A surprise at the neighbors- part 2

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A surprise at the neighbors- part 2
I Suddenly remembered about Paul, so I looked over Rebecca’s shoulder to see if he was ok. He stood staring at me with the biggest grin I have ever seen, his trousers around his ankles with 2 girls taking it in turn to suck his cock while a third one was undressing herself in front of him. All of a sudden Fingers entered my soaking pussy and my attention was brought back to Rebecca. “Shall we go over and be closer to them so you can get a better view” she asked. My legs were like jelly as I slipped of the counter and we walked to the corner of the room where Paul was.
The girl was now fully undressed, and stood unbuttoning Pauls shirt. He grabbed Her cute little bum and gave it a squeeze with his big hand. She must have been mid to late 20’s. long brown hair and a very petite body, with small breasts like mine. One of the woman sucking on his cock was a little older, I would say mid 40s, but very attractive for her age and in great shape too. She stood up and turned to face me. She looked at me and never broke eye contact as she bent forward, reaching behind her and slipped her pants over her bum and down her legs, rubbing herself on Paul thigh as she did so. As she stood back up, she grabbed Pauls free hand pulled it between her legs and placed it on her pussy. She had a tuft of black hair above her slit and like me she had a rather large labia. Paul started rubbing and fingering her pussy. All the time She was still staring at me. Oh my god it was sexy.
Rebecca lay me on the floor gently, then stood over me and slid her panties off. She kneeled on top of my face and started to grind her dripping wet snatch across my nose and mouth. I stuck my tongue out and moved my head closer. My face now wet and covered in her sweet love juices. I opened my eyes to see the guy from the other side of the kitchen unzip his fly and place his erect cock in Rebecca’s mouth. Her grinding was getting faster and more frantic, my tongue flat against my chin went from rubbing against her clit to momentarily being inside her love hole and back again. I reached up, grabbed her tits and squeezed her nipples hard. The guy with his cock in her mouth now had both his hands on the back of her head, forcing himself further down her throat, I could feel she was close to Cumming so sucked her lips hard back into my mouth and flicked my tongue as fast as I could on her clit. She screamed with enjoyment her body tensed, her pussy grinding reached light speed, and she came across face. The guy now had his cock in his hand, wanking furiously in Rebecca’s face, she opened her mouth, inviting him to aim down the back of her throat, but at the last second he re-directed himself and blew a huge load of hot cum across her tits. I have never seen so much cum come out of one man, stream after stream hit her left breast then the right. I crawled from underneath her and started to lick her tits clean, his cum was hot and with the sweat of Rebecca’s body made it even saltier, but it was good. I turned and grabbed his deflating cock in my mouth, trying to suck out every last drop I could.
Rebecca had gotten up and had gone to get our drinks, when she came back over she sat down next to me and we watched Paul having the time of his life. He was sat in a chair with the older woman sat on his face, facing my direction. She was fingering herself as Paul probed his tongue inside her. He had a different woman (I think she was one of the ones sucking his cock earlier) riding him reverse cowgirl while the petite young girl knelt between his legs and sucked his cock every time it slipped out. The woman who was sat on his cock was another slightly older woman, Helen (we later found out), a beautiful round figure, a chest that could sink the titanic, they sagged with the obvious weight and a more hairy bush that most. Seeing his cock enter another woman was a huge turn on, and without even realising it, I had 2 fingers back inside me, squelching in the wetness of my pussy. Helen leaned back almost lying on Paul as she built to orgasm then came. Lying on top of him with her body shivering, then like a well rehearsed move climbed of Paul, Pulled him out of his seat. The Younger woman took his place on the seat and for the first time I had a proper look at her body. She had pert boobs with a piercing through one of her nipples, a couple of tattoos around her naval and the tightest hair free cunt ever. Her pussy was swollen from excitement with little clear droplets of natural lubrication forming around her entrance, I thought I saw a piercing there too. The woman who was sat on his face walked round faced the Younger woman and bent at the waist 90 degrees between the younger girls legs, poking her arse at me as she licked the girl in the chair out. I reached up and rubbed my fingers over her snatch, pushing one inside her. I pulled back out and circled her arsehole, using her juices to tease her with. Paul came around and gave me a kiss, to let me know he was ok. I unwrapped a condom and rolled it down over his cock. I quickly gave him a quick suck before watching him push deep inside this bent over woman. with no resistance he slid all the way inside of her. She stopped licking the other woman for a second and again turned back to look at me. She grinned as if to say “look at me fucking your husband” as She watched me fingering myself. Paul then pulled all the way out of her, swung round and put his cock back into my mouth. The second pussy I tasted that night. He turned back and placed his cock between her bum cheeks, after using a couple of fingers to use her pussy juice as lubrication he pushed the head of his shaft slowly into her bum hole. Her eyes closed and her mouth opened wide as he pulled back then pushed again, millimetre by millimetre he entered her. It wasn’t long till he grabbed her by the waist and started fucking her hard, she was now screaming as her breasts that dangled down towards the floor started swinging back and forth. Her mouth now closed around the pussy in the seat.
I now needed a cock inside me, I was close to fingering myself to death. I looked around the kitchen to see naked bodies everywhere. The sound of moaning and bodies slapping together. I stood up and walked into the lounge, before I had walked all the way through the doorway I was approached by Dave, Rebecca’s husband.
“Glad you could make it, Bex told me you might be coming. Are you having fun?”
I looked down at my sweaty naked body, inviting him to look with me, which he did. staring at the wet skin around my pussy.
“I think Bex would like to help clean that up” he said.” She has been talking about you ever since she came over this morning.” I think she has a thing for you” he raised his head to talk to me.
I whispered into his ear, “ It was Bex that made that mess”.
He laughed, “Can I get you another drink”
I grabbed him by his flaccid cock and led him back to the sofa. I sat and had him stood in front of me. I gently blew on his balls whist slowly wanking him off. As he started to harden I took him in my mouth, he grew bigger and harder with every suck until he was fully erect. Dave was not as big as Paul in length but my god was he thick. I struggled to get my whole mouth around him and it was starting to hurt my jaw, so I licked his tip as I tried to wank him with my hand. Another cock appeared, I didn’t know who’s it was and without looking up at who owned it, grabbed it with my other hand and started wanking. Taking it in turns to suck and lick each one. Dave reached down and grabbed me behind my knees and pulled me to the edge of the sofa. He reached towards a bowl full of condoms on the side table, but I wanted the real deal and grabbed his cock and positioned it at my wet entrance, my hand not even making it half way round his shaft. He looked at me then without waiting for me to change my mind pushed himself inside for the first time. It felt like I was going to rip in half, the pain added to the enjoyment as he found a rhythm. The cock in my mouth stopped me or at best muffled the moans I was making, if felt as though I had 2 cocks inside my pussy. My breathing grew heavier and heavier as I matched Dave’s rhythm, I couldn’t suck this second cock anymore and leaned back in the sofa. I screamed as I came and squirted all over Dave. He looked surprised as I covered him with the jets of warm liquid that shot out of my pussy. He pulled out of me and bent over to replace his cock with his mouth. “No, keep fucking me” I pleaded. The second cock now wanking away in my face as I grabbed back hold of it and tugged fasted. Dave Pushed his thick cock back inside me, I shrieked, the sensitivity of my pussy was in overload. He slammed hard into me slapping his ball sack against my arsehole with each huge thrust. He stopped, his body went rigid. I could feel his cock spasm inside me as he shot his load deep, as he pulled out I swung my body round on the sofa, offering my used, gaping pussy to the other guy. He dropped to his knees, lifted me by my waist and plunged himself into my cum filled pussy. I clenched as hard as I could around his cock to compensate for the huge hole left by Dave. It didn’t take him long till he came deep inside me, mixing his cum with Dave’s. I could feel the mixture dripping out of my pussy and down to my arsehole as he pulled out.
I lay there catching my breath, exhausted and used. My hips sore from the pounding I had just taken. I slowly opened my eyes and looked up to see Paul smiling down at me. I smiled back as he reached over and stroked my face with the backs of his fingers. As I tried to sit back up, a woman’s hand appeared on my shoulder and started to push me back down. It was the woman I last saw Paul fucking in the arse, the one who kept eye contact as he did. She smiled as she climbed between my legs, lifted my knees and started licking the concoction of cum from around my arsehole. “This is Lisa” Paul said as he watched me get my pussy eaten for the second time by a woman that night.
Lisa forced a finger up my arse as she sucked my large labia lips into her mouth. I raised my hips upwards and Lisa’s nose rested on my pubic mound. She poked her large tongue into me and licked the upper walls of my opening. When she came up for breath, she slid her body up mine and kissed me. Transferring the cum that had come out of my pussy, from her mouth into mine. We embraced in a passionate kiss. My hands exploring down her back and to her bum. I pulled her bum cheeks apart as I groped them. She thrust her hips onto my leg and started grinding her pussy up and down my leg. The feeling of her pubic hair tickled as she rolled her hips against my leg. Her hand was rubbing clit as I tried to pull her hips down even further. I slid down bit further so now we were scissoring. I looked at the sexy mess we were making, every time our pussy’s moved apart it left a string of cum and juice between us both. The pace picked up, Lisa fully in charge as she ground against me, her moaning getting louder and louder. She fell forward onto me. I grabbed her tit and shoved as much as I could into my mouth. I bit her nipple and squeezed her other breast as she reached her frenzy. She came, she slowed her grinding right down as her body started to spasm. Still slowly grinding herself into my pussy she looked at me and said “nice to meet you” I smiled back “nice to meet you too”
I looked over to Paul. Dave had laid Bex on a pile of blankets on the floor and was fucking her. Paul was on his knees next to Rebecca, sucking her tits as he played with himself trying to get himself hard again. I got up, went to the kitchen to get my phone out of my bag and started taking pictures. Paul now had his semi hard cock in Bex’s mouth, still playing with her amazing tits while her husband fucked her. Both men pulled out, positioned themselves at her side and shot their loads across her chest.

The smell of sex in the room was amazing. I looked around to see woman were walking around with cum all over them, men still hard, looking for another fuck. Paul and I sat down and started chatting with another couple. The young woman from earlier and her mixed-race boyfriend, Kelly and Joe they introduced themselves as. They had been together for 4 years and been swingers for 3. I Asked how her pussy could be so tight when she is fucking a well-endowed bull. They both laughed. People were starting to leave but I wanted to fuck both of these beautiful young bodies, so we invited them back to our house next door for the night, They accepted. We put our clothes back on and said our good byes. Bex came and gave me another big hug, thanked me and said she would let us know when the next party was.
“there doesn’t need to be another party, you know where I am” I said as I had another quick grope of her amazing, still exposed chest. “ in fact, Kelly and Joe are coming back to ours now, when you are finished here, come round”
She smiled, “we will see you in a bit then”
The 4 of us went back to our house …….. but that’s another story

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