new found sense of freedom, the very idea of standing up to her father would have been unthinkable but now she had grown confident in her thoughts and desires, and it was her time to define herself.

Anna lived in a small apartment over the store. Her home was very stylish and well kept. Anna had a carefree bohemian decor that suited her well. She had lived all over the world due to her being an army brat. Her love of music and art was the center of her life. She was forced from her family when her father discovered her love of women. Her coming out was painful for her and her family. She was told by her father that she was no longer his daughter and that she was no longer welcome in his home. Her mother had no other choice but to go along with her husband’s wishes. Anna was s*******n when she left her father’s house. She never looked back. Instead, Anna focused on her future. She was taken in by a great-aunt on her mother’s side, who gave her all the love and support that she would need.

Thanks to the love and support of her mother’s family Anna was able to finish high school and go on to college. She lived in New York city for awhile were she attended design school. It was while she was in school that she met the first woman she fell in love with, Sally James was a tell beautiful redhead with the sexist body Anna had ever seen. They met one afternoon at a little coffee shop just off campus. Five hours after their first meeting they ended up in bed. Anna had fucked a few girls, but they were nothing like Sally James.

As far as Anna was concern Sally had the perfect pussy. The one good thing to come out of that relationship is that Anna learned what good sex was all about. They lasted two years before Sally moved on, but Anna regarded this time in her life as a time of change and growth.

Anna had style and class, and she was very thankful for the more beautiful things that life had to offer. As hard as she tried she just could no longer ignore her growing feelings for her young assistant. Hazel was coming into her womanhood, and while she was still quite young, Hazel knew who she was and what she wanted. She wanted to live life on her terms. Hazel never thought much about following the rules. She would not be the kind of woman who waited on life to hand her happiness. Its the one thing that she had learned while living under her father’s roof, is that you make your happiness where ever you can find it.

It had been close to a year since Hazel had walked into Miss Anna’s Dress Shop. Anna and Hazle were drawn to each other from the very start. There were no two ways about it. Miss Anna had a graving for Hazel Jackson. And if the truth were to be told there would be days when Hazel would do nothing except sit and stare, and wonder what it would be like to lay in Miss Anna’s arms all night. To be able to explore their womanhood on a level that no one would be able to touch. Working in such close quarters every day was not easy for either one of them. Their secret longing, words that needed to be spoken but never seem to come was starting to take its tole. For it was more than just the lust of the flesh that had Anna and Hazel in its grip. But it was the bounding of the heart and the soul that needed to be bound together in love that had both ladies on edge.

It was one of those hot, restless nights that Miss Anna found herself working late at the store. All the other small shops had long since closed for the evening. She was back in her office doing what seemed like endless hours of paperwork when she heard a knock at the back door. At first, she could not think who would be at the back door, because that door was only used for delivery. Miss Anna kept a baseball bat beside her desk for nights that she works late alone at the store. Picking up the bat Miss Anna strolled to the door. ”Who is it?” She demanded.

”Miss Anna, it’s me, Hazel.”

A sigh of relief came over her as she put the bat back in its place, and unlocked the double locks that opened the door. While Miss Anna had just seen Hazel only a few hours ago, that was a different Hazel Jackson. That was shy girl, Hazel the one that worked in Miss Anna’s Dress Shop. Hazel was sweet and pretty, and she did her job every day, eight hours a day with no excuses. However, the young woman that stood before her boss was not the shy little girl that Miss Anna had been working with for almost a year. She was a beautiful sexy woman standing there holding some Italian food and a bottle of wine.

Hi Miss Anna, I hope you don’t mind, but I knew you were working late, so I picked up some take out. I didn’t feel like eating alone tonight, and I just thought maybe we could…” Hazel voice trailed off as she thought she might have overstepped her boundaries.

Miss Anna was nearly speechless as she stood there and watched the object of her sexual obsession before her. She hardly knew what to think. Was she asking her out? In all the months that they had worked together in the small dress shop, Hazel showed no sign of being interested in her. Of course Miss Hazel had been dreaming about fucking the sweet sixteen-year-old pussy for months. She was forty years old, and she had never seen a more beautiful young girl then Hazel Jackson.

”Oh my dear, please come on in.” She said as she stepped aside to let Hazel in.

”I felt bad knowing you were working late here at the store. When I got home, I learned that my folks were going out for the evening. That meant that I would be home alone all night. I was feeling restless and just needed to get out. I thought of you working here alone, so I just grabbed a quick shower, changed my clothes, and drop by my favorite eatery and got some takeout, I hope you like Italian food, I hope you don’t mind? ” Hazel explain.

She was touched, elated, and almost aw struck by her thoughtfulness. It was one of the many reasons that she had fallen in love with her. On some level Anna knew it was wrong to want Hazel Jackson, there were so many reasons why a relationship between the two of them just wouldn’t work out. Anna was old enough to be her mother. They lived in a small town where the very idea of two women being together could start a firestorm that neither one of them would be able to live down. For those reasons alone she should have turned her away. But how could she turn away what could be something so good? Anna had always been brilliant when it came to choosing her lovers. All of the women in her past had been appropriate lovers, and she was actually in love a time or two. But none of them had the effect on her that Hazel had.

”Well this is a wonderful surprise Hazel, and yes I love Italian food.” Anna beamed as she welcomed her in.

They decided to have a picnic style dinner right there on the floor of Anna’s office. It might not have been the most romantic setting, but for Anna and Hazel, that office floor would soon become a world of their own making. On a blanket that Anna had tucked away, they sat and talked for hours. Anna told of her life in NYC. And all the things that she had seen and done. Anna spoke about Sally James, and how Sally was the first woman that she had ever been in love with, and that she had traveled around for a while until she landed in this small out of the way town. She had lived there for almost six years. ”For the most part, I love our little town, its always been very good to me. The people are friendly, and yet most of the people know how to mind their own business.”

Hazel listened, but she had a hard time seeing the town that she grew up in as Miss Anna had described. In a nutshell, she saw the city as small and judgmental, and she could not wait until she turned eighteen so she could escape the people and all its small-town crap. Hazel yearned for something more then what she had. Hazle craved for more than what she knew. Her life seemed so small and dull. Her family seems to have not a clue to who and what she was. And if they did know, what then?

”I hate it here. I can’t wait until I turn eighteen and I’m out of here.” Hazel confessed.

”Well, you know if you leave I would miss you, I would miss you a lot.” It was in that moment when Miss Anna decided that she no longer wanted to hide her feelings for Hazel, from Hazel. Leaning in she made her claim on Hazel young tasty lips, the
kiss was soft and sweet, and caught Hazel completely off guard. Their mouths melted into one another as their passion surfaced. The thought of fighting her off fleshed through Hazel’s mind, but the truth was she didn’t want to stop her. An ever-deepening kiss not only had Miss Anna taking complete control over her young lover’s body, but she stole a piece of Hazel’s heart that night.

”Are you sure you want to do this, Hazel?” Anna needed to be sure.

Hazel never said a word, instant she just smiled and nodded her approval. That was all it took. Anna softly laid Hazel back on the blanket where she started kissing and undressing her all at the same time. In just a matter of minutes, she had her soon to be sweet young lover almost entirely naked. Anna took a moment to admire the beautiful young girl that was about to be hers. Claiming her tasty nipples, they were sweet like butterscotch candy. Hazel felt Anna’s warm hands as they slowly cascade down her body. She had a soft, warm touch that lit a fire in Hazel. Slipping off her panties, and spreading her legs apart the very sight of her beautiful pussy left Miss Anna speechless. She was from the old school, and as far as Anna was concern Hazel’s beautiful bush was just the thing to get her going.

If eating pussy were an event in the Olympics, then Miss Anna would surely have her share of gold models. She started with her enter thigh. Her kisses were soft and sweet, and Hazel knew she was about to enter a world that she had dreamed about for so long. She was a young girl who wanted to be loved. But most of all she needed to give love in return. Miss Anna was her first for just about everything. She was the first woman that she was attracted to, and Anna was the first person to tell her that she was worthy of being loved and excepted for who she was, and not who her family wanted her to be. Ann was the first woman that made her pussy ache with the kind of desire that was new and exciting. The joy Miss Anna found in eating her out was a feeling that she hadn’t felt in a long time. At first, she played with her clit for what seemed like hours. Anna worked her until her juicy pussy started to flow. The taste of her sweet honey set off fireworks in Miss Anna that she hadn’t felt in years.

There was very little doubt that Miss Anna’s love of pussy was something that she was born with, and she knew an excellent piece of pussy when she saw it. And Hazle Jackson had one of the best pussy that she had ever had.

The first contact between Anna’s tongue and Hazel’s pussy was so powerful that Hazel wasn’t sure she would be able to hang on. Her every touch and kiss brought the very core of her being to life. On that hot summer night on a small office floor, Hazel was reborn. Whatever Miss Anna was doing, Hazel couldn’t get enough. It felt like every nerve in her body was on high alert as Anna used her forefinger to work her little bud out its hiding place. It looked so sweet and tasty until Anna knew the fight to resist taking every sweet inch would be just a losing battle.

Using her thumb and index finger to open her up more as Miss Anna went to work on Hazel sweet juicy clit. Anna couldn’t believe just how wet her hot little pussy was as she circles her sweet little bud with her tongue. Miss Anna couldn’t believe her luck in finding such a cute sex kitten like Hazel. She knew that life would change for both of them, and there would be no going back once the deed was done.

”Are you sure Hazel that this is what you want because once we get started, there is no stopping it.” Miss Anna had to be sure of Hazel’s feelings.

There was a sudden sadness in Hazel’s beautiful eyes as she laid open and bare on her bosses’ office floor. ”Don’t you want me, Miss Anna, because I know I want you. I want you to take me and have your way with me. I want to feel your body on top of mine. I want to know what it feels like when our pussies connect for the first time as we make love. I know that this is what I want.”

No other words had to be said as the two women entire their privet world. The love and the lust that they had hidden away for months had surfaced allowing themselves to express their appreciation for one another freely. Hazel watched as Miss Anna strips for her young lover. She was in awe of her beauty, and the way she carried herself as she peeled off a piece at a time. Miss Anna loved the look in Hazel’s eyes as Hazle got her first look at the older woman’s naked body. She knew right then and there that this young woman was about to become a special part of her life.

Taking her place on the blanket beside Hazel once again the two women started to explore each other. They were both in need of love, and the comfort that only two lonely people can give to each other.

”You may do with me as you will.” Those words slipped from Hazel Jackson’s lips, as she laid back on the blanket and she spread open her legs for Miss Anna. There was no going back now as the older woman placed herself between the young girl’s open legs. The smell of her sweet womanhood had Miss Anna dizzy with desire and need.

The excitement and the lust that they brought out in each other was like nothing that either one had ever felt before. Their kisses were as sweet as the wine that they had shared. Their hands never left her lover’s body, and there was a spark of passion in the air that lit a flame of hot burning lust that would consume both their hearts and minds. It was that night on the floor of her boss’sis office that Hazel found her true self. She discovered that she indeed liked women, no she loved women, and that was just fine with her.

In the weeks and the months that followed Anna and Hazel grow even closer. There was no getting around the fact that they had fallen in love. Whenever the two were in the store together, it took every amount of willpower on both their parts to keep their hands off each other. It wasn’t so bad when no one was around, all of the stolen looks of desire and longing would be on full display. It was not uncommon for Miss Anna to closeup her dress shop in the middle of the day to take her young lover upstairs to her bed. By now Hazel had discovered a few things about herself, things that she liked about herself. Once she had declared her to be a lover of women only, it became harder to hide her new found freedom.

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