Ecstasy Night with Leila Pt. 02

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Chapter Five – Let’s Go Out

The effect of the weed is quick. Within a minute we both get high, but a very happy and sensual high, and very energetic. The music is still playing in the background. I grab her and start dancing to the song, which is Sia’s Cheap Thrills. The song ends after a few minutes and our dance ends too.

“Do you want to see my butt plugs?” She offers.

“Show me what you got.”

She opens her bag and starts setting several butt plugs of different kinds and sizes on the sofa. The smallest one is as big as my index finger. The biggest one is almost as big as my fist.

“Have you tried that one too?” I ask, pointing to the biggest butt plug.

“Actually not yet. It is too big and painful, but I have worn all the other ones.”

I pick a pink one that is slightly bigger than a jalapeño and suggest she try that one.

“That is one of my favorites,” She says, and turns back and bends over with her ass facing me. She also points at the lubricant. I grab it and lubricate the butt plug, but I use my tongue to prepare her butt hole. She spreads her legs further, inviting me to insert the butt plug in. I am quite excited. I place the head of the butt plug on her butt hole and gently push it in. She seems at ease and after a minute or so, her ass swallows the butt plug whole. The handle stays out of her ass.

“I don’t know about you, but I loved how you pushed it in me,” She confesses.

“Oh believe me. That was so erotic for me too.”

“Okay, your turn,” Miss Reciprocation announces. I know I cannot get out of it, but I really want to share this experience with Leila, and I want to see how the butt plug feels. I decide to position myself on the sofa in a doggy position. She picks the smallest butt plug, a blue one, and after lubricating it and rimming me a little, puts the butt plug on my anus and starts to push it in.

“It is going to hurt a bit, but once it is all in, it will feel good,” She assures me.

She is right. As the plug enters my ass, I start to feel an intense sensation that keeps increasing to the point that it hurts. She stops and moves it out of me a little, and pushes it in again. In one final push, she shoves the entire plug in my ass. I am in pain a little, so I give the pain a few seconds to pass. She is right, the pain is replaced by a pleasing sensation. I stand up and try to feel this foreign object deep inside me.

“How does it feel? Are you comfortable?” She asks, hoping that I am not hating it.

“It hurt a bit at first, but now it is okay. I am still trying to get used to it.”

“Yeah, in a few minutes you will. Let’s take a picture of our butt plugs,” She suggests, and we take turns and take a few pictures. We walk around the pool and I start to enjoy the intense sensation of my butt plug.

“Do you have more orange juice?” I ask.

“Sorry Shahram joon. We are out,” She sadly replies.

“Oh good. I have an idea. Let’s go to the convenience store and buy some.”

“Now? Are you serious?” She is surprised by my idea.

“Why not? We can just Uber, while keeping our butt plugs in. I want to see how you feel when you go out like this.”

“That is exciting. There is a convenient store that is open 24/7. It is about a 5-minute drive from here,” She seems interested in my idea.

“Okay, let’s get dressed, but nothing fancy. We will be back in half an hour.”

We start to dress up a bit. She just puts her tank top and skirt on, and wears a pair of sneakers without socks. I too get dressed quickly, and request an Uber. The Uber arrives in 5 minutes. The driver is an elderly lady. We say hi to her, and she starts to drive.

As soon as the car is moving, Leila takes off her right sneaker and places her right foot on my lap. I look at her mischievous face. She smiles and looks at me and then gestures with her eyes to her foot. I understand her intention and feel overwhelmed with excitement. She wants me to lick her toes in the car with someone else present. How can I refuse this opportunity? I bend down a little and kiss her foot. I then start to lick her toes one by one. Leila takes a few pictures. She then hands me her phone, spreads her legs, and shows me her pussy and ass through her skirt. I had forgotten that she did not wear her panties as she got dressed. I see the handle of her pink butt plug out of her ass hole. I take a picture and hand her back the phone. I hope that our driver did not notice what just happened.

We get to the store. I offer the driver an additional $20 if she would give us a ride back home after our shopping. She tells me not to call for another Uber and accepts to wait for us. We get out of the car and run into the store. I get some orange juice and some Gatorade. The butt plugs are still inside us as we walk around the store. It is so intimate, knowing that Leila and I are doing something so naughty in secret. We pay for the drinks and come back to the car. We are back home in a few minutes around pendik escort 12:30.

“I now see why you go out shopping wearing a butt plug. It is fun,” I announce.

“Oh my God. That was so awesome. I cannot believe we went out in this mood with our butt plugs. That was the best feeling. It was much better than any other time I did it alone,” She is almost screaming out of excitement.

“I know. That was so surreal. I also liked your naughtiness in the car, making me lick your toes.”

“Glad you liked it. I was so nervous, but I decided to go for it. We should do it again sometime,” She says seductively.

We hug each other and kiss. I am starting to feel a new wave of energy in me. It must be from the second pill. She feels it too. We light up the joint and take another hit each. She suggests removing our butt plugs. I agree, and we help one another to take out the butt plugs. It was a great feeling, but I think my ass needs a break now.

“I am proud of you for keeping your butt plug in for over half an hour,” She says.

“Thanks for making me try it. It was another fun adventure for tonight,” I reply, “Have you noticed we have not actually had sex tonight?”

“I know. I was just thinking about it in the car. Want to change it?”

“Absolutely” I say and help her get naked. She too helps undress me fully. We make out a little and I feel that her pussy is completely wet. I am quite horny myself, but my dick remains soft.

“Sorry Leila joon. I am super horny. Not sure why I am not hard.”

“I have an idea,” She says and lays down on the sofa and asks me to stand close to her feet. She then puts her feet around my dick and makes a hole and moves her feet gently back and forth. Silly me, why didn’t I think of it? She continues to give me a sensual and gentle foot job and it seems to help my soft dick to wake up a little. But I need more. So, I grab her ankles and lift her feet up and place them on my face and take a deep whiff.

Even though she wore her sneakers for half an hour, it made her feet very sweaty and smelly again, which is what I just need. I start to smell her feet and after a few whiffs, I notice my dick is already semi hard. I then start to lick her salty soles and toes. My dick is hard as a rock and ready. I am amazed by how much her smelly feet turn me on.

Without using my hand, I rob my dick a few times on her wet pussy and clitoris. After a few back and forth, I reposition my body and start to gently push my dick inside her pussy for the first time. My dick is only one inch in, and I stop. We both overcome with an intense feeling of physical and mental pleasure that is hard to describe. I keep pushing deeper and deeper. She grabs my head and starts to kiss me. Our kisses are wet and sloppy, our bodies sweaty, her pussy dripping wet. I hold both her hands above her head with my right hand and start thrusting my hard dick in and out of her pussy faster and harder, while kissing her. I notice the aroma of her sweat and notice her armpit is the source of it. I take a deep whiff of her armpit. My eyes get wide open.

“Holy shit. Your armpit smell is driving me absolutely crazy,” I announce and go back for more. She just laughs and wants to smell my armpit. I offer it to her and she smells mine. She, too, loves my scent. She even licks my armpit a few times, and commands me to lick hers. I do it and find myself drunk off her salty, sweaty armpit. Every inch of her body is a source of pleasure for me, and vice versa.

“I am loving this. But please don’t cum just yet. I really want to do anal tonight,” She almost begs me. I am having a hard time stopping, but I know she is right, although I don’t think I can even cum in this mood. I finally take out my dick and drop next to her, breathing hard and deep.

“By far, this was the best sex of my entire life,” I claim and give her a kiss.

“Cannot agree more. It was so fucking hot and crazy and yet very intimate. I feel like you and I are just one body right now.”

“It really feels that way. I can sense your pleasure, and it just enhances mine.”

Chapter Six – Sit Your Ass Down

We just gaze at each others’ eyes with a big smile for a while. No word can even begin to describe the closeness we feel at the moment. I feel the peak from the second pill is coming as I stand up to drink some Gatorade. I offer her some too.

“Oh, I totally feel it again, You’re right. The magical feeling is back,” She is giggly with excitement of what is about to come.

We smoke another cigarette and talk about our experience for a few minutes.

“Tell me what you want to do to me next,” She requests to know.

“I want to play with your ass more,” I tell her.

“Only if I get to play with yours too. You know my style,” She winks at me.

“I have an idea to make us both happy,” I suggest and ask her to lay down on the sofa. She follows. I put a pillow under her head and another escort pendik under her butt, and get on top of her backward to do another round of 69. I adjust myself and let her decide what to do. I am starting with her pussy. It is not wet right now, but I know it will soon be. I start by some gentle licks and spread her wider and start to stick my tongue inside her pussy.

She in turn goes for my dick too, which is not hard right now. She sucks my dick for a while, but I am not getting hard. She moves away from my dick and asks me to lower my ass a bit more. My ass hole is right over her mouth, and she starts rimming me nicely. That was my plan all along: to rim each other simultaneously. I spread her ass cheeks as much as possible. Her ass hole is slightly open, and I can push my tongue in more than last time. We start to rim each other like crazy and make a lot of moaning noises as we do. Neither one of us seems to be getting tired of it, only wanting more.

I decide to take a small break and straighten my back while grabbing both her feet and lift them up with me. I am almost sitting on her face, sucking both her big toes in my mouth and having a blast. I am sure she is enjoying herself too. A few seconds later, she grabs my hip and pulls me down. I am a bit confused. She apparently wants me to lower myself even more. I do, but she doesn’t seem satisfied.

“Can you completely sit on my face?” She requests.

I did not expect it, but I oblige and sit gently on her face, but worried about suffocating her. I let go of her feet. She places her feet down on the sofa with her knees bent. I put my hands on her knees and slowly start to move my ass back and forth on her face.

“Oh ye… so… hot … faster…god,” She can barely talk, but it is apparent to me how much she is enjoying it. I decide to remain motionless and just hold my ass hole on her mouth. After a minute, I lift my ass.

“I think you need to breathe,” I suggest.

“Holy cow, yeah, I think so. That was awesome. I could not breathe, so all I could do was to keep rimming you,” She is panting and breathing hard, “Shahram, you should definitely try this.”

I am naturally tempted. But unsure how it is different from normally rimming her. I lay down, and she gets on top of me, but in a different position. She basically squats over my head with her back toward my legs. I think she wants to see my face under her ass and pussy. She lowers herself completely and places her pussy on my mouth and starts to move back and forth. I can barely breathe through my nose. Her pussy is completely wet, making my entire face wet. She is controlling the movement and sometimes goes forward, leaving me with no air and choice other than rimming her. As I keep licking her, I also grab both her boobs and squeeze them and pinch her nipples. She grabs her phone and takes a few pictures, and then starts to move faster and faster.

“Oh god, oh wow. fuck yeah, lick me…. I think I am going to cum again,” She is almost screaming. Then it happens.

All of a sudden, a gush of liquid sprays out of her pussy and all over my face. She moves her pussy exactly up over my mouth and keeps it there, making me take in her uncontrollable squirt. The taste is salty and yummy. It is just a lot, and I have no choice but to swallow some of it. There is however, more and my mouth is filled once again.

“Don’t swallow it this time. I want to taste my own squirt,” She repositions herself and lays down on me and puts her lips on mine and I empty the liquid in my mouth to hers. She gulps it all.

“Wow, very salty. I love my own squirt. What about you?” She asks me, hoping my answer pleases her.

“Are you kidding? It was my favorite drink tonight. I loved you sitting on my face too.”

“So cool. I cannot remember the last time I had squirted. What an intense feeling. Want to taste something else from my body?” She has the grin of a teenager.

“What a question. Of course, I do,” I answer, while hoping she does not mean her blood.

She grabs my face with both hands and asks me to close my eyes and open my mouth. I do it and after a few seconds, she spits into my mouth. I feel a rush of excitement and also anger for a second. I don’t know why I got angry, but it only helped my dick get harder for a second. I swallow her spit, knowing that she wants mine now. I collect my spit and pass it to her. Her eyes open up in excitement. She definitely seems to like my saliva too. Apparently we are unable to do anything wrong tonight, anything and everything we do turns out to be just wonderful.

Chapter Seven – Ass Hole

I think we are at the peak of the second pill. I cannot wait any longer to try anal, even though my dick is not hard again. She is onboard for sure, probably even more excited about it than me.

“What position works better for you for anal? Maybe doggy?” I ask her.

“I love doggy, but not right now. I want pendik escort bayan to see your face. Let’s just do missionary, it is more intimate that way,” She convinces me.

She lays down again with two pillows under her head and ass. I lubricate her ass and my soft dick. I need her help to get it hard again. Her feet on my face don’t seem quite helpful this time. Then I remember her spit. I ask her to give me her spit, and she does it. Interestingly enough, that helps me, and my dick gets harder. I place the tip of my dick on her anus. My heart is pounding so hard, I am worried about passing out. I have been waiting for this moment for years. I take a few deep breaths to calm myself down and push it in.

Both our mouths and eyes open at the same time as I enter her ass hole. I am about an inch inside her.

“Okay go slow. Okay, okay stop…. Now go a bit more,” She guides me with her voice. My dick is definitely bigger than the butt plug she had in her an hour ago. But she seems overall comfortable with my dick inside her. A minute later, I cannot see my dick anymore. It is fully inside her butt.

I lower myself and we kiss for a while. I start moving myself back and forth very slowly, and then a bit faster, and a bit faster. She hands me her phone again, and asks me to film it this time. I start to film our anal session, and as I do, I take out my dick completely. Her butt hole remains open for a few seconds and then closes slowly. I push my dick inside her ass again and keep going. She grabs the phone and continues to film it from her point of view. I straighten my back vertically, and she uses this opportunity to put both her feet on my face. My pleasure meter is at max.

“Harder Shahram. Fuck my ass harder. I want you to pound me,” She sounds demanding, and I am loving it.

“Do you like my sweaty feet? You like to lick my toes, ha? Lick them for me my sweet weirdo. I love your tongue crawling between my toes. Show me how much you like my sexy neon orange pedicure,” Her guiding voice is so erotic and irresistible. She slaps me with her left foot, demanding me to worship it too, and I gladly follow.

I am sweating like I am in the middle of a soccer match. She licks my sweat off of my forehead and wants to smell my armpits again.

“I wish you could feel what I feel now, Shahram. I am absolutely overwhelmed. Too bad this one cannot be reciprocated,” She says, “I wish I had a strap-on.”

“Well, you have butt plugs. Maybe I should wear one while fucking your ass,” I cannot believe what I just said.

“Oh fuck yeah. Let’s do it,” She says and makes me get up. She goes to her collection of butt plugs and comes back with one. It looks even bigger than the one she wore outside, I am thinking it is at least 5 inches. I am hesitant about the size. But she really wants me to try this one, and I agree. I lay down on my back. She first lubricates her fingers and starts to finger me, first with one finger, and then two. I am somewhere between pain and pleasure. But her face is filled with excitement.

“I cannot believe two of my fingers are inside you. Do you want me to try 3 fingers?” She asks.

“Okay, but go super slow.”

She adds another finger and gently pushes them inside me. It is also exciting to me, but the pain is more. So I ask her to just use the butt plug instead. She switches and starts to push the butt plug. Interestingly enough, the plug works much better and in a minute she inserts it completely in my ass. I get up and walk around a little, as she goes inside the house to wash her hands. This one is definitely more intense, but I like it a lot more. She comes back and lays down again for the second round of anal.

She helps me get ready again, this time with a spit on her feet and asking me to pick it off. My dick slides in her ass very easily, and we start to fuck again. For the first time tonight, I feel like I might actually cum. It may be because of the butt plug pressing against my prostates. But I am nowhere near an orgasm, and I still prefer not to cum tonight. However, she seems ready for another orgasm, but this time from anal.

“Oh my God, I think I am going to cum now. Don’t stop, go go go go,” She is screaming. Then it happens. She starts to shake uncontrollably and starts to cum. I don’t stop and keep on fucking her ass. I look down and see her cum leaving her pussy. A few seconds later, I stop and take out my dick, and let her catch her breath. I go down on her and start to lick her cum off her pussy.

“I want to taste it too, let me lick your tongue,” She demands. I come up, and we start kissing, and she gets to taste her own cum on my tongue, lips, and face.

“I had never cum before from anal. That was really mind-blowing. How lucky are we to have experienced this magical night together?”

“We sure are. And I had never had anal before, not to mention I never tasted a woman’s cum.”

“We each must have had like 10 new firsts tonight.”

“I think so, too. I am sure there is more to come,” I tell her and lay down next to her, and we start to cuddle while listening to the music in the background.

Chapter Eight – Drink Up

“I think we should take a shower,” I suggest as I get up to drink some orange juice.

“Oh good idea. I was thinking that too.”

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