Birthday Surprise

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I am so excited! We are going to go dancing! It is my birthday and you wanted to surprise me! You found a club that is perfect for us. In order to gain entrance into this night club the first thing you need to know is where to find it. Unlike most nightclubs, this venue does not advertise ladies nights or two for one drink specials. In fact the only way that you can gain entrance to this exclusive nightclub is to be invited by a member. Members are voted in by the other members and the vote must be unanimous. Keeping up the exclusive image, the club only invites one new couple per year to join.

Your friend told you that you had to come as a couple and that everyone in the club must be at least 30 years old. I know that you liked that requirement. Who wants to be surrounded by a bunch of ’20 something’s’ that cannot control their alcohol intake?

You give your friend’s name as we approached the door and we are welcomed with a smile by the doorman. At first glance, with his tailored suit and crisp white shirt, he did not look like a bouncer. In looking closer you could see he had a strong and powerful chest under that shirt and he looked at you as if to say ‘now don’t cause any trouble here’. It made me feel even better about this club.

Tonight I selected my outfit with the theme of ‘expectancy’. I have had an ongoing fantasy about you grinding your hard cock against my ass while we are on the dance floor surrounded by strangers. If the lighting is low and music has the right level of base I may even be able to orgasm! Before leaving the house I checked the mirror one last time. The short pleated skirt covered me ….just. The pleats would give you ample access from the front, behind or below without showing my itty, bitty white lace g-string to any casual onlooker. I had on a white button down blouse with a matching lace bra. You could see my hard nipples through my shirt. The good thing is the club would be dark so only you would know that. Thinking about how I could tease you tonight I had looked at my reflection over my shoulder. From the back, if I were to bend over slightly you could get a good view of my ass. I looked up and saw you watching me. The hungry look in your eyes told me you were already in on my little secret.

Your friend was right. The club was perfect. The music was good for dancing but not so loud that you had to scream to be heard. There were flat screen TV’s placed around the club with erotic images of couples touching and caressing each other. I found the videos fascinating as they looked like real people enjoying themselves. Not the scripted scenes you see in porn videos with the cold feel of a director’s touch.

There were lots of comfortable chairs and sofas throughout the club and the dance floor was already packed. You took my hand and we went right to the center of the floor. This way we would be engulfed within the whole. No one from the seating area would be able to see us and anyone who was on the dance floor would be too involved in the music to give us a second look. Or so I thought.

The song turned to a slow song and you wrapped your arms around my waist pulling me close. You were already hard. I had asked you not to wear any briefs under the loosely fitting pleated trousers. I wanted to have free access to your cock and having it straining to escape from your tight sexy briefs would not due this evening. I slipped my hands down your back and palmed your ass. I then brought my right hand to the front and unzipped your pants. Discreetly sliding my hands into your pants I began to stoke you. I was pushed close to your body so it would take someone actually staring at us intentionally to see what I was doing. You took my lead and, holding one hand around my waste, placed the other hand just below my skirt. You slowly inched your full hand between my legs cupping my sex with your palm. As you moved the tiny fabric away from my shaved clit you grazed my clit with your thumb. Then slowly you put your finger into my pussy.

I looked around quickly to see if anyone was on to us but we were still concealed by the dancers. Giving you one last stroke I slid my hand from your cock as I pulled your dick all the way through your zipper and out into the open air. I then began to turn my body so my ass would be against your cock. The extra high Pendik Escort heels I had on this evening not only made my legs and ass look great, they allowed me to be at the correct height for you to penetrate me from behind.

I reached my arms behind and above me to circle your neck. I needed to be able to hold on to you as you pushed your hard, wide cock into my pussy. Standing would make my pussy tight and I would need to have some leverage to get your cock into me. The skirt was working out perfectly. With practiced agility you slipped your cock under my skirt and moved the tiny g-string to the side. I arched my back and leaned… sat… back as you slowly entered me.

The music was speeding up now. The rhythm and the base were in perfect alignment to your thrusts. I followed your lead as you began to fuck me. You reached under my skirt and cupped my pussy with your hand. You pulled my body firmly into you, positioning me perfectly on your cock as you began to stroke my clit. I could not take this anymore. My body started to quiver as I felt my orgasm building. You kept pumping and grinding me, the sensation both in the front and the back, as I came.

You continued to hold me up and slowly began to slide out of me. I whimpered at the feel of your exit. The emptiness of your fullness leaving me told me that even though my fantasy had come true it was not going to be enough. I wanted more. I had to taste you.

You must have been thinking the same thing because instead of going back to our seats you took me to a part of the club that I had not noticed before. It was a private area that had closed off rooms. I was surprised to see that the smoked mirrors that I thought were a part of the club décor were actually the outside walls to screening rooms. These rooms were comfortably laid out with interesting lounge chairs and full views to the dance floor. I was surprised to notice that had anyone been looking at us a few minutes ago, they would have seen everything! The thought did not embarrass me. It actually made me even more excited.

You smiled at me and said, ‘Happy Birthday my love’. You told me that for my gift not only were you taking me dancing but that you had reserved a private room for us to enjoy ourselves. You showed me that enjoying ourselves could include watching the other couples enjoying themselves on the dance floor. You also showed me the video cameras all over the private room. Discreetly but interestingly placed to capture activity from a variety of angles. At the end of the night we would have a video of ourselves. We could also, you explained, turn on the live feed and expose our lovemaking to everyone in the club. The flat screens that had interested me so much earlier were receiving images from around the club! No wonder it looked so sensual.

We settled in a little bit and, stroking each other, spent a few minutes watching the dance floor. I quickly realized we were not the only couple enjoying ourselves tonight!

One couple, where the woman had on a low cut red dress, facing our screening room, was bent over, giving a nice view of her cleavage. She was watching herself in the mirror- in assumed privacy- as her partner fucked her doggy style. Her dress had slipped off one of her shoulders as he stroked her now completely exposed breast. She appeared to be to arousal to notice- or if she did notice – to aroused to care. Your cock grew even harder as you she began to climax… he reached up at the exact moment of her orgasm and cupped her breast, positioning her hard nipple between his fingers as he squeezed to accentuate her pleasure.

There was a remote control in the room that allowed us to zoom in and around the club in different angels. I moved our camera view over to the seating area where a woman was kneeling on the floor in front of her man. She was licking his cock hungrily as he fondled her breasts. Her shirt was pulled over her head exposing her breasts. He was holding the back of her head as she sucked him with deep and fast strokes. Just as he was about to come he pulled away from her mouth and came all over her breasts. She rubbed his come into her skin and leaned in to milk his balls and lap up any juices that remained.

I decided right then and there that I wanted to have everyone in the club see me give you a blow job. You Pendik Escort Bayan turned on the live feed. You lay back on the couch and I kneeled between your legs. Behind me on the long coach there was a mirrored wall. You had a full view of my ass and the g-string slipping between my crack and up to my pussy. I arched my back high, licking you and giving you a full view. I saw the monitor in the corner of our suite showing off our erotic coupling. You tapped my shoulder and had me look at the monitors on the dance floor. There too, my ass was arched with a complete view of me bending over and licking your cock. I looked into your eyes and went back to pleasuring you with a renewed fervor. You began to unbutton my blouse, exposing the little lace bra that barely hid my breasts. You reached in front and took it off. My breasts fell forward.

I slid my body up to where my mouth had just been. I reached my hand between my legs and move the g-string to the side and slowly began to mount you. My little skirt covered what we were doing but on the video screens in our room and across the club there was no denying that you were inside me. I began to slowly stroke you. My breasts began to bounce as I increased my movements. I saw you watching us on the monitors. You watched as some of the other guests begin to motion towards the television monitors as well. You wanted everyone to see your cock as it entered my pussy.

You lifted my skirt and pulled me forward onto your chest. This gave the cameras an angle of your cock entering me. You watched in fascination as my slick juices covered your cock and leaked onto your balls. You spread my cheeks so your could see my other hole. It looked tight and welcoming and you groaned at the possibility of fucking me in the ass in this place in front of these people.

You pulled me off your cock and removed my skirt and panties. You positioned me in the 69 position and I took a quick peek at the monitor. My god this was hot! I began to lick your balls and stroke your cock. You tasted like my juices and I wanted to swallow all of you. I was completely focused on giving you pleasure when I felt the temperature in the room change.

Apparently if you were willing to stream your private room footage it was seen as an open invitation for another couple to join you.

She had very large, natural breasts that were jiggling below her silk blouse. She did not have a bra on and the silky fabric was caressing her nipples- like a lovers touch- all night. She looked down at your cock with a hungry gleam in her eyes. She encouraged us to continue as they wanted to add to our pleasure and not direct it. I could see that she wanted to taste you and I wanted to make sure you had a good view of her breasts so I changed the positions.

You sat up on the couch and I knelt in front of you to the side. I had her kneel on the other side of you. My hand gripped your cock and slowly I began to lick you. You reached out and unbuttoned her blouse. You revealed first her cleavage and then her whole breast. She shrugged off her blouse exposing herself to you. She leaned in and I removed your cock from my mouth. Angling you so that she and I could share you, she and I began to take turns licking the pre cum juices off your tip. You looked down at two sets of beautiful breasts, soft and welcoming, as the owners of those breasts shared the tip of your cock…tongues and lips touching as they try to give you pleasure while filling their need for tasting you. She swallows your head in her mouth and I begin to lick your balls. You are enjoying the view in front of you and on the screens.

He was stroking himself and began to lower himself on the couch. I reached up and took hold of his shaft. I was stroking him while licking your balls. My had grazed the top of his cock and it was slick with pre cum. I felt my pussy react to the thought of licking it off of his head. I gave your balls one last nuzzle and turned my attention to his need. I positioned myself firmly between his legs and began to lick him from the bottom of his balls all the way to the top. I looked over at her. She had positioned herself between your legs as well. Her breasts were bouncing as she leaned in and let you fuck her face with your cock. You put your hand behind her head so you could push in deep. You Escort Pendik watched as I lowered my mouth onto his cock. He groaned as I took all of him into my mouth. As I took him out of my mouth he lifted his cock for me to lick his balls. You watched in fascination as I gave him pleasure.

You know that I always fantasized about having a cock in my mouth as I was being fucked from behind. It is my birthday…. so you move in behind me. You push my face into his cock, forcing my ass up into the air. You spread your legs wide – spreading mine even wider- and you enter me from behind.

You are spread so she can have full access to your ass. She arches under you, stroking your balls as she begins to lick your asshole. You take a quick look in the monitor and almost come that instant. This very buxom stranger is licking your most intimate area while you are fucking your wife who is sucking off the buxom stranger’s partner. The pleasure I so intense it takes a moment to realize that she has positioned her tongue into your ass. When your backward thrust exits my pussy her tongue penetrates deeper into you. Her hands are stroking your balls and my clit.

You pull out of me and pull me back from his cock. You then position my pussy over him and I take his full cock into my pussy. As I begin to move I hear you tell her to fuck my ass with her tongue so you can taste her. He lies back on the couch and I straddle him. Arching my ass up in the air, I give her full access to my asshole. She begins to lick my asshole and his balls. I feel her tongue fucking my ass and I begin to moan in pleasure. You have moved under her and are drinking in her juices. She is shaking with orgasm as you lick her from ass to clit. I look over at the monitor and your mouth is covering her pussy, while you are gripping one of her breasts and stroking your cock!

You have her move away from my ass and you take her place. First you lick me. Then insert a finger into my tight hole. You can feel him moving inside me and you are excited by how tight this is going to be. You pull out your finger and put the head of your cock onto my ass. You push the head in slowly, feeling my muscles relax as you push further into me. Soon I can feel your balls touching me and I am completely full! I have two huge cocks inside me and all I can think about is having hot cum streaming inside my holes.

She has recovered from her orgasm and comes around front to kiss me. She offers her pussy to me and then you and I begin to lick and suckle her – sharing kisses in between pleasuring her- like she and I shared you. You watch in amazement as I lick and tongue fuck her. I want to bring her to orgasm but I am fast approaching my own and have to move away from her.

You bury your face into her and she begins to come on your face. I can hear you lapping up her juices as you grind your cock further into my ass. She then moves under you. I begin to cum. Feeling my body begin to shake, you are reaching the point of no return. She is excited with anticipation and pulls your balls into her mouth.

My ass is so tight, and you have the added stimulation of him moving inside me- the thin barrier between my ass and pussy creating a sensation of smooth friction- and the warm, moist sensation of her mouth on your balls and ass – you explode violently.

He knows that your hot cum is leaking out of my ass and onto his wife’s face while he pushes his cock deeper into your wife’s pussy. She begins to lick up your come as it leaks from my ass. Licking your cock as it is still thrusting into my tight asshole. Not letting a single drop go to waste.

He begins to cum. I can feel his juices sliding out of me as she begins to lap up his come. She is hungry for it and feasts on both or your cum as if in a frenzy. She then begins to lap up my pussy juices and I begin to come again. Hard!

None of us can move for a while. We lay, in this interesting and exhausted position, covered in sweat and cum.

The cameras and the video feed completely forgotten.

A few days later we received a surprise in the mail. The package contained two items. First in the package was a full length DVD with multiple camera angels of our night out. The second item in the package was an elegantly hand scripted acceptance letter. The members of the club had, after viewing our video submission, had unanimously voted us in as their newest members! We did not even know we were applying!

We can now go dancing anytime we feel the need! Thank you baby for my birthday gift!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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