Girlfriend is not Going to be Happy

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They had met in a bar for drinks just to catch-up. It had been a long time since he had seen her but she looked great, long blonde hair falling over her shoulders, a tight pair of jeans showing off her slim figure. He was obsessed with her seductive smile, the way her blue eyes twinkled knowingly.

She hadn’t seen him in years, but the old sparkle from so many years ago had reignited. She remembered fooling around with him and her friend at his apartment before a football game. They had barely made it for the second half. She finished her drink, a second dirty martini and whispered in his ear: “Let’s get out of here”.

They were kissing in the back of the uber on the way to his apartment. When they arrived, she closed the door and pushed him up against the wall. She was grinding her crotch against his and he felt himself start to get hard. As his erection grew, she groaned and drove her crotch into the hardening ridge in his jeans.

As she felt his hard cock pushing against her pussy through their clothes, she grew even more excited. She reached down and grabbed him there. She could feel the solid shaft of his cock through his jeans, and she traced the length up to the big bulbous end. How she remembered this guy, how big he was. She could not wait to feel him inside her. She hadn’t had a real cock in so long, since she had started sleeping with women. Sure, she played around with dildos with her girlfriend, but there was nothing like the real thing.

She led him into the bedroom and stood before the bed. She unzipped her trousers and peeled them off her legs. She wore a small white pair of panties and he could see they were already damp at the crotch. She lifted the shirt over her head, to reveal no bra and her naked chest, pink nipples hard and erect. Then she stepped towards him. She looked deep into his eyes and then they started to kiss. As they did so, she ground her pussy into his crotch. Her hands went down to his belt, and she unfastened it.

She unzipped his trousers, tracing the hard muscle as she did so. She let his jeans fall down to the floor and she slowly started to push down the hem of his underpants, looking down at his crotch. She could see the dark pubic hair at the base of his cock, and then the thick shaft of his cock pointing downwards, disappearing into his underpants. She eased the band of his underpants over the end of his cock, and it sprang up into her crotch. It was as big as she remembered!

They were against the wall and he leant into her, pushing his cock into her panties, feeling the dampness of her pussy through the thin material, the heat of the entrance to her body. He moved her blonde hair aside and started to kiss her neck and, feeling the heat of her body against him. She wrapped her hands around his shoulders. He reached down and slowly caressed the outside of her panties. Using two fingers he gently pushed the crotch of her panties in between her vulva lips. She moaned with pleasure. ulus escort Then he pushed one finger down inside the hem of her panties, moving past her clit to wet his finger using the juices from her vagina. Then back onto her clit, using her juices to gently caress her love button.

He kissed her neck and slowly rubbed her clit and she reacted quickly, groaning with pleasure, gripping his back. He moved a second finger inside her panties and plunged two fingers into her tight wet hole, she was wet and they went in easily. He found the spongy area on the front wall, a couple of inches inside her vagina and she yelped. He started to fuck her with his two fingers, the palm of his hand against her clit as he plunged his fingers in and out. Wow, she was so wet and the yielding softness of her vagina felt wonderful. More blood surged to his groin as he thought about how it would feel to drive his cock into this tight wet tunnel.

His hand was giving her unbelievable pleasure as he drove his fingers in and out of her vulva. She felt his cock hardening against her leg, clearly his excitement was growing. It had been a long time, maybe 10 years, but how she remembered fucking him. She hadn’t been fucked with a real cock for so long and this one was going to stretch open her pussy. She grabbed his balls with one hand and with the other felt the hole at the end of his huge glans, the hole which was slightly wet with pre-cum. The proximity of his penis to her tight slit made her tremble.

“Shit”, she thought. Any moment now she could have the thinness of his fingers replaced by the large girth of his cock, the massive circumcised head would be stretching open her vagina. Should she let him inside her body? His balls are full of his cum and it would spurt from this hole at the end of his cock and could get her pregnant. Since she had started sleeping with women, she hadn’t bothered with birth control, there was no need after all, but she really didn’t want to have him wear a condom, she wanted to feel skin-on-skin, the heat, the massive heat of this cock inside her vagina. She tried to figure out where she was in her cycle.

She pushed her panties down her legs and he removed his fingers from her pussy. Then she leaned back against the wall and spread her legs. With both hands, he reached down her back and grabbed her buttocks, lifting her. She wrapped her legs around his hips and supported herself against the wall with her shoulders. She felt the burning heat of his organ between her thighs and she reached down to guide him. Her hand closed around the shaft of his cock, it was rock hard and the ridge of his corona was solid, pronounced. She could barely contain her excitement as she pointed the bulbous mushroom-shaped head of his cock upwards and rubbed his glans against her clit, feeling the heat of the end and the wetness of his pre-cum on her clit. Then she moved the head down to her pussy lips and prepared to be entered with yenimahalle escort a real cock for the first time in years.

He gripped her buttocks and let her line his cock up toward the entrance of her body. The head of his penis looked obscene compared to the small entrance to her pussy. He was going to take his time, be gentle, wait for her to be ready, but he needed nothing more than to drive his cock into her tight, wet cunt.

The end of his cock burned her pussy lips and then as he pushed forward, she felt an inch sink into her, the pleasure was amazing as she felt his huge bulbous head split her open and the first two inches, his entire glans sunk into her. Then he very slowly pushed upwards and she felt so full as inch after inch of his shaft plowed into her vagina, the swollen bulbous glans spreading her walls, the solid ridge of his corona driving against her G-spot. It felt like he was going to split her in two. Finally, it felt like he was in her chest and she could feel his balls against her butt cheeks and his entire seven inches was buried inside her, the massive head coming to rest against her cervix. She felt so full and the heat was amazing.

As he drove his cock into the yielding softness of her body, he felt the wonderful tight wetness of her vagina envelop his manhood, the velvety tunnel around his cock until he felt the end of his cock bump against the end of her vagina. He had forgotten how tight she was. Her pussy was the tightest thing he could ever remember his cock being inside. He pulled back slightly and thrust back into her. Then he pulled back further, almost completely withdrawing and held just his glans inside her. She yelped with pleasure and then screamed as he thrust back inside her again.

He gripped her buttocks to hold her small body tightly and started to fuck her hard against the wall, thrusting his solid cock up inside her again and again. He kissed her neck, her hair smelled so good. He felt her hard nipples pushing against his chest. She was so hot! Wow, she was a great tight fuck. He was more turned-on now than he had been for a long time.

As he fucked her, she looked down and she could see his massive shaft plowing in and out of her pussy. He would withdraw almost entirely, the massive purple end of his cock stretching her vulva lips out of her and then he would plow back into her again, filling her up, the solid muscle of flesh driving against her G-spot. Then he would stop, knowing that the ridge of his corona was rubbing against her pleasure point. Back and forwards, his hard ridge, it felt incredible. The pleasure in her body started to well up in her crotch, her cunt, and undulated throughout her thighs before another thrust drove her over the edge and her orgasm exploded. She lost the ability to breathe for a second as the pleasure encompassed her whole body but she heard herself cry out. As her pussy tightened around his wonderful cock, she could feel every single inch of his massive organ, every ripple.

Her breath grew ragged and her nipples hardened and then he heard her cry out in pleasure. Her body convulsed and he tried to fuck her through her orgasm, but he could barely move inside her as her velvety cunt tightened like a vice around his cock. He was buried right up against the end of her vagina and he was so lost in the moment that his head was buzzing. His cock was almost painfully hard.

As her orgasm started to subside, slowly her brain made the connection between his massive balls that were hard up against her thighs and their contents and what would happen if he continued fucking her bareback with his naked cock! “Fuck” she thought, she should make him pull out before he pumped her full of the cum that was clearly boiling up inside his balls. Just as she realized this, she felt his massive cock grow even bigger and harder inside her cunt and his swollen balls churned against her buttocks and she knew it was too late.

He reached his pleasure plateau suddenly and without warning, felt his balls tighten and his cock felt bigger than ever before. He couldn’t stop it. Her cunt was so tight he went violently over the edge. The pleasure was so amazing, his orgasm was so sudden that it took a second to realize that the throbbing sensation was his own ejaculation as his semen hurtled like a freight train up the length of his cock. She was so hot and her pussy was so tight that his body had taken over his head and his cock was out of control, spurting his spunk deep inside her unprotected cunt. All thought of pulling out before he came ended, it was too late. A couple of seconds ago, his cum was still in his balls and now it was spewing into her vagina.

She heard him groan and without warning the massive hard end of his cock that was buried so deep inside her, giving her so much pleasure, was throbbing. The entire shaft of his cock was pulsing and then she felt the telltale sign, the warm feeling of his fluid flooding her channel. Again, and again, his cock throbbed, pumping streams of his cum up from his balls and she could feel the warmth of his semen as it filled her vagina. Shit! she thought, his cockhead was right up against her cervix, spewing his seed into her, millions of sperm right on the edge of her unprotected womb! All of the cum that made his balls so big was now inside her, swimming inside her vagina.

“Shit, you came inside me!!” she said. “Fuck, how am I going to explain to my girlfriend if I am pregnant?”

He pulled his cock out of her tight vagina and the head came out with an audible pop. She groaned. His cock throbbed and the last spurt of his cum splashed against the wall between her legs. He stepped backwards, letting go of her body and her legs dropped down to the floor.

“I’m sorry” he said. “It was just that you are so hot and I was so turned on and your pussy was so tight when you had your orgasm that I couldn’t hold back.”

He saw her look down and then he watched as a flood of his white cum trickled out of her labia and down her legs. He had spurted all his cum, his seed, into her vagina. He had probably gotten her so pregnant.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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