Bi Wedding

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I couldn’t figure out when the actual moment of realization was, but I was able to remember the first time I ever acted on it. It was the previous year, November. A wedding in Los Angeles, held at a small church with the reception at the pool of a crystal white hotel hanging off the Hollywood Hills. The wedding itself was notable, only in that it was fast and quick and painless. Getting everyone to the reception that they desperately wanted to be a part of anyway.

It couldn’t have been better. Cool enough for a jacket, but not so cool as required more. A smooth clear night that left the pool un-rippled and gave the guests incentive to drink a bit more. A bit more to leave shirts unbuttoned and let eyes linger a bit longer than possible. Eyes that caught the attention of others and made introductions that would never have been made under normal circumstances.

And that is how I met them. They were at the bar, a youngish couple in their late thirties. Just enough tan to show they got out, but not so much to say they lived at the beach. In shape and attractive – a pair that may not have caught my eye if they were in another place. But they did, and that is how it started. And somewhere in there, between the drinks and the party and the cake a nerve was struck that made us all laugh our way into their room for a nightcap after the party wound down.

The door was opened and we fell into the room. Lis ran to throw the balcony open while Jan opened the mini-bar and proceeded to make drinks from whatever was available and to usher me outside. And there, fourteen floors up and overlooking a city of lights was Lis, her top open to the world below as a breeze rippled her hair. I was floored. I couldn’t move. I could only stare at her through the vodka tonics and smile. She looked at me and laughed. Her finger motioned me to her as she spoke. “It’s okay, we swing.” She Ankara bayan escort shrugged and turned back to the city below. “I hope you don’t mind. We just though you’d enjoy joining us.”

“No, no. It’s fine. I do. I just…”

My voice was cut by Jan’s. “But you’re not sure about us.” He thrust a drink in my hand as Lis took a step to me. She put her hand on my face and turned me to her. Her lips pressed against mine as my arm wrapped around her and my lips were parted by her tongue. It only took a moment as my own began to wrap around hers in a sinuous dance where everything else vanished except for that one point of contact.

And then I came back. My jacket was being removed and my tie was loosened. I think I even laughed as Jan helped me out of my clothes, my own hands being too occupied with Lis’. It was as if servants were helping the two of us undress for some ritual intercourse. It was beyond just sex, allowing us to both focus on pleasures. When we came together, it wasn’t through the separation of clothing, but the warmth of flesh on flesh; the soft press of her breasts against my body; the smooth curve of her hips; the touch of her fingers as they ran feather light over my sex. I was in all the way, ready and willing to go further.

I pressed even further into her, watching her husband slowly slide her thong over her hips and down her feet. Felt as her hands grabbed the elastic of my underwear to slide them over my own hips. Only to be replaced by his fingers as he removed them the rest of the way. I thought nothing of stepping out of them as my staff rose passed his face. Perhaps I should have, but I didn’t. I merely though of more, of finding a way to feed my desire. Her lips were now on my nipples and I watched as he slid out of his clothes to move behind her and caress the tan lines of her rear. Her hands Escort bayan Ankara were now fully stroking myself, moving below me. Her mouth was licking, sucking, pulling at my nipples. Between watching and feeling her, I was watching him. Watching his penis press against the flesh of her ass, watching his finger roam over her back, watching the dark nipples of his chest sway behind her. It was intoxicating. I had never seen a nude man in such a situation. It was not longer gay or straight or bisexual, it just was. It was sexy and sensual and erotic as I had never seen it. And when she kneeled down to take me into her mouth, and his fingers reached out to my nipples, I smiled at the added sensation. And when his fingers tightened, I gasped.

If it weren’t for her fingers holding me back, the night would have ended then. But, they weren’t about to allow that. They wanted more. I felt his tongue on my nipples as his hands were removed and her mouth continued its caressing of my sex. Her fingers wrapped firmly at the base of my penis to prevent me from erupting. And I was carried to a place I had never been with my eyes closed and my head thrown back.

I truly don’t remember going back to their room, but somewhere in the moment we ended up at their bed in a mass of bodies. She was on her back as I watched him slowly slide into her. His staff glistened from her pleasures – her sex folding and unfolding with every stroke. I watched my own member working into her mouth as she gasped between thrusts. It was too much for me when I reached to the nub of pleasure that I knew was there, just below the spray of neatly trimmed fur. I felt it just barely rearing up when I placed a finger on it, but the response was instant. Her body seemed to tense and hold itself up for a moment in time before crumbling onto the white sheets of the bed. Her breath Bayan escort Ankara stopped and her mouth opened and I knew where she was. Her body wracked with spasms between the circles I was making with my fingers and the slow, steady thrusts of his movements.

Jan and I shared the same smiles as we acknowledged what we were doing not even an inch from each others flesh. Even when his hand moved up to take over the small circles I was making. Nudging my own hand closer to his cock. Urging me to touch him. And I did. I placed my fingers on his member. Lightly at first, feeling the hard softness of his staff. Relishing the motion and the firmness. Moving my fingers to envelope him completely and hold him firmly. Even Lis moved up to her elbows to watch as I let him fuck my hand before entering her with each stroke.

I don’t know what made me do it, but when I bent over to taste the two of them it seemed the most natural thing to do. To taste, to savour, to let his manhood fill my mouth as it pulled completely out of her, leaving his pleasures up to me. I shuffled slightly, bending over onto the bed in an almost 69 next to Lis. My mouth working on its own, taking the pace from his continued thrusts, knowing that now I was truly sucking him. I could feel every part of my lips stretch around him, follow the vein on his shaft, follow the smooth widening of the mushroom head of his cock. I felt him move and tighten and shift as my mouth continued past him, holding him with my fingers, giving to him the pleasure I so enjoyed on myself.

I rolled onto my back, my own hand moving to caress his balls as he took over the pace, pushing his wet member into my mouth, pulling it back again. Feeling the expanded sac lay against my cheek as his own hand began to caress my own. I could feel his wife’s mouth be replaced by his as he maneuvered over me. Her fingers sliding lower to probe into me.

From there it never lessened. It was no longer three people having sex. It was one. It was one long lust for pleasures and releases and temptations and trials and experiences. And at that moment, I knew it wouldn’t stop. It might subside as I found my ground, but it would never ever stop.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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