Sleep Over Part 2_(0)

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Sleep Over Part 2

Right after Kev said that, he moved back into a sitting posistion

Followed by Ray and myself

And we all took sips of our sodas

And looked at each other and started to laugh

Fuck me , that was fun Ray said

Kev was moving his head in agreement as he downed the rest of his soda

His eyes looking right at my cock

Ray asked me my thoughts on what just happened

I said, i want girls/women to do that with,

But for now, you fags will have to do

And we all burst out laughing.

Ray got up to go to the bathroom,perfect, i thought to myself,

I will use this as a excuse to see what Kevs mom is doing

I gotta go to, Kev , can i use the bathroom upstairs?

Kev looked at me kinda funny, ummm ya, why you asking?

I bent over to reach for my shorts

Kev said, Mom is passed out, she wont wake up, just stay naked,

As a matter of fact, I DARE YOU to go up naked

Ok i said, almost to quickly, and practically ran to the bottom of the stairs

But was quiet going up them, so i could sneak up on her

My heart was racing by the time i got to the top

3 of the top stairs always creaked unless you placed your weight

And foot to either side, and yet i forgot in my excitement

I had to pass through the kitchen to get to the bathroom upstairs,

Before i could take my foot off the top stair i heard his mom

Move around on the couch

She obviously didnt go to her room , and went on with the charade

That she was passed out, so i went along with it

After a few seconds go by, i continued and made it into the hall from the kitchen

From the doorway, i could see her body from just under her yummy big tits to her feet

I took a piss, and washed my hands and my cock

I heard Kevs mom cough a couple of times, and i froze again

Tiptoed to the door, and peeked my head out, she was still there

I knew she was awake, but she didnt know that i knew

I crept back towards the kitchen, over to her like before,

She had obviously moved in her “sleep”

She was on her side facing towards me

And her top beautiful tit was almost completely free of her bra and shirt

Her nipple was hard as a diamond, a perfect nipple i thought to myself

And long, it was at least 1/2-3/4 of a inch, just waiting to be sucked on

With the added adrenelin i reached for my cock, which is now hanging free

And gave it some slow rubbing

And said under my breath, Damn, would i love to stick my cock in between those funbags

Amd fuck your mouth, your a beautiful woman

She smacked her lips and and mumbled something of a sigh

Of course, pretending to be sleeping, but still made my heart skip a beat

I lost my nerve and retreated back to the stairs and went back into the basement

I didnt see her open her eyes and smile and slide her hand down to her pussy

as i had Tandoğan Escort my back to her when i left

Kevs mom thought to herself

I will have that cock in me one way or another and continued

Her masterbation

I got back to the 3 man circle we formed with a semi

Ray said, geeze, you liked what we did eh?

Thats good, cause we have the other picture to copy

This time Kev winked at me and as he did so,

I couldnt help but notice his cock twitched

I was glad what was said next

Ray volunteers to be the guy in the middle

As i was scared to be the first one with a cock in my ass

But still secretly turned me on, wondering for awhile now,

What that sensation would feel like

Ray again speaks up and says

Well, Who wants to be behind me?

Without hesitation Kev says he will, a sigh of relief leaves me

Ray tells Kev to lay flat on his back to

“Suck start” his big cock

Even with a semi, Kevs cock was huge

Nice and thick, with a fat perfectly shaped head

Ray positioned himself over him in the 69

And took Kevs meat into his mouth

Slowly working that fat cockhead

Rays cheeks would suck in to show the vigor

Of his actions and Kev was thoroughly enjoying it

I started to jerk off as slow as Ray was going, matching

The speed, and niether one of them knew

I was thinking of Kevs mom doing that to me

Sucking on those big tits with the most erotic

Stiff nipples i have ever seen, i did notice them before that night

But NOT in the same frame of mind as i have now

I am brought back from fantasy with the sound of Ray gagging

I am astounded by what my eyes now see

I stop in mid stoke

Ray managed to get all of Kevs 8 1/2 cock in his mouth

Balls deep as they say, and as he withdraws

Kevs shaft is glistning with Rays saliva

Ray looks at me, licks and sucks Kevs cockhead, gives me a wink,

keeps eye contact with me, and slides slowly down ,

ALL the way down.

I am mezmerized, and now KNOW, they have done this BEFORE

No way could he just out of the blue, suck cock like this on his first try

The time they were laughing, the sounds in Kevs room when the door was locked

As i waited for them to let me in

It all made sense now

My cock has almost fully hard, as Ray picked up speed

Like a pro, he was going from the tip all the way down in one fluid motion

Upa nd down, up and down, up and down,

Seeing his spit all over Kevs shaft was hot,

Not as HOT as Kevs moms , but hot all the same

I continued to jerk off watching my 2 best friends 69ing

And made me wonder what i have missed

It felt like hours went by, i was lost in thought of what we just did,

And going to do

Sucking each other off, taking each others load

Myself Tunalı Escort , thinking of fucking Kevs mom

Ray was out of breath as he told Kev

Cmon, your cock is real slippery with my spit,

Get that thing inside me, and Ray moved off Kev

And turned around ,got on all fours,wiggled his ass at Kev

Kev didnt need more encouragement,

He got behing Ray on his knees and slowly

Placed his cock at Rays backdoor

Ray turns his head,looks at me, cmon, get in

Front of me so i can suck your cock, just like the picture

I will, i will i said, but i want to see Kev enter you first

As i said that, Kev popped his cockhead into Ray,

Simultaneously they let out low, moans of pleasure

Kev took small slow movements to put his manhood inside Ray,

But i dont think Ray would care if he rammed it in, as it only took Kev

10-12 pumps and his 8 1/2 thick cock was buried in Rays ass

Ray was in full slut mode, whimpering and

Moaning like a girl, which was kinda hot

Kev was going full tip to balls penetration in less than a minute

I was full on hard ,with precum streaming down my shaft

Using it as lube to make my cock glisten

Watching them start to fuck like porn stars

Ooooooo, Kev, ooooooo, mmmmmmmmm

Fuk me Kev, fuk my ass,oooooooohhhhh

Fuk you feel so good inside me

Oooohhhh yaaaaaa

Ray was moaning and pushing back to meet Kevs thrusts with vigor

Kev looks at me, winks, and tells me to get in front of Ray

I do not hesitate,as i move in front of Ray with a stream of

Precum dripping from my tool

Kev says, i want to cum at the same time, fill this chick up with cum

From both ends, i nod in agreement as Ray tales my cock balls deep on his first go

It made it easier to think that it was chicks we were doing this to

And i threw my head back as the feeling of a warm , wet, hot mouth was on my throbbing cock

Ray was a professional at this

His tounge was able to swirl around at the base as i deep in his mouth, i could feel my cock

Hit the back of his throat, but his tounge was still going

I was in extascy, the as i looked past Kev, hoping beyone hope

There she was, Kevs mom, furiuosly fingering her pussy in the same place she was before

But this time she was naked from the waist down

It was amazing to see her do that

I wished it was her sucking my manhood

Playing with those huge tits, and pinching those erect nipples

Listening to her moaning as i fucked her

It looked like she started to time her fingers , plunging into her cunt

With each thrust Kev was doing

Ray took me out of his mouth

To moan like the slut SHE was

Oooh yaaaaa,mmmmmmmm, fuk yaaaaaaa

Kev, your huge cock feels soooooughhhhhhhh gooooooood

Ughhhh,mmmmm, yaaaaa ,fuk meeeeeeeeee

And Türbanlı Escort stuck my glistening spit covered cock back in Rays mouth

I was in total awe of what was happening

Kevs mom fucking herself with her fingers in the shadows

Of the stairwell

Kev plowing his bitch Ray

And me, getting sucked by MY new bitch as well

I was close to cumming and told Kev

I cant hold out much longer

And Kev just started ramming Rays ass even harder,

Still with full tip to balls penetration

With the force he was putting into fucking Ray

Ray was being forced onto my cock now

Kev was saying he was gonna cum

And that made me meet Rays mouth with thrusting now

Rays muffled cock filled mouth still making

Moaning sounds as he was fucked on both ends

like the good girl she is.

Ohhhhhhhh fukkkkkkkk, im gonna cum too i said

I felt my cockhead hit the back of his throat and blew my load

Ughhhhhhh fuck,fuck fuck yaaaaaaaaa

Oooohhhhhhh thats feels sooooo gooooooood..

Kev then,upon hearing my orgasm

Stops and pulls out of Rays ass, and without touching his visibly pulsating

Cock, shoots 3 ropes of cum that fly over Rays back and hits me

In the stomach,followed immediately by 2 more that land between Rays shoulders

And finally the last 3 ropes land on his ass cheeks

Ray sees Kevs cum trickle down on my belly and licks it off

Kev slumps forward onto Ray and licks his own cum off Rays back

I look toward the stairs where Kevs mom is

And she has her head thrown back in the eruption

Of her own orgasm, finger fucking herself faster than i thought possible

She was angelic in that moment, her one free hand cupped one of her

Sweet big tits as her fingers pinched her erect nipple

I swear i could hear her fingers make sex sounds as

She fingered her cunt to orgasm

I didnt want her to be found out, so i spoke up

And told Kev

What are we gonna do for Ray, she did a wonderful job

Servicing us, how about….

And before i could say anything else, Kev flipped Ray over on his back

And started to suck him off

Its was only moments before Ray was moaning like a girl again,

oooohhhh fuk Kev, I like being your bitch….mmmmmmm fuk….im cumming..

Im cummmmminnnnnnggggggg and shot his load

Caught up in the moment i dive down to help Kev suck on Ray

I was able to get the last 2 cumshots and feel them fly into my mouth

All i though about at that exact same time was Kevs mom

And sucking on her tits, THAT made it so easy to take the cum

As we all laid back breathing heavy, exhausted from the sex

I turned to look at the stairs and Kevs mom was gone

I smiled to myself and thought, i want to see those tits

I want to suck on those nipples, i have to fuck her…

We didnt say anything for a few minutes as the remaing cum dripped from our spent cocks

Ray broke the silence..

Fuck, my ass hurts…

And we all started laughing…

We took turns showering and eventually went to sleep in the tent

Meanwhile upstairs, Kevs mom was hatching a plan….

To Be Continued

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