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Ok, here goes, I’m fifty years old and married with three grown children. Sadly current medical issues hamper my sexually activities with my wife but we are still going strong thanks to toys and my talented tongue. While that is going on erotica has became a bigger part of our sex life. We read to each other. Which in turn got me wanting to write my own stories. I understand there is no excuse for poor grammar but I’m not a professional writer. I just enjoy writing smutty short stories.

With that said, here is hoping you enjoy my stories and that they get your juices going. I’d love to hear what you think about them beyond my poor grammar.

I’m now fifty seven, retired, married with three grown children. Back when I was nineteen, I went to a big outdoor party with a group of friends. On arriving it turned out the party was a lot bigger than I had imagined it would be. After a bit of drinking and dancing, I saw my older sister Kay, who was twenty two and she was there with some of her friends.

She and they had been drinking alot and they decided to hang out with me and my friends. We were all drinking and having fun. After a while the party was still going but we were tired of it and went off in search of something new. We all ended up at the lookout on the mountain. We played around a bit and ended up pairing off and going off into the trees.

I was with Kay, her friend Linda, Brian and two other couples. We all headed off to the far end of the lookout, where there were no lights and it was pitch black. We decided to play a game of hide and seek, rules being turning off our flashlights, no speaking, and if you caught someone anything goes as long as they were willing.

I was looking for Linda and bumped into someone, I thought was Linda, as it was so dark I couldn’t see who I was holding. As I kissed her on the neck, my hand slid around her side, over her belly, and up under her shirt. her bare soft tit kaynarca escort felt good in my hand and her nipple grew hard against my palm as I groped her. Since she didn’t reject me as I felt her up, I felt safe to go further. my other hand traveled down to her leg and to her inner thigh then up under her skirt then into her panties. I found her engorged clit and she whimpered as I rubbed over it. After a bit of this foreplay, she helped me in getting her skirt up and panties down past her knees. She bent over and leaned against a tree as my pants dropped to my ankles. I got behind her. It a fast hard fuck, I rammed my hard cock into her hot wetness as she pushed back meeting my thrusts. It was a fast intense fuck that got us both off. It felt so good to let it fly, so to speak, deep inside her.

After a moment to catch our breath and reset our clothes, we started walking back as we heard Brian call the game, hand in hand we headed towards the lights of the lookout. Only when I stepped out of the trees into a lighted area did I realize who I was with, it was Kay, my sister.

We stopped looking at each other, too stunned to speak for a while and then agreed to keep it quiet. We parted and made our way back to the vehicles by different ways.

Two weeks later Kay showed up and told she was pregnant. Of course, I was the only guy she had been with in awhile. She had decided to have and keep the baby. While she was pregnant I helped her with anything she needed that included fucking her when she was horny as hell. Like the fuck that got her pregnant, it was always hot, hard and fast. Even after she had Richard, our son, Kay would want a booty call now and then, claiming that breastfeeding the baby got her horny.

Whenever I answered her call for sex, it was always hot and fast. As soon as I was in her apartment, Kay was kissing me, jamming her tongue into my mouth while yanking at my clothes. Something we orhanlı escort made it to her bed, something we made it as far as the couch, and a few times it was right there on the floor. Most of the time it was hard bang doggie style, but there were times Kay would ride me hard. Either way once we both got off it was time to leave. There were a few rare times Kay would want seconds or even thirds and I get to spend the night.

Kay finished college and became a lawyer. While working at a law firm, Kay became friends with Elizabeth, who would later become my wife. Kay never married.

The day of the wedding, Kay, who was a bridesmaid, snuck into my room where I was getting ready.

Kay said she needed me one more time before I was married. I agreed saying, just one last time

It was one of the few times Kay ever sucked my cock. There is something wickedly sexy about a woman on her knees bobbing her wet mouth on your cock. It jumps to new levels when that woman is your blood sister. After getting me to a rock hard state she rode me to an explosive orgasm. As I was saying my vows to Elizabeth I couldn’t stop thinking about my sister standing there smiling, my cum leaking from her, wetting her inner thighs, because her panties were stuffed into a pocket of my tux jacket.

Of course it wasn’t the last time. To be honest there times as I banging Elizabeth, my new wife I was thinking of my sister. As soon as I was home from the honeymoon, I was over at my sister’s place, bending her over her couch and banging her from behind.

When Elizabeth became pregnant with our first child, Kay was over at our house all the time, helping Elizabeth buy all the stuff they thought the baby would need and getting the baby’s room ready. Kay was continuously teasing me behind Elizabeth’s back and whenever Elizabeth was either busy or napping, Kay and I were somewhere in the house fucking. Yes, it was hugely risky and I was tepeören escort a total dick having an affair on my pregnant wife but it was also some of the hottest sex I’ve ever had.

Just after our second child was born the house across the street from ours was put up for sale. We bought the place as it was a bigger place and had a pool. Kay surprised everyone by buying our old house and moving in across the street from us. Elizabeth was thrilled and as my cock did a lot of my thinking when I was around my sister, I was thrilled too.

When I wasn’t working, I was doing projects around our house or across the street doing projects on my sister’s house, or just doing my sister.

There were times over the years I’d wear myself out fucking the two women in my life. Like the time Elizabeth was pregnant with our third, she was super horny and Kay was between cars. So Elizabeth would wake me up early, before our kids had to get up, for a morning ride. After banging my wife to scratch her itch, and then helping her get the kids up, I’d head over to drive Kay to work.

Kay would greet me with deep tongue down my throat kiss, and with her own need to be fucked. Once I sent Kay off the work with a smile and cunt full of cum, it was time for me to get to work.

On the nights I’d pick Kay up from work she’d want a quickie in the back seat of my minivan in the parking garage. I could never say no to her bouncing on my cock. Then once I was home and the kids were in bed, Elizabeth would try her best to wear my cock out bouncing on it, too.

Those times never lasted long but while they did, I was a happy man but a tired one.

Elizabeth never found out about Kay and me and our incestuous relationship. Neither did Richard, my son with Kay, who is a Doctor now, he never learned that his uncle, Greg, is also his father.

Kay and I still find time to enjoy the special relationship we have with each other, but neither of us are young as we once were. I’ve noticed that Richard and Susan, my oldest daughter, are very close. I can’t help but wonder if the two of them are enjoying a special relationship like the one I’ve had and still have with my sister.

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