I’ll See If He Will, Sis

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Just when life can seem regular and uninteresting, a sharp turn can take place. That recent sharp turn in my life was brought about by my wife of two and a half years, Elaine.

Now, wives often cause life to be rather exciting and mine is no exception. Elaine is a pretty twenty-three year old blond, medium length, blue eyes, exactly five feet, right on the money, yes, she’s fairly short, just don’t kid her about it, it does piss her off, I might add, rather feisty, one hundred-fourteen pounds, nice, well, very nice 34C boobs, so firm, she doesn’t even jiggle, and I love sucking her pretty light pink nipples.

So, any way, my wife was talking with her sister, Erika, she’s thirty, also very pretty, blond, shorter hair, taller at five-four, about one hundred thirty or so, also blue eyes, and boobs smaller than her younger sis, 34B, Elaine tells me. Yes, she loves the fact that her tits are bigger than her older sister. These two have always been pretty competitive with each other. Lots of sisters are, I guess. Just like brothers.

Well, it turned out that they were talking about sex, something they often talked about, I really think they had told each other about ever feel and fuck they had ever had, well, maybe not quite that bad, but, anyway, it seems that Erika was telling her that she, at thirty, had never been given oral sex and her husband, Jeremy, five years older than her, wasn’t interested. I guess she had asked him. More than once. And, none of her boyfriends before she was married had ever done it to her either. Amazing.

After the phone conversation, she was filling me in on all this.

“Yeah, Jeremy just won’t do it. I guess some guys don’t like it. Glad you’re not one of them, Russ, oh, am I ever.”

“Well, that’s sure not me as you well know. Has she tempted him with a blowjob or two?”

“Oh, she’s done that, yes, I suggested that a few months ago. She sucks him off, he just goes out and mows the grass. I’m afraid I’ve rather bragged about your oral skills between my legs, you know how she and I are, one has to top the other.”

“So, you’re rubbing it in that I’m eating you out every minute of the day, right?”

“Oh, maybe not every minute. But, well, I have bragged, yes.”

“Well, great, bragging about how your hubby eats you out. Elaine, you’re awful. You’re just rubbing it in.”

“Well, actually, she asked me something that was rather surprising.”

“What was that?”

“I’m not sure I want to tell you.”

“Huh, what’s that mean?”

“Well, she asked me if I thought you’d like to do it to her?”

“Eat her pussy? Your sister?”


“Now, you’re kidding.”

“Would you do it? I don’t mind, it’s really up to you.”

“She really asked you that? You’re serious?”

“She did, even repeated it before we hung up.”

“You don’t care? If I get down and lick and tongue your sister’s pussy?”

“You heard me.”

“That’s really something Jeremy should do.”

“I’ve told you all that. Look, Erika is a pretty woman, I’ve seen her naked, you’ll love doing it, Russ.”

“Well, I might do it if you agreed to be there, too, in the room.”

“What is it, you don’t trust my sister? Or, maybe yourself?”

“No, it’s just that I think that if it’s your idea, you should be there.”

“So, you’ll do it, you’ll do Erika?”

“Yeah, what the hell, her pussy must be like yours, after all, you’re sisters. And I love yours.”

“Aren’t you sweet. Maybe I’ll have you do mine right now,” and she slid her shorts and panties to the floor as I got down between her legs and gave her oral sex which she loves. It netted me a great blowjob right after.

That was pretty much the last of it until about a week and a half later on a Saturday, right after lunch. The phone rang and when I answered it, it was Erika wanting to talk with Elaine. I walked into another room but I did hear my wife ask her sister about what she was doing this afternoon and, then, did she want to come over for a while? Erika only lives about four and a half miles away, so it wasn’t unusual for them to visit together. Then, I heard her say, “Russ said, ‘yes.'” Then, she ended the call with, “See you in about thirty minutes, then.”

Now, these two talked basically every day so I really thought little about it. Then, she walked up to me and said, “Well, make sure you have clean underwear on, Erika’s coming over and she’s all psyched for you to give her oral sex. You’ve got half an hour to get mentally prepared.”

“You really mean this? Well, maybe I should do you and let her watch, she might change her mind, who knows?”

“I rather doubt it but I never turn Escort bayan down oral sex from you, hon. But, then after me, you do her, right?”

“Whatever you say, hon, whatever you say.”

I did go take a quick shower and, yes, put on clean underwear, after all it was my sister-in-law.

You’d think I would be all excited and, well, I was to some extent, but I was also nervous, yes, nervous. I was sure glad that Elaine would be there, too, just in case things got a bit carried away. Just how, I couldn’t imagine, but one never knows.

After my shower, I went back into the den and was pacing up and down when Elaine walked in.

“Holy crap, Russ, you’re nervous, aren’t you?”

“Um, well, yeah, I guess I am, crazy, huh? Well, I mean, your sister and I have never, you know, even, made passes at each other, things that happen with sisters-in-law. I’ve seen her in a bikini, but that’s the extent of it. And, now, well…”.

“Yeah, now you’re gonna lick her pussy. Don’t tell me you don’t want to.”

“No, hon, no, I’ve never not wanted to lick a pussy. Well, I’m here and I’m going to do it but I’m doing your’s first.”

So, we went in and sat in the den and waited for Elaine’s sister.

Elaine reached over and put her hand on my crotch, feeling the lump in my pants.

“You must be looking forward to this,” she said, just as the front door opened and Erika yelled out, “I’m here,” her usual mode of entry and came walking into the den. She was wearing a button-down top with jeans underneath.

We talked for a few minutes, then Elaine suggested, “Why don’t we go up to our room, okay?” and the three of us walked up the stairs, me behind Erika, admiring her nice ass moving back and forth as we ascended the stairs, catching the faint scent of her perfume.

Once we were in our room, Erika asked, “Now, how do we do this?” and Elaine said, “Well, I thought that Russ would do me first, kind of warm things up a bit,” and she stood in front of me as I took her and kissed her, then pulled off her teeshirt and reached around and unhooked her bra and lifted it off.

I then sat down on our bed and kissed both her breasts and began sucking one of her nipples as I fondled the other breast. We did that for a minute or two then I unsnapped Elaine’s shorts and pulled them down leaving her there in a pair of small low-cut, blue nylon panties.

I moved Elaine up onto our bed and got up between her legs as she lifted her legs up and rested them on my back as I began kissing and nibbling on her panty-covered pussy.

“Mmm, nice, Russ, nice,” as she writhed around, her panties getting wet from my licking and sucking and her own juices which I could taste. I sometimes began giving my wife oral sex while she had her panties on, she seemed to like to start off that way at times.

But, I also knew that she loved me licking her bare, uncovered pussy, so I pulled the panties aside and poked my rolled-up tongue directly into her wet slit and flicked it up and down in her pussy groove.

“Oh, Russ, mmm, oh, get my panties off, please, please,” and I raised up and pulled them off, got back down and she put her legs up on my shoulders as I began to make love to her naked pussy. Elaine started shaving after we had become engaged and she also has me shave my pubic area, something, if our session with her sister gets to that point, Erika may not be expecting. I like it that way, though, because it makes my cock look bigger, somehow.

As I pull her pussy open and tongue down into it, I can see Erika out the corner of my eye, she’s moved so she can watch and I can tell that she’s rubbing the crotch of her jeans. I wiped my tongue up and down, then twirled it around her inner labia as she squirmed and moaned.

“Mmm, oh, Russ, mmm, oh, right there, oh, god, that’s so good, oh, my pussy, mmm,” and I took some longer licks up to her clit which I could feel under my tongue.

I took a few sucks on her clit then tongued her pussy some more as she squirmed with pleasure.

“Oh, Russ, more, right there, yes, mmm, oooh, good.”

I moved back up to her clit and pressed two fingers up inside her moving them back and forth, in and out as I licked around her clit.

“Omigod, omigod, oh, Russ, OH, OOOH, AYYEE, AYEE, uuh, oh, don’t stop, oooh, mmm, you are so good, hon, oh, you make me feel so good,” and she reached down and pulled me up and kissed my wet face all over.

I looked over at Erika who had her hand down inside her jeans, looking rather sheepish when she saw me looking her way.

Elaine and I kissed and held each other for a few more minutes, then she said, “Well, Sis, want your Bayan Escort turn?”

“It really looked wonderful, um, yeah, I think so, I mean, if it’s all right with you, and with Russ.”

“We’ve talked about it and it’s fine with both of us. I can tell you, as his wife, you might enjoy it even more if we have Russ take his clothes off too.”

“Well, I guess that makes sense, I mean, after all, I’ll have mine off, right?”

“True, may I do it for you, Erika?” I asked.

She stepped toward me and I began unbuttoning her top, slid it off, reached around her, kissing her softly as I did, unhooked her bra and took it off her arms. Erika’s breasts were smaller than Elaine’s but they were beautifully shaped and firm with small dark pink nipples that were very excited and erect.

I figured that not only did Erika deserve some good oral loving, maybe she just needed some loving in general, so I held her, naked from the waist up, and kissed her as a lover would and she responded even more than I had thought with her hand reaching down to rub along the bulge in my pants.

We kissed for several minutes, then, I stepped back, knelt down and unfastened her jeans and pulled them down to the floor where she stepped out of them. She stood there, naked except for a pair of light blue panties, I could see some pubic hair underneath unlike her sister who shaves.

I leaned forward, my hands around behind her, and pulled her toward me, kissing her right in the middle of her panties, then began licking up and down, trying to keep my tongue as rigid as I could so she would feel it through the fabric.

Then, I stood up, pulled my shirt up over my head, unfastened my shorts and dropped them to the floor, then pulled my briefs off.

“Oh, wow, Russ, you’re really…Oh, Elaine, lucky you,” and she reached down and took hold of my cock giving it a gentle squeeze.

I led her to the bed where she sat down as I knelt on the rug and parted her knees, dropped my head down between her thighs and began licking again, this time well up under her on her wet pussy still beneath her panties. I just didn’t want to rush things, not knowing for sure how Elaine’s sister was taking all this.

“Oh, Russ, that’s so nice, yes, oh, I knew I would love it, yes, mmm,” and I decided to pull the bottom of her panties aside, exposing her pussy lips and swipe my tongue up and down along her labia.

She whimpered a bit and moved her hips from side to side as I licked.

“Mmm, oh, Russ, oh, oh, please take them off, take my panties off,” and I pulled them down off her feet, then bent back over her and continued licking her.

She did have all of her pubic hair which, by now, was all wet and matted. Her legs were raised up high in a vee as I rubbed the wetness along side her labia and licked and probed my tongue along her slit.

“Omigod, oh, this is incredible, I’ve just never felt anything so wonderful, oh, OH, OH, OOOOH, oh, Russ, mmm, oh, wow, that feels so wonderful, just don’t stop, please do more, more,” and she was panting and writhing under me as I kept licking and tonguing her.

I licked and licked all around, spreading her wetness, probing my tongue into her groove, sliding it up and down, then went up, pulled her labia open and began flicking my tongue back and forth across her love button.

“AAAYE, AAAYE, OOOH, UUUH, UUH, uh, oh, oh, just wonderful, oh, Russ, oh, god, you got me off so good, I’ve never felt so good, so wonderful. You are the best. Oh, my lucky sister. Wow, two in a row, two orgasms, oh, Russ.”

“Now you know what you’re missing, Sis,” said Elaine as she rubbed herself as I continued licking her sister.

“That was the best thing in my entire life. I have never felt so wonderful in all my life. Oh, Russ, you are the best. I only have one question for my sister.”

“Sure, Erika, what? Want him to do it again, is that it?”

“Well, no, no, I mean, yes, if he wants to but what I was wondering was, well, that was so good, could I find out how good Russ is at fucking?”

I raised up, my face all wet with Erika’s juices, looking up at her, as I heard my wife say, “Sure, why not, do you want to do my sister, Russ?”

“Sure, if you don’t mind, I think my friend here, looks pretty ready,” as I nodded down at my hard cock standing out in front of me.

“Well, I want you to make my sister happy, Russ, go ahead, I’ll watch,” and I asked her if she had a favorite position.

“Well, I love it doggie-style but Jeremy says it takes too long, so we never do it that way.”

“Okay, up on your hands and knees, you’re gonna get what you want this time.”

She got Escort up as I had asked and as I got up on the bed behind her, there was her lovely butt with her pretty pussy lips underneath, pink and wet, as I waddled up to her and pushed into her and began fucking in and out.

“OOOH, ooh, Russ, oh, that’s perfect, oh, so good. Oh, you are so big, it’s just wonderful, wonderful,” as she began moving her butt around as I went in and out.

I rocked in and out of Erika for several minutes as she moaned and moaned, each time I went in, I pushed hard as she wiggled back and forth, her moaning now continuous.

Then, she shrieked, “AAAYYA, EEEH, UUH, UUH, uuh, oh, oh, mmm, oh, Russ, that was so good, oh, my pussy, oh, it feels so good.”

I was still going slowly in and out of her, holding her hips as my cock cycled back and forth.

Elaine got up on her hands and knees right next to her sister, turned back to me and said, “Do me, now, baby, you know I love it doggie, too,” and I pulled out of Erika and shifted over to her sister’s wet, shiny pussy and slid right up into her as far as I could. She wiggled her hips welcoming me into her.

As I fucked Elaine, Erika slid down flat on the bed, her head turned watching us.

“You two look so hot together, you really do, is it like this every time?”

Elaine answered her sister with, “Well, I don’t know, we don’t get to watch ourselves, maybe we should put mirrors on the walls,” and laughed.

I was already pretty close to cumming when I moved over to fuck Elaine and the way she squeezes her pelvic muscles when I fuck her from behind is calculated to bring me off quickly and strongly which is just what happened.

“UUHN, mmm, uuh, uuh, oh, hon, you are so good, just the best.”

She slipped forward down onto the bed and I followed her, keeping my cock inside where she always wanted it after we had fucked doggie-style. It also meant that I could continue slowly fucking her as we lay there coupled together.

Elaine turned her head back to me and said, “Russ, why don’t you see if Erika would like you to lick her out again, just something to remember as she drives home.”

“Well, Erika, one for the road?” I asked grinning and she rolled over on her back and raised her legs up in the air. I pulled up off of and out of my wife and got down between my sister-in-law’s legs, licking and tonguing her as she moaned and writhed under me.

Elaine got up and pulled my hips up off the bed and scooted her head under me to begin sucking me as I ate out her sister. Erika had reached down now to pull her labia open so I could tongue her more deeply as she continued to moan in delight to my oral loving of her pussy.

“Oh, Russ, this is just so, so wonderful, I’ve never felt anything better, oh, you just make my pussy so happy.”

That’s exactly what I was trying to do and was enjoying every minute of it. Having Elaine sucking my cock was also driving me to new heights between her sister’s legs as I feverishly made oral love to my sister-in-law.

She soon erupted in another strong orgasm and after, we all three snuggled together, Erika in the middle, Elaine and I caressing her body with our hands, as I kissed her.

“So, what do you think of oral sex, Sis?”

“Oh, I’ll bet you have Russ licking your pussy all the time, I sure would. But, now I’ve got to go home to the same-old, same-old, jump-on, jump-off.”

“Well, if things don’t improve on your end, I’ll donate the services of my wonderful husband whenever you need them. If it’s okay with him, of course,” she added with a grin, looking over to me.

“Whatever you say, hon, whatever you say,” I replied as I took my sister-in-law’s nipple between my lips and sucked. We lay there a while longer as I sucked Erika and she rubbed my cock, then we all got up, got dressed and walked Erika out to her car.

Elaine kissed her sister goodbye, then walked in the house, as Erika put her arms around me, kissed me long and hard, swirling her tongue inside my mouth, then hugged me close and whispered, “Thanks for the best fuck of my life, Russ, and for the wonderful pussy licking. I expect you’ll be called on for more, much more,” and she squeezed the bulge in my pants, got in her car and drove away, waving out the window.

As I went inside, Elaine said, “Thanks, Russ, I think my sister just had the peak sexual experience of her life. And I get it all the time. Think you’ll be good and hard by the time we go to bed tonight?”

“I’m good and hard right now,” I replied and I took her hand and went to our bedroom and fucked her silly.

Saturday afternoon visits by Erika have become the regular event in our house as her husband, Jeremy, played golf every Saturday afternoon leaving his wife to enjoy the best sex of her life. She says she’s never been happier and I must say, I’m pretty on top of the world myself these days. Wouldn’t you be?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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