The Futa Fairy – Futa Fairies’ Naughty Game Chapter 6: Dr. Rita , Officer Cindy’s Naughty Contest

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Alexis Texas

The Futa Fairy – Futa Fairies’ Naughty Game
Chapter Six: Dr. Rita & Officer Cindy’s Naughty Contest
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2017

Ms. Ji-Woo Kim

Triumph surged through me as I rammed my clit-dick into the Summer futa lying frozen on the banks of the Year’s Divide thanks to my powers. I had just vanquished her companion, a young futa named Cassie. Now I would defeat another of Summer’s champions. Two out of five down in minutes.

We would win. I wouldn’t lose my futa-dick and—

When my crotch smacked into the Arab futa’s body she slid across the sandy beach like she was coated in grease. She popped off my dick as she moved away from me. I gaped at her, watching her body glide across the ground like she didn’t generate any friction at all. She didn’t slow.

“That fey!” I gasped in realization, glancing at the river where the fey I caught fucking the Arab futa had disappeared.

I scrambled to my feet, chasing after the busty Arab futa. Her body kept sliding from the force of my thrust and plunged right into the river. I gasped, splashing after her, but she vanished beneath the waves. The water was dark. I peered into the current, searching for her body, my hard futa-dick bobbing before me.

“No!” I howled, splashing water. I dived into the river, looking around for her, but I couldn’t see well in the water. My lungs burned. I had to breathe. I burst to the surface, my black hair matted to my slender form. My small breasts jiggled as I whirled around. “Where are you, you bratty fey!”

A giggle rose from the river all around me. Then a wave splashed me, bouncing my futa-cock up and smacking my stomach.

“She’s gone now,” the fey giggled. “Thawing in the river. Naughty, naughty futa for using those powers on her. But Cliodna helped her. Cliodna enjoyed all that yummy energy the faeries gave you futas. Yum, yum, yum!”

I kicked the water in frustration as I stared at the current. The Arab woman would float downstream. I doubt she’d drown. Magic was in the air. I clenched my fists and marched down the bank in the same direction. I would find her.

Winter would win!


Dr. Rita Jones

Officer Cindy never saw my wave coming. She had only a moment to gasp before the river water swept over her. I grinned, moving through the currents in the wake of my attack. Thanks to the wonderful fey Naiad I had control over liquids. The river felt like an extension of my body. And it was time to use it and defeat the futa-cop before she could take down any Summer futas.

I gained the beach, bursting out of the water surging around me to swamp Officer Cindy. The naked, White woman tumbled in the ball of water I held her in, her black hair fanning around her body as she thrashed.

I grinned at her, my ebony girl-cock so hard to fuck her. Last time we met, she’d pulled me over for speeding near my daughter’s college. She’d hauled me out of my car and fucked me with her wonderful futa-dick.

“My turn,” I purred, changing the currents in the water to seize her and pin her in place so I could grab her.

The breeze blowing down the river felt cool on my naked flesh, blowing the beads of water on my arm. Officer Cindy’s gaze met mine through the water. Her face twisted. Bubbles exploded from her mouth and—

The wind threw me.

I gasped a great hurricane howled up the river and tumbled me across the sandy beach. Out of instinct, I summoned river water to shelter me. It rolled up the beach and engulfed me, the surface rippling beneath the gale. At the same moment, a tornado burst the ball of water holding Officer Cindy, churning it into a frothy waterspout with the futa-cop at the center.

I rose, the water rippling around me, clinging to my legs, ready to surge out of me as I stared at the futa-cop.

“Sylph gave you powers,” I groaned, remembering the fey who’d brought Officer Cindy here.

The cop grinned. “Well, well, well, that naughty speeder. Dr. Rita, right? I see you’re still being wicked. Assaulting an officer…” She tsked and shook her head. “Someone needs to be punished.”


Wind howled. Water raged. Our powers clashed before us.


Keily Reddings

I squeaked in fright, jumping back from my older sister at the sound of the voice. My heart hammered. Was it a Winter futa on my side, or a Summer futa on the side of my sister? Deidre’s fiery hair tumbled about her shoulders, her round breasts bouncing as she fell back from me, her tongue licking across her lips, cleaning off her girl-cum staining her lips.

Just like I’d stained mine.

We were about to kiss each other, to taste the other’s girl-spunk and end this game. To preserve our incestuous love, we’d decided to not play. We’d forfeit and defeat each other. One of us would lose our futa-dick, but at least we wouldn’t help it happen. It was so wonderfully romantic.

It made me love my sister even more. My futa-dick had twitched and throbbed as I leaned in to kiss my own flesh and blood.

“Sorry,” the voice said coming from above.

I looked up at the rock my sister and I were leaning against on the bank of the Year’s Divide River and saw a face peering down at us. And it wasn’t a human face. Not with skin that shade of nut-brown and hair as golden as, well, gold. It shimmered and everything as she stared down at us, her eyes bright green. Brighter than my own eyes.

“Who are you?” Deidre asked, sitting up.

I pushed up my glasses and said, “You’re one of the fey. B said they’d be around. But outside of Winter, they can’t be trusted.”

The fey blanched. “I belong to neither court. They both are too rigid for me.” She jumped down, twisted in the air, and landed in a crouch facing us, her breasts bouncing. She had no futa-cock but a hairless pussy between her spread-wide legs. “I’m Querciola. And you two are just so amazing. You have such a sweet love. So don’t let me stop you. Kiss, kiss.”

I swallowed, feeling so awkward with the close scrutiny of the fey staring at me. Deidre sat up, giving our voyeur a nervous look. She glanced at me, arching her fiery eyebrow in question. Did I still want to do this?

I nodded my head, even if the romantic mood was utterly ruined. We still should do this.
My sister scooped fresh cum off her body from our earlier handjobs and smeared it on her lips. I scooped up a fresh glob off my small breast just to make sure mine was all fresh. This was it. We were done with this game.

This time, our heads didn’t slowly draw nearer. I just darted in, planted a kiss on my sister’s mouth, like ripping off a bandaid. I just wanted to get it over now that we had an audience. My mouth met hers. My tongue flashed out, brushing her cum-stained lips.

Her tongue touched mine.

We moaned, our lips working together as we shared each other’s jizz and…


I furrowed my brow. I could taste her cum on my tongue. I had taken her jizz into me. Shouldn’t that have defeated me? My sister was still here. Neither of us had vanished. I groaned, breaking the kiss, my sister frowning.

“It didn’t work,” I groaned. “Maybe it’s not fresh enough. We can just suck each other’s dicks.”

“That would do it,” the fey nodded. “it has to be when you cum to vanquish your for. Needs that burst of energy pumping out of you. It’s only released when you futas cum.”

“Energy?” asked Deidre.

“When you futas orgasm, your sexual energy burst out of you and back into Faerie.” The fey cocked her head. “Why do you think they like to make deals with you mortals? You have such vitality. Such primal energy.”

I blinked. “Is that why we’re so horny as futas? I mean, I liked masturbating before, but our sex drives went through the roof when Deidre became a futa.”

My older sister nodded her head, a considering look on her face. “So they were just using us?”

“Well, you got something out of it,” shrugged Querciola. She grabbed our futa dicks, stroking up and down them both. “So, if you want to quit the game, you can suck each other’s dicks. You can give up and let those dumb fey from the courts fight and fight without you. Summer and Winter can never coexist. They’re always in conflict. It’s sad.”

“Why can’t they ever have peace?” Deidre asked. “Leanan Sidhe is so sweet and gentle. She was so sad to do this to us.”

“Not B,” I muttered. “She was excited.”

“Winter were the aggressors in this contest,” conceded Querciola. “But Summer could not back down. Leanan Sidhe allowed it to escalate so fast that a contest had to be held.”

“You didn’t answer my question,” Deidre said. “Why can’t they coexist?”

“Because Summer and Winter never touch. They are buffered by spring and autumn. They circle each other, year after year, ebbing and flowing like the tides. First one then the other has dominance, but it never lasts. And they can never stop it.

“But you’re not of either court. You’re mortals.”

“What are you saying?” Deidre asked while my stomach knotted. I trembled in excitement.

Querciola brought our futa-dicks together, rubbing our tips against the other. Pleasure tingled down my shaft at the wondrous, incestuous contact with my sister’s cock. I groaned in delight as Querciola said, “You can touch.” Her tongue flicked across both our dicks. “So do something. Bridge that gap. Fight against their dumb game.”

I gasped in delight as her mouth engulfed my girl-dick. My heart thudded in my chest as she sucked so hard. Her hands fisted both our cocks as she nursed on mine. Tandoğan Escort My pussy clenched, growing juicier and juicier. I stared at my sister.

Hope shone in her blue eyes.

Then Querciola popped her mouth off my cock and engulfed the crown of my sister’s dick. Deidre’s round breasts jiggled. She groaned in delight as my mind raced. We could stop this. We could find a way for us both to keep our futa-dicks.

“Yes!” I moaned as the fey stroked up and down my dick with her silky hand, stimulating my cock.

“We’ll fight!” Deidre said, her hand taking mine.

“Wonderful,” Querciola moaned after she popped her mouth off my sister’s dick and before engulfing mine in her hot mouth.

The heels of my feet dug furrows in the sandy beach as the pleasure surged down my futa-dick. I squeezed my sister’s hand tight as I whimpered in joy. My breasts rose and fell, my nipples hard and tingling with the building pleasure churning in my pussy.

Then Querciola’s mouth popped off my dick and inhaled Deidre’s. Pleasure crossed my sister’s face as it died at the tip of my dick. She was so beautiful, her nose twitching, her lips pursing. Her round breasts jiggling, topped by pink nipples.

I couldn’t resist.

“Keily!” my older sister squealed as I sucked on her nipple. “Oh, Keily, yes!”

She squirmed on the sand as she trembled. I loved the feel of her nipple in my mouth. My auburn hair fell around my face and her skin as I pleasured her. I sucked so hard, my cheeks hollowing. She sucked in breaths, her breasts twitching and jiggling.

I moaned about her nub as Querciola’s mouth engulfed my dick. The fey sucked so hard. My pussy clenched as my ovaries swelled. The pressure built and built inside of me. That wonderful ache spread up to the tip of my dick, ready to dump my cum into the fey’s mouth.

Then she released it. The pressure died. Every time she sucked my cock, she increased it. Then when she stopped, it bled out of me. But it never went as low. Each time, she sucked me higher and higher, nearer and nearer.

“Oh, Keily, yes,” Deidre moaned, her fingers stroking through my hair. “When I give birth to our daughter, you can nurse from my breasts. Drink my milk.”

I shuddered. We were both pregnant with each other’s daughter. And so was our mother. We’d bred her together. I believed she was having twins, but each daughter had a different futa-mother. Something almost impossible.

But magic was in effect.

“Yes, yes, you want that,” she purred as I sucked so hard on her nipple, almost tasting her breast milk. What would it taste like? I couldn’t wait to find out.

I whimpered and moaned as the pressure built and built in my pussy. My snatch clenched down so hard as delight rippled through me. I moaned about her nipple, nursing as hard as I could, wishing her milk flowed. I nibbled, giving her so much pleasure.

My sister’s moans echoed over the rippling splash of the river. So drunk on the pleasure. Then Querciola’s mouth was back on my dick, sucking hard, nursing at my dick, so eager for my cum. Her hands fisted my dick.

“Keily!” Deidre moaned. “She’s going to make me cum.”

I released her nipple. “Me, too.”

“Let’s jizz on her face,” panted my sister. “Let’s just paint her in our cum. Coat her. Won’t that be hot?”

“So hot!” Querciola moaned after she popped her mouth off my dick. She stroked my futa-cock so fast, her hand blazing up and down my sister’s shaft. “Cum on my face! Let me taste your incestuous love!”

I smiled at my sister. She squeezed my hand.

Our bodies both quivered, her large tits jiggling more than mine. Querciola’s hand stroking on my dick brought me closer and closer. I groaned, on the verge of erupting. I could tell my sister was, too. We stared at each other.



Our cum fountained into the air. Spurts of white jizz splashed across the fey’s nut-brown skin. Her golden hair swayed about her shoulders as she moaned in delight. Our pearly cream spilled over her features and mixed together, our two essences melting together on the fey’s face.

I moaned with every blast. My pussy convulsed so hard. The pleasure surged through my body. My sister gasped with me, her breasts heaving as our futa-dicks unloaded. More and more cum bathed the fey’s face, coating her in our passion.

Then my orgasm peaked.

“Deidre,” I moaned, leaning back against the stone.

“Ooh, that was good,” my sister moaned, her blue eyes fluttering.

The fey ran her tongue across her lips, gathering the mix of our seed. She shuddered at the taste. Her green eyes squeezed shut. She let out a purring moan. Then she sat up, letting go of our cocks. Our futa-jizz dribbled down her features, some dripping on to her breasts.

A line of my sister’s cum reached Querciola’s pink nipple.

Hungry, I leaned over and latched on, tasting my sister’s salty delight. I suckled from her tit and shuddered in surprise as something warm and creamy squirted into my mouth. Querciola moaned as I drank her breast milk.

It was so sweet.

“Oh, yes,” the fey moaned.

“You got to do this,” I moaned about her nipple. “She lactates.”

“What?” my sister asked.

“Booby milk!” I squealed and suckled again.

“Mmm, yes,” the fey moaned as my sister joined me. We nursed together, gulping down her warm milk. Her hands stroked our hair, a big smile on her lips. “Drink your fill. Then we’re going to have more fun.”

I shuddered, gulping down more of her creamy breast milk. It purred down my throat to my belly. I felt it settling in there. My pussy grew hotter and hotter and my dick throbbed with such excitement as her milk nourished me.

And tasted amazing. I couldn’t wait to nurse from my sister’s tit.


Mrs. Fatima

I sighed as I drifted down the river. Though I was beneath the surface, I could breathe it somehow. When I came in Cliodna as she kissed me, I felt something enter me. A… power. I couldn’t quiet describe it. But it made me so slick I just slipped right out from beneath that Asian futa when she thrust into me.

Now all I could do was drift. I stared at the sunlight and moonlight playing on the river, the golden and silvery hues blending together to make the surface shimmer. I still couldn’t move. The ice gripped me.

But my body warmed. I thawed. I had hope. Cassie had lost, but I was still in the game. I could still return to my sister and our daughters with my futa-cock. I could still love my incestuous harem with my clit-dick.

I strained against the cold gripping me. Bubbles rose from my mouth as I groaned. It held me everywhere, a massive hand that somehow held every inch of my body and kept it immobile save for allowing me to breathe and move my eyes and…

Wiggle my toes.

They flexed as I floated through the current. That futa’s magic wore off. Soon, I’d be back in the game. And I had my own powers now.


Becca Brittany

I bit my lip as the brush parted before me. Grass and leaves bent and swayed, letting me pass. It was like the plants were a part of me, an extension of my body. It was so incredible to feel. I felt so safe so long as there was life around me.

And there was plenty of life here. Spring buzzed with it.

I surveyed the river. The autumn side had life, too, thickest long the river. The closer to winter, the less life there was. I bit my lip. I had been over here for an hour. And hadn’t seen any other futas. What if the Summer futas had crossed the river looking for us?

Should I cross it?

I studied the far bank, weighing my options. There was life. I would be safe across there. And I saw a nice rise. I could get up atop that, hide among the brush, and have a good vantage over the river. It felt like a good plan.

I dove into the water.


Officer Cindy Matheson

I faced Dr. Rita, the water surging around her dark legs, her ebony cock thrust hard at me. Water dripped off her lush mounds. My cock ached to taste her dark delights again. I had savored the first time fucking her.

And today would be just as amazing.

The wind swirled around me. The very air felt like a part of my body, like I had a hundred limbs all swirling around us, ready to strike. I flexed my real fingers in the middle of my tornado, took a deep breath, and struck.

The wind howled as they rushed at Dr. Rita. Trees around the river groaned as my limbs swept through them and knifed down at the Black futa. But the river groaned and surged. Huge waves leapt into the air, deflecting or absorbing my limbs, dissipating my energy. They rolled around her and over her, engulfing her in a cocoon.

Then the waves came for me.

The river rolled over its banks. Frothy water surged at my tornado. I swirled my winds faster, throwing the water in a violent spray around me. I shifted on the sand, battering down the surging water with my nimble hands. Mist drifted between us as we attacked and defended.

I guided the wind, shaped it into slashing curtains that tore apart her water and lances that shot at her turbulent cocoon. I conjured walls that rushed past me, slamming into her current, and made vortexes that swirled into her attack her. Debris and mist flung through the air between us. The river roared as she responded to all my attacks with shields of liquid, with battering rams of frothy water and surging waves that threatened to swallow Tunalı Escort me.

My toes dug into the sand as my tornado whipped away the torrent of water, firing from the river like the discharge from a massive firehouse. The gush of liquid slammed into my wind. I grit my teeth, drawing more and more air around me, spinning the wind faster and faster to contend with the flood.

She tried to drown my air.

I wouldn’t let her.

I exploded the tornado outward. I turned it into a hurricane that swept across from us. Trees groaned, branches snapping. The river grew choppy. Waves generated by my power slammed into the far bank and drowned the spring brush on the sunny side. It assaulted her own position. Her shield of water rippled about it, driven back by the wind.

I focused it there. I channeled all the wind to assault her. The air rushed down at us, sucked by my will. I created a low pressure vacuum right before the Black futa. She raised her arms as her watery shield rippled away, peeled back inch by inch by all my power.

We faced each other, our jaws clenched, our futa-dicks hard.

I peeled back more of her watery defense. I held it back with my wind. The river kept surging to replace what I blew away. But fresh air streamed past me to hold it at bay. We threw our will at each other. All the magic we had crackled through the air.

And it left us at a stalemate.

Though she wasn’t protected any longer by her water, I couldn’t touch her. It took every bit of my wind to hold back her water. It left me nothing to seize her. To immobilize her. Her face twisted. Her ebony breasts heaved as she growled, straining against me.

We were matched. Our powers were even. Anger growled through me. I had this amazing ability, and I run into a futa that also has magic. But that was okay. I flexed my hands, tensing. I was a cop. I didn’t give up easily. Quitters didn’t make it through the academy.

I dashed forward.

Dr. Rita blinked in surprise. Her water faltered for a moment at the shock of me sprinting forward. Then she gasped and tried to engulf herself in liquid again. But my wind kept surging at her as my breasts heaved before me.

I crossed the distance between us in three seconds.

“No!” Dr. Rita gasped right before we collided.

Wind and water surged around us as we struck the sand. She twisted beneath me, bucking hard to throw me off. I didn’t mind. My dick ached to be in her. I kept focusing my wind as I grappled with her. I seized her arm, twisted.

She cried out as I flipped her onto her stomach, my breasts pillowing on her dark back.

“Ooh, you’ve been naughty again, Dr. Rita,” I purred as she squirmed beneath me. The more she struggled, the wetter my pussy became. “But don’t worry, I know just the punishment.”

Her water pressed in at my swirling winds. So I engulfed us in my tornado, a shield of howling air that drove back the river. The water swept around it, guided away from our flesh by the cyclone. Mist drifted across us as my futa-dick throbbed between the cheeks of her silky ass.

She felt so delicious beneath me.

“You realize it, don’t you?” I purred into Dr. Rita’s ear as she flexed beneath me, her butt-cheeks squeezing on my dick. “That excitement swelling in your cunt. That knowledge that you’re about to be punished by the futa-cop.”

“Please!” she whimpered as I drew back my hips, the tip of my dick sliding through her butt-crack. “The world needs my futa-cum.”

“What’s this?” I asked as I pressed my dick against her sphincter. “That nonsense Becca Brittany reported on a month ago?”

“Yes!” she moaned.

“Criminals will say anything to avoid their punishment,” I purred and thrust into her asshole. Velvety flesh engulfed my dick. I moaned in rapture, my winds singing in ecstasy with me.


Dr. Rita Jones

Pleasure flooded through my body as I squirmed on the sandy beach. My nipples throbbed against the wet, soft substance. I squirmed, Officer Cindy’s girl-dick sliding deeper and deeper into my bowels. My back arched, my anal sheath clenching on her shaft.

My futa-cock throbbed beneath me.

Why did this feel so good? This was the end. She would beat me. Her wind held back my water. We were evenly matched. I wouldn’t be able to heal my patients. My girlfriends and my daughter would miss out on the pleasures of my dick.

“Oh, yes, you feel it,” groaned Officer Cindy as she pumped away at my asshole. She let go of my arm. “You’re not even going to resist. You’re just going to cum like the futa-whore you are.”

I shuddered, her words rippling through me. She was right. My eyes opened wide. My body just wanted to drink in this rapture. My asshole clenched down so hard on her thrusting dick. I shuddered, the velvety pleasure shot through my body. I whimpered as her crotch smacked into my butt-cheeks.

She grabbed my hips, pulling me up onto my hands and knees as she kept hammering me. My dick and breasts swayed beneath me, the wet sand falling from my body. My fingernails curled into the ground, scooping up damp clods as her dick kept reaming my bowels.

“Why does this feel so good?” I howled.

“Because you’re a futa-slut,” Officer Cindy moaned. “Just a naughty whore craving my big stick.”

I clenched my bowels on her thrusting dick, increasing the friction. The heat shot down to my pussy. Juices trickled down my shaft. I whimpered, wiggling my hips as she kept plunging over and over into me. She hammered me so hard. She made me feel amazing.

My cock swayed and bounced beneath me as she reamed my bowels. She thrust it so hard into me. I groaned, clenching down as she plunged over and over into me. My back arched. I moaned out as the rapture surged through me.

“Assaulting a police officer with water,” the cop moaned. Her hand cracked down hard on my ass.

Pain stung through my rump. My bowels tightened on her dick, increasing my pleasure. The stinging heat bled down to my pussy. I whimpered, squirming more as she disciplined me. Even that felt amazing.

“Such a naughty futa!” she groaned.


“Yes!” I howled. “Those futa-fairies made me so naughty. Made us both!”

“Yes, they did,” purred Officer Cindy.


My ass grew hotter. My pussy juicier. The pressure built and built in the depths of my cunt. My futa-dick ached. Precum dripped from the tip. I moaned, clenching my jaw as ecstasy surged through me. I was about to lose.

And I just wanted to cum.


“Say it!” hissed Officer Cindy. “Say what you are!”

“A naughty futa-slut!” I moaned. “It was so bad of me to attack you!”

“I bet you wanted to lose,” she groaned.


“Wanted to fail so you could feel my big girl-dick sodomizing your asshole!”


I shuddered, the pleasure rippling through me. Her hard plunges and painful spankings brought me closer and closer to explode. Her words made me wonder if I had wanted to lose. That deep-down inside of me I craved to be fucked by a futa.

But didn’t that mean she wanted the same?

“But don’t you want my futa-dick in your pussy?” I moaned, my cock swaying beneath me. “Don’t you want my girl-dick reaming that hot cunt of yours?”

“Ooh, you want to stick this in me?” She reached beneath me and seized my ebony cock. She stroked it hard, the tip throbbing every time she brushed it.

“Yes! Don’t you want it in you?”

She pumped her fist up and down my dick. Such pleasure shot through my body. She didn’t answer me, only moaning and pounding my asshole. I felt hope kindle in me. I threw a look over my shoulder. Her big tits heaved before her, her face twisted with rapture.

I squeezed my bowels on her dick, increasing the pleasure flowing through her, and moaned, “You want to feel my cock in your cunt, too! You want to have that naughty pussy churned up by my big, Black girl-dick.”

She tightened her grip on my cock. “It’s… appealing, futa-slut. Ooh, yes, I bet it would feel amazing in me. I love fucking my girlfriend’s dick. Marcie has an amazing cock.”

“You can feel mine in you,” I purred, pumping back into her thrusts, my tits heaving, my dick throbbing.

“You’d love that,” she panted. “My pussy sliding up and down this dick. It would feel so much better than my hand.”

“Yes, it would,” I answered, my orgasm building and building in me. “You’d love it. I’d cum in you so hard!”

“Yes!” she hissed. “You’d flood me with so much girl-cum.”

My orgasm exploded through me as I pictured fucking the cop with my big, ebony dick. The pleasure surged through me. My eyes rolled back into my head as my spunk pumped out of my dick. I whimpered, my bowels clenching down hard on her dick. My head threw back as cum fired from my cock. It splattered the sand.

And my bowels milked her cock. A part of me didn’t want her to pull out of me, but to feel her cum pumping into my asshole. Through the pleasure racing through my body, I moaned, “My cum’s being wasted. That futa-spunk could be pumping into your cunt!”

“It could be!” she whimpered, ramming her futa-dick into my asshole’s depths. “But I’d rather cum in you and win!”

Her girl-spunk erupted into my bowels. My eyes widened at the hot splashes flooding me. I whimpered, my pussy convulsing as my orgasm burned through my body. My futa-dick erupted for the final time. The last blast of my jizz spilled uselessly on the sand as she vanquished me.

“Yes, yes, yes, take Türbanlı Escort it, you naughty futa!” howled Officer Cindy.

“I am!” I whimpered, drinking in the pleasure of this moment even knowing what it meant.

Green light swirled about me. It engulfed me. The futa-cop’s dick vanished from my asshole as the verdant energy hugged me and carried my body away. Then I groaned, the world appearing around me again. I was in different place, kneeling on soft grass instead of wet sand.

“Oh, fuck, not another one,” Kimmie the futa-cheerleader moaned. “Dr. Rita, you, too?”

“Me, too,” I said, seeing her and Cassie sitting disconsolately nearby.

“It was a valiant officer, my dear Doctor Rita,” Leanan Sidhe said, her youthful face looking concerned. “But do not lose hope. Though my dearest Mrs. Fatima and Ms. Deidre are outnumbered, they can still turn the tide and find victory for us.”

I stared at her. “Why did you make us into such sluts? I couldn’t resist Officer Cindy once she had her dick in my asshole. I just… wanted to be fucked.”

The Summer Esquire’s face grew still. “I had my reasons for increasing the strength of your libido and those who witness your futa-cock. It was never my intention for this contest to occur. But that same weakness afflicts Winter’s champions. If Mrs. Fatima and Ms. Deidre can utilize it, they can win.”

Then Leanan Sidhe turned away from me. “If Ms. Deidre can find the heart to compete, that is.”

“We are so fucked,” Kimmie groaned.


Deidre Reddings

I nursed at Querciola’s breast with my sister, drinking the fey’s sweet milk with hungry gulps. I felt revitalized. Somehow, Keily and I could find away to end this without us losing our cocks. We just had to stay together. United.

“Yes, yes, that’s it,” Querciola purred, stroking our hair, my fiery locks and Keily’s auburn strands. “And before I take my leave of you, I wish a taste of your incestuous love.”

Keily pulled her lips from the fey’s breast and grinned up at her. “Isn’t that already covering your face?”

“Oh, this was a wonderful treat,” the fey said, being at us, our futa-cum still dripping down her features. “But I need it in my pussy.”

“You don’t mean…?” Such hopeful joy burst across Keily’s face while my own heart beat faster. “Deidre and I both in you? At the same time?”

“Both of you in my pussy at the same time,” the fey nodded. “Sharing it. I know it is a desire that you both crave. Let me give you this gift before you embark upon your new task.”

“Thank you!” Keily squealed, beaming at me.

“Yes,” I nodded, my futa-dick so hard. “Thank you, Querciola.”

“You are most welcome,” she purred as she stretched out on her side on the beach, her breasts pillowing together. She faced me, jizz running across her features. She lifted her left leg, exposing her hairless pussy, so tight and delicious.

Could both our futa-cocks really fit in there? I wanted to find out.

I stretched out on my side before her while Keily cuddled up against the fey’s back. I trembled, my heart thudding away in my chest. I squirmed, my pussy growing so juicy with excitement. I snuggled closer to Querciola, my futa-dick nudging her pussy.

My little sister’s girl-cock joined me a moment later.

“Share your love with me,” whimpered the fey, her hips wiggling from side-to-side.

“Yes,” Keily shuddered. She beamed at me over Querciola’s shoulder. “Let’s fuck her hard, Deidre!”

“So hard!” I moaned, pressing my round breasts into the fey’s tits.

I rubbed my futa-dick against my sister’s cock and the fey’s cunt. The pair of us pressed our tips against her pussy’s opening. Querciola shuddered between us. Such pleasure crossed her cum-stained face as I felt her labia spread over the crowns of her clit-dicks.

And then her silky pussy lips engulfed our cocks.

I shuddered in rapture as the fey’s pussy squeezed our tips together. My sister’s incestuous shaft throbbed against mine. I whimpered in pure delight as we both thrust, working our dicks deeper and deeper into her hot pussy.

“Oh, this is wonderful,” the fey groaned, her pussy squeezing and relaxing on our girl-dicks. “You’re both sliding so deep into me. I can feel your incestuous love for each other throbbing inside of me.”

“Uh-huh,” I whimpered, driving my girl-cock deeper and deeper into her silky sheath.

Her wet flesh squeezed me so tight against my little sister’s futa-dick. I felt her shaft twitch and spasm with the beat of her heart. The silky walls caressed the tip of my dick, sending pleasure through my body.

And then we bottomed out in her.

I stared into my sister’s green eyes as we both shuddered in utter delight. We froze for a moment, savoring this pleasure. We finally shared a pussy together. We were both in the same cunt. No matter what happened, even if one of us lost our futa-cocks, we had this experience.

“I love you, Keily,” I whimpered, reaching past Querciola to grab my sister’s hip.

Her hand grabbed mine, squeezing. “You’re the best sister in the world. I’m so glad to have you.”

“Yes!” I whimpered.

“Now let’s fuck her hard!”

“Mmm, please!” whimpered Querciola.

I licked up the mix of our incestuous cum off the fey’s cheek as I drew back my girl-cock. The salty delight melted on my tongue as my sister moved with me. Then we rammed our clit-dicks back into the fey’s hot depths.

Pleasure shuddered down my shaft. I whimpered, my eyes rolling back into my head as I shuddered on the ground. It felt so amazing to be buried in her. So wonderful to experience this utter delight with my sister.

We hammered the fey’s cunt with our hot thrusts. We worked our girl-cocks in and out of the fey’s hot snatch. Her juices let our shafts slide past each other. In moments, our thrusts had lost rhythm with each other. We plunged into the fey’s twat at different times.

I loved it when the tips of our cocks rubbed past each other. Every time I thrust in and every time I pulled back I had that delicious sensation. My hand squeezed my sister’s hip every time I enjoyed that passion. My own pussy clenched in delight, the pleasure building and building in me.

“Oh, yes, this is amazing!” howled the fey. “I feel your love building and building in each other. I feel it growing and swelling. It’s going to drown you both.”

“Drown us!” I moaned in agreement, my body trembling as the pleasure soared through me. “Oh, fuck, yes!”

“We’re going to drown you in our girl-cum!” Keily moaned, her face twisting in rapture.

I licked more of our cum off the fey’s face, loving the salty flavor on my tongue. I thrust so hard, pumping away. My nipples tingled, rubbing into Querciola’s nubs. Pleasure raced through my body. Stars darted across my vision as the rapture built and built.

Her pussy grew hotter and hotter. The fey moaned and whimpered as she shuddered beside us. I smiled in delight. I loved the pleasure surging through my body. I moaned and gasped. My eyes widened as I squirmed in delight.

“Oh, my god, yes!” I whimpered. “Keily, this is the best!”

“The best!” she agreed.

Querciola bucked between us. And it grew even better. The fey’s pussy spasmed about our girl-dicks as she orgasmed. I shuddered, the convulsing cunt pressing my shaft so tight against my sister’s plunging cock.

The fey’s pussy sucked at our dicks. Massaged us. She sent such wonderful rapture shooting through our bodies. I whimpered and groaned. Stars danced before my eyes as my pussy grew tighter and tighter.

My orgasm swelled. I stood on the cusp of my rapture.

“Deidre!” whimpered my sister.

“I know! Let’s flood her with our incestuous love!”

“Please, yes!” moaned the fey! Give it to me!”

My pussy spasmed. My cock erupted. Futa-jizz spurted out of my shaft. Keily gasped out in rapture. Her dick throbbed against mine, trapped in the fey’s tight, convulsing pussy. Hot spunk swirled around our two cocks. Our love mixed together inside the fey.

“Yes, yes, yes!” the fey howled. “Thank you! Thank you for sharing your love!”

Rapture surged through me. I stared at Deidre as we pumped the fey’s cunt full of cum. My mind drowned in ecstasy. I loved it. I didn’t want it to end. I wanted this moment to go on and on forever. To always be with my sister.

My lover.

Golden light exploded from Querciola. It bathed over my sister and me. I felt the fey’s body fading away, vanishing. And then I was hugging Keily, no barrier between us. Our girl-dicks throbbed together. Our mouths met in a hot kiss.

We would find away to keep out girl-dicks. Together.

And then the sounds of splashing ruined the moment.

Panic spiked through me as I broke my kiss with Keily. We both moved, darting around the rock and peering at it. A figure swam across the river. She reached the banks, crawling out, her big tits swaying before her, blonde hair caked to her side.

“It’s Becca Brittany,” I groaned as the Winter Futa stretched, her big tits bouncing before her. She looked around. Did she see the golden blast of light?

Then I heard the rustle of plants. They creaked and groaned, moving independent of the wind.

“I saw you hiding behind there!” the futa-reporter shouted.

Plants reached for the rock we hid behind. Leaves rustled as they grew towards us. My heart beat faster and faster. She had powers. She could control them. In a moment, they would reach us and grab us. What should we do?

Then my sister burst out of the hiding spot. “Becca Brittany!” she shouted with girlish enthusiasm. “Oh, thank god, it’s only you. I thought you were one of the Summer futas!”

The bushes stopped moving. I stared up at my sister, my body trembling. What was she doing?

To be continued…

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