Black Muslim Chick Gets Freaky

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A lot of folks are talking about Down Low brothers, black men who are secretly bisexual and supposedly cheat on their female partners with other men. They’ve been blamed for anything and everything wrong with the black community and black women’s love lives since the early 2000s. All thanks to Oprah and a former Down Low dude who grew a conscience. They’ve given bisexual brothers everywhere a bad rap. As a black woman who loves bisexual black men, I’m here to address this rather egregious oversight. My name is Amina Fatimid and I’m a Muslim woman of Somali and French Canadian descent living in the City of Ottawa, Ontario.

A lot of people who meet me are surprised that I’m all about sex and kinky experimentation. And why shouldn’t I be? I’m five-foot-nine, curvy but sexy, with a cute face, wide hips, thick and sexy legs and a nice round butt. My skin is light brown, my eyes are hazel and I have long, straight black hair that’s all mine. I’ve got Somali DNA and ladies from my corner of the world are known for their gorgeous faces and fabulous natural hair. I’d like to think I inherited the best of both worlds from my Somali father and French Canadian mother. I’m smart, sexy, feisty and a hard-worker. I respect everyone but I don’t take shit from anybody. Yup, I’m fearless. That’s why I get so pissed when people assume the opposite about me because of my Islamic faith.

Apparently, Hijab-wearing Muslim sisters like me are supposed to be sexless, repressed and dull. Oh, and we’re supposed to be submissive to boot. I wish they’d stop making assumptions without getting to know me. I was born on October 31, 1986, in the town of Edmonton, Alberta, to a white Canadian mother and Somali immigrant father. My parents, Ahmed Fatimid and Elisabeth Gagnon met while attending the University of Alberta. I’m the one of three brats. My twin brothers, Abdullah and Omar came into the world three years after me. As the oldest, I’ve gotten used to doling out orders and taking responsibility. I guess that’s why I’m so bossy, eh?

After graduating from the University of Calgary with a bachelor’s degree in business administration, I felt like leaving provincial Alberta for a while. I moved to the City of Ottawa, Ontario, and enrolled at Carleton University to study for my MBA. The venerable Sprott School of Business rocks, man. Anyhow, while in Ottawa, I got involved in GLBT activism because a lot of young men from the Muslim communities were catching AIDs left and right. Something had to be done about this. Knowing the Ummah, a lot of important issues were being neglected. I had to step in. There were far too many lives at stake.

That’s why I started volunteering at the Community Center. I wanted to educate Muslims from the recent immigrant communities about gay and lesbian rights along with sexual health. It wasn’t easy since sex is very taboo in the Muslim world, but since I was in it to save lives, I refused to allow myself to get deterred. I fell in love with a guy I met there. Arthur Saint-Vincent was six feet two inches tall, broad-shouldered and athletic, and he was oh so fine. Born in the City of Montreal, Quebec, to a French Canadian father and Haitian immigrant mother, the dude was simply one of the most beautiful men I’d ever seen. With his light brown skin, curly black hair and dreamy green eyes, Arthur looked mesmerizing.

Far from being just a pretty face, Arthur had a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Carleton University and was working on his Master’s degree. Unfortunately, Arthur was gay. He mentioned his boyfriend Ali the first time we met, and I remember smiling politely at him and nodding while inside, I seethed. I did not see that one coming. Arthur looked and acted like a normal, masculine guy. You couldn’t tell he swung the way he did by looking at him. The dude was built like an NBA player. Why are so many good-looking, educated black men going frigging queer these days? As the volunteer coordinator at the Community Center, Arthur was my boss. Great, I’m working for a gorgeous guy who will never hit on me in a gazillion years. Yay me! Can you smell the sarcasm?

Arthur and I became friends, and one day, I met his boyfriend completely by accident. One fine Friday evening, I went to my favorite Masjid in Vanier, and one of the brothers accosted me after evening prayers as I exited the sisters entrance. He asked me for directions to the Saint Laurent Mall. Since I was headed there and it was starting to snow, I offered the brother a Maltepe Escort ride. He was tall, broad-shouldered and dark-skinned. I am Ali Zerezghi of Ethiopia, he said to me with a polite nod. I smiled and told him my name, offering my hand for him to shake. After a brief hesitation he shook it. Ali told me a bit about himself. He was a newcomer to Canada by way of Gondar City, Ethiopia. Oh, and he’s studying computer science at the University of Ottawa. Good for you brother, I said with a smile. I was starting to like this guy already. He was tall, good-looking, educated and a fellow Muslim. Masha’Allah, not to sound thirsty but I wanted this one for myself.

As luck would have it, fate apparently had other plans. I parked in the mall parking lot and headed to the Fair Weather store since I needed a new jacket. Ali was heading downstairs to catch the bus to Ottawa U so we walked together. Imagine my surprise when we arrived near the escalator and ran into…none other than Arthur Saint-Vincent. The tall, light-skinned stud looked at us, smiling. I waved him hello and went to give him a hug. Arthur hugged me politely, then looked at Ali. Smiling, Ali looked at Arthur, and next thing I knew, they were kissing. Meet my boyfriend Arthur, Ali said proudly, looking at me. I smiled politely and sighed inwardly. Small frigging world!

Apparently, Arthur was either oblivious to my distress/discomfort, or rubbing it in for he invited me to join him and Ali for dinner. I tried to politely decline, but I can’t resist a cute guy who pleads. That’s why I found myself at East Side Mario’s restaurant with these two gorgeous gay black men….who turned out to be not so gay after all. I’m bisexual and so is Ali, Arthur told me frankly, looking me in the eyes. I was so shocked that I almost spat out my spaghetti. Say what? I stared at Arthur, then at Ali. Were they pulling my leg? Grinning, Arthur took a picture out of his wallet. I saw him standing next to a dark-skinned black chick with dreadlocks and a little brown angel. My ex-girlfriend Valerie and our daughter Rita, Arthur said proudly.

I looked at the pictures and nodded, understanding slowly creeping in. in the back of my mind, I always suspected Arthur wasn’t completely gay. I’d seen him check out my booty a few times, but dismissed it as harmless gazing because, well, you know. Sometimes bisexual men deal with other bisexual men instead of women or gay men because it’s easier, Ali said, looking at Arthur with affection in his eyes. I looked from one to the other. Wow was all I could say. Smiling, Arthur invited me to join he and Ali for a nightcap and in spite of my reservations, I agreed. I went to the Barrhaven townhouse that Arthur shared with Ali, and was blown away by how nice and spacious it was. We sat in the living room, alternately talking, drinking and watching TV. Yes, I am one of those Muslim women who drink. It happens. Deal with it. What happens after I’ve had one too many, well, that’s what this story is all about, ladies and gentlemen.

I swear, one minute I was sitting across from Arthur and Ali, the two sexy bisexual black studs making out as if I wasn’t there, and the next, I guess a part of me decided to get involved. And the best way I could get involved was by sucking some dick. That’s how I ended up on my knees, a prim and proper, long-skirted and hijab-wearing pious Muslim sister like me, grabbing Arthur and prying his zipper open, freeing his long and thick ebony cock which I grasped with both hands. Smiling, Arthur winked at me and told me to continue. Then he resumed his make out session with Ali, sticking his tongue down his throat.

I gently took the tip of Arthur’s dick into my mouth, intoxicated by the scent of the Haitian stud’s maleness. Meanwhile, I watched him bend down and start sucking on Ali’s dick. Shit, I thought Arthur’s dick was big but he’s got nothing on Ali. The Ethiopian stud had a monster cock! The sight of it caused my pussy to tingle. My free hand hiked up my skirt and found its way to my panties, and into my cunt. Damn, I was wet already. Slipping two fingers into my wetness, I began fingering my cunt while going down on Arthur. Ali leaned back on the couch and relaxed as Arthur sucked him off. Arthur sucked Ali’s dick with gusto, and it didn’t take the Ethiopian stud muffin long to cum. Soon he blasted his load all over Arthur’s face. Arthur didn’t seem to mind, and guzzled up every last drop of Ali’s cum. Nice technique!

Sighing Maltepe Escort Bayan happily, Ali looked at me as I sucked on Arthur’s dick. Let me help, he said, and joined me. Getting on his knees beside me, Ali sucked on Arthur’s balls as I licked his oh so delicious Haitian dick. Groaning softly, Arthur warned Ali and I that he was about to cum. Winking at me, Ali took one of Arthur’s balls in his mouth while I flicked my tongue over Arthur’s dick head. This drove the gorgeous Haitian stud over the edge and he came, blasting his cum all over our faces, Ali and I. What did we do? Like the greedy freaks that we are, Ali and I licked Arthur’s delicious masculine spunk off of each other’s faces. The Haitian blew his load all over my forehead, and he even got some on my hijab. Damn. I am so throwing it into the washing machine when I get home.

That was fun, I said, wiping my mouth with the back of my hand while looking at Ali and Arthur. The two sexy bisexual black studs exchanged a look, then smiled at me mischievously. For a weird moment I got worried. What do they have in mind? I didn’t have to wait long to find out. Arthur and I basically wrestled me to the ground, and began undressing me, ignoring my feeble and half-hearted protests. Off came my long skirt and long-sleeved T-shirt, and my panties, followed by my bra. I started taking off my hijab but Arthur told me to keep it on. Such a naughty idea shouldn’t surprise me coming from him, I smiled to myself and nodded.

Spreading my thick thighs, Ali began licking my pussy. I gasped as I felt his tongue worming its way into my womanly folds. Lucky I used vaginal deodorant this morning, shoot. Ali slid his fingers into my cunt while teasing my clitoris with his tongue. Meanwhile, Arthur fondled my breasts and flicked his tongue over the areolas, driving me absolutely nuts. I moaned softly as the two gorgeous ebony studs pleasured me. Reaching for Arthur’s cock, I began stroking it. With my skilled ‘handy work’, it didn’t me long to get Arthur’s dick nice and hard. I want you to fuck me, I told Arthur, looking him in the eyes. Then I kissed him. Arthur hesitated, then kissed me back.

Ali looked at Arthur and I as we kissed, and there was a strange look on his handsome face. Later, I found out what that was all about. For now, though, we got busy fucking. Grabbing condoms from his wallet, Arthur slipped on one and Ali rolled one on his dick. I licked my lips as they positioned me between them. Ali took me from behind, sliding that thick cock of his into my pussy while Arthur rammed his dick down my throat. It felt weird, sucking on a latex-covered dick, but I didn’t mind too much. I prefer sucking raw dick usually but it’s always fun to be different.

Ali got really aggressive as he fucked me, smacking my ass as he drilled his dick into my pussy. I didn’t know he had so much passion in him. Arthur’s dick reached the back of my throat and I gagged on it, so he pulled it back out a little bit. We continued with our wicked fun, and switched things up. I lay on my back, legs in the air, my tits swaying as I rubbed them together. Now Arthur was slamming his dick into my cunt while Ali was thrusting his cock down my throat. Unlike Arthur, however, Ali took off the condom and made me suck his dick raw. I didn’t mind because that’s just the way I like them.

Arthur rammed his dick into my pussy, and got so forceful that I began to feel sore from the relentless pounding. When Arthur yanked off my hijab, grabbed my hair and pulled me by my hair, I was both shocked and thrilled. I didn’t know he had such manly aggression in him. I liked what he was doing and wanted more. That’s why I heard myself ask him to fuck me in the ass. When I said those words, Arthur looked at me, stunned. To be honest, my own words stunned me. Fortunately, Arthur and Ali were happy to oblige me. I hadn’t come prepared for anal sex, so I needed a little prep time. It’s not like in porno movies where women’s butt holes are so clean you can probably eat off them. I excused myself to go to the washroom and get ready.

I looked at my reflection in the mirror. A sweaty, disheveled, wild woman looked back at me. Instead of the prim and proper, pious Muslim sister I appear to the world, I was a wanton slut. Licking my lips, I smiled and got ready. When I returned a few minutes later, having washed my ass and cunt with soap and water, I found Arthur and Ali otherwise engaged. When straight Escort Maltepe men are having a threesome with a chick, they wait for her. When bisexual guys are having a threesome with a woman, if she’s not punctual they’ll start without her. Arthur was on all fours, panting and moaning as Ali rammed his big dick up his ass. Stunned, I stood there, watching the hot man to man action.

Arthur seemed to be really enjoying himself as Ali plowed his dick into his ass. I stood there, fingering my pussy while watching them, mesmerized. Hello fellas, I said, announcing my presence. Shoot, I came out of the washroom hoping to get fucked in my ass, but instead I was watching my sexy crush getting butt-fucked by his boyfriend. Fantastic world we live in! Arthur was on his back now, moaning happily as Ali filled his ass with that wonderful dick of his. Not wanting to miss out on the action, I joined in. Arthur saw me and gestured for me to come over. I came, and he grabbed my thighs, urging me to squat over his face. I did just that, and Arthur began licking and fingering my cunt. Hmmm. He is so damn good at this, I swear he must have been a lesbian in a past life.

Ali groaned as he came and pulled his dick out of Arthur’s ass. I watched it, mesmerized by the rawness of male sexuality. Leaning over, I yanked the condom off Ali’s dick and sucked on it briefly. Still feeling weak from fucking Arthur’s ass and blowing his load, Ali waved me off. A lot of guys feel super sensitive down below after shooting cum. I totally forgot that. Noticing that Arthur was getting real hard, I decided to pay him some special attention. I leaned over and sucked Arthur’s dick while he licked and fingered my cunt. Feeling Arthur’s dick in my mouth, hard and thick, I couldn’t wait to feel him inside of me.

Since Arthur, he of the ever-hard prick, was down for my kind of action, I counted myself lucky and happily assumed the position. I got on all fours, face down and ass up. I pressed my face and tits against the carpeted floor, bowing low while sticking my big ass into the air. I felt something cold and slick being applied against my anus. Hmmm. Lubricant. I felt Arthur’s hands grip my wide hips and his dick pressed against my door. Slowly, he pushed his dick into my asshole. I gritted my teeth against the pain as I felt Arthur’s dick invade my ass. Hot damn.

This was the moment of truth. For years I fantasized about getting fucked in the ass, but had always been too chicken to try it. The excuses I produced were many. I told myself that as a Muslim woman, I couldn’t allow myself to get fucked in the ass because anal sex is considered haram in Islam. Truth be told, I was just scared. Well, not anymore. Like the expert ass fucker he is, Arthur took excellent care of me as he put just enough of his dick in my ass to fill me up but not to hurt me. I was tense at first, as you can imagine, but thanks to Arthur’s patience and reassuring words, I finally relaxed and enjoyed. After fucking me for about ten minutes, Arthur pulled out of my ass.

I slumped on the floor, spent. Arthur gathered me into his strong, manly arms and asked me if I was alright. I nodded and thanked him, feeling abased but more alive than I’d felt in years. I felt as lively as a woman could after some totally awesome sex. I noticed Ali sitting nearby, watching Arthur and I while jerking his cock. Glad you had fun, he said icily. Excusing himself, Ali went to the showers. Arthur and I followed. Feeling puzzled, I asked Arthur if I’d done anything wrong. Smiling, Arthur told me that while he and Ali brought home guys and sometimes girls for steamy threesomes, they had a no-kissing rule which I’d inadvertently violated. Sorry, I said sheepishly. Arthur smiled and we stepped into the shower.

Half an hour later, I was fully dressed, once again the picture of Islamic feminine modesty with my long-sleeved T-shirt, my long skirt, and my hijab properly in place. I thanked Arthur Saint-Vincent and his partner Ali Zerezghi for an absolutely wonderful time, and made sure that Ali understood that fun and games aside, I had no designs on his man. I’m a freaky chick but I’m not a home wrecker. I then got in my car and drove away. As I lay on my bed that night, naked as a jay bird and my fingers in my twat, I thought of the day’s events. Did I really get fucked in my mouth, pussy and ass by two bisexual black men? What kind of woman does that make me? I’m a Muslim sister, I shouldn’t have done that. Satisfaction, thrill and guilt warred within my mind and my soul. I said a quick prayer, and reminded myself that I am only human and like all of you, I have my needs. The Ummah and others might not approve of what I’ve done but I don’t care. Come the Day of Judgement, we shall all answer to Allah. Peace be upon you.

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