A Night at the Cinema

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One would think this might go without saying, but all of the characters in this story are eighteen or older.

I first noticed her standing in the snack line at my local cinema. Between her plushly rounded derriere to her regal posture and radiant smile, she caught my eye like a frog’s tongue snatches a fly. She was petite, maybe 5’2″ tall, with chocolate brown skin, b-cup breasts, and succulent lips stretched wide over her perfect teeth in a broad smile as she laughed with her friend. I took my pleasure allowing my eyes to roam her body as I waited to purchase my popcorn. She wore a mustard skirt with a purple silk top and a pair of heels that gave her an extra couple of inches. I watched as she purchased her Reese’s Pieces and soda, then went into the theater. It was the same one I was about to enter. Doubtless the cinematic masterpiece I was about to enjoy would distract me from thinking about her. The two couples in front of me did their buying and moved along, leaving me at the counter.

“What can I get for you sir?” asked the pimple covered teenager behind the counter.

I wrapped up my purchase of a popcorn and soda combo and strolled into the theater right as the previews began. The room was packed. The only empty chair I could see was on the back row, left of the aisle. There were four seats to a row on that side of the aisle and damned if the only open one wasn’t right next to the goddess I had spotted in the lobby. I swallowed heavily and made my way up the steps to the seat in question.

“May I?” I asked in a stage whisper. The preview was for some sort of exploding cars and planes movie and it was challenging to make myself heard. She turned towards me, her deep, dark eyes capturing mine and making my heart skip a beat.

“Please do.” She replied with a smile, that breathtaking smile lighting her face once more.

I settled into the seat and arranged the popcorn and soda, noticing the several inches of thigh now showing below the hem of her yellow skirt. The flesh was smooth and alluring.

For the first fifteen minutes of the film, I sat there, nibbling a little at my popcorn, glancing occasionally at her, and rolling my eyes at the ham-fisted director’s efforts to make me care about the young ingenue currently making eyes at the protagonist. It was during one of the glances at the beauty next to me that I noticed her scent. She smelled of musk and something floral, it suited her perfectly. About fifteen minutes in, I felt a soft brush against my knee and looked down to see her knee resting against mine. As it was summer, I was in shorts and the direct skin to skin contact, particularly with the initiator of said contact not immediately apologizing and drawing away, was both İstanbul Escort startling and enticing.

I leaned towards her and whispered into her ear “I don’t know you and will probably never see you again, but you are absolutely gorgeous. I want to kiss you.”

To my slight surprise, she didn’t shove me away, but leaned in so her cheek was beside my lips. I began kissing a soft trail along her jaw and eventually began nibbling on her earlobe. That definitely got a reaction as I heard her respiration become heavier. I dropped my hand onto her thigh as she turned to face me and our lips met for the first time.

Her lips were full and tasted of summer, sweet from the lemonade she had been drinking, and soft… so marvelously soft. I slid my tongue across her lower lip and was pleased when she opened her mouth and sucked in my tongue. Her lips moved against the sides of my mouth as I explored her teeth and tongue with my own.

My right hand was softly stroking the inside of her knee, making delicate circles on the smooth skin I found there as I raised my left hand to the side of her face and slid my fingers around the back of her head and neck, caressing her.

That was when we heard a throat clearing from the other side of her. Her friend was glaring at us.

“You could at least share!” the friend hissed.

Both of us chuckled as my goddess suggested we switch seats.

“I’m Bianca, this is my friend Emily…” whispered my new friend, gesturing to my even newer friend who immediately reached up, wrapped a hand around my neck and pulled me in to kiss her in turn.

If Bianca’s kiss had been tender and suggestive, Emily’s was rougher, insistent, and less practiced, but no less passionate.

Emily was taller than Bianca by about five inches. She was also in a skirt, Emily’s being a flowing white hippy skirt, and a bright red tank top which clung appealingly to her generous bosom. Please don’t think I didn’t find Emily attractive or alluring, but it’s hard to see a sparkler when it’s held in front of the sun. Emily had bright red hair and eyes I would later learn to be blue. She grinned at my kiss and the slight dusting of freckles across her cheeks and nose crinkled slightly.

Being now positioned between the two, I rested a hand on each of their thighs and began to graze the very tips of my fingernails along the skin atop Bianca’s thigh, while slowly bunching Emily’s skirt up in my hand until I revealed her flesh. Bianca’s legs fell open a little wider and I moved my tickling touches further up the inside of her thigh, gradually moving my hand ever further up her thigh. Meanwhile, Emily had taken my hand from her thigh, lifted the seat arm between us and scooted İstanbul Escort Bayan closer to me while wrapping my arm around her shoulders to drape down onto her breast.

I felt a hand start to squeeze my cock through my shorts.

Bianca lifted the other arm and she too scooted in close before she started kissing the side of my neck.

I was still kissing Emily when Bianca started on my neck and between Emily’s breast, Bianca’s thigh, and someone’s hand on my dick, I was becoming thoroughly aroused.

I slipped my hand up the last few inches of Bianca’s thigh and began to caress her through her panties. I could feel her wetness soaking through the gusset. Emily had moved my arm from behind her and slid my hand under her tank top where I began squeezing her breast through her silk and lace bra (It’s amazing what you can tell by touch!), feeling her nipple harden in my palm.

Bianca pulled my face back over to her so we could kiss some more, and I learned it was her hand on my cock. On my other leg, I felt Emily’s hand moving up the open leg of my shorts. Finding my fellow in the grip of her friend, Emily knelt on the floor of the cinema in front of me, between my thighs and reached up to open my fly.

Mr. Happy has rarely been as pleased to spring forth as he was that day. I felt Emily squirm a bit between my thighs and then leaned forward to pull the head of my cock into her mouth.

Bianca leaned back to watch her friend suck my turgid dick. “Fuck, that’s sexy…” she whispered, her eyes glued to the sight of my johnson disappearing down her friend’s throat. I reached over and unbuttoned her top, sliding my hand into her shirt, I quickly found her breast and started rolling her hard nipple between my thumb and forefinger.

I was surprised to see one of Emily’s hands move off my thigh and travel up her friend’s body and into her shirt. Emily unhooked Bianca’s front clasp bra and then each of us had a breast in our hand. We continued our pleasure assault on the beauty as I slid a finger inside the leg of her panties to find her clit.

Bianca gasped when I first stroked it and I could practically feel her heart speed up beneath her small breast.

Emily looked over at my hand stroking Bianca’s drenched pussy and then up at me. “I think it’s my turn, big boy.” She said as she took her seat again and pulled her skirt up over her legs to reveal her bare mound.

I smiled widely and got on the floor to ease my head into Emily’s lap. As I planted kissed along the inside of Emily’s soft thighs, I noticed her neatly trimmed, fire red bush. Fuck it was sexy! I’ve always had a thing for redheads and Emily’s pussy was wet and ready. I ran my tongue along Escort İstanbul the edges of her labia, tickling the labia minora with my lips and beard. As I used my mouth to suck Emily’s clit in between my lip covered teeth, I used my fingers on Bianca to grab her clit between my thumb and index finger, massaging it back and forth while squeezed firmly, rolling it around between my fingers as if it were a nipple. I felt Bianca stiffen and she put her hand on top of mine to still it. Emily threw her skirt over my head and I heard an usher walk past, then back down the aisle. I never relented on either pussy.

Emily was panting like a cat in heat and Bianca leaned down to whisper through the skirt at me.

“Get up here so I can sit on your lap. I need that dick in me.”

I rose up from the floor and sat in the chair, the girls making room for me before Bianca reached under her skirt and pulled off her panties, grabbing my dick and guiding it into her slick folds.

She leaned back against me as my pole plumbed her depths and my hands glided up her body to cup her breasts.

Emily in the meantime had gotten down on the floor between our legs and begun to alternately suck my balls and lick Bianca’s clit.

As I massaged Bianca’s perfect tits, pulled and pinched her nipples, and reveled in the combined feelings of her wet and squeezing cunt, and the hot delight of Emily’s ministration, Bianca uttered a soft moan that I could barely hear. I raised a hand to her mouth, covering it as she quietly vocalized her orgasm.

The spasms of her aroused vagina as it orgasmed around my manhood were exquisite and as she slowed down Emily pulled her off my lap to take her place.

Again, I was fascinated by the difference of the two women. Emily lowered herself onto my cock with a deep sigh, almost as if she just finished a long drink of water after a hard workout. I emulated my posture with Bianca and slid my hands up to cup her breasts as she maneuvered around on my cock. Where Bianca was an up and down girl, Emily preferred to sink onto me and relax a little as we felt Bianca begin to play her gorgeous mouth around our union.

Bianca seemed to spend a lot of time licking and sucking right around the point of our union. Slowly but surely, Emily sped up, grinding around with my cock inside of her growing ever more aroused.

“I’m going to cum, you hot fucking slut.” I whispered in her ear and her breath caught. As I began to spurt hot cum into her slippery cunt, I felt her shudder and she tensed all over. She clutched at my hands over her tits and I distantly heard Bianca making yummy noises as she sucked down Emily’s juices mingled with my jism as it leaked out of her.

Emily leaned back against me as Bianca returned to her seat, flicking Emily’s skirt back down over her legs, covering the point where I still rested inside her.

Emily leaned her head back on my shoulder lazily and I nibbled the side of her neck. “That was marvelous.” She whispered. “I think we’ll keep you.”

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