Depraved Filth Pigs

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***This is an extremely dirty scenario involving watersports, scat, mud, and two nasty unwashed guys. There will also be a fair bit of drinking. If you aren’t into that, look away now. As always, everyone in the story should be assumed to be of legal age.***

Brian was an older, chubby, hairy gay vers bottom I’d met on an internet forum a while back where we explored a shared interest in some more extreme fetishes. It started with watersports and wam and expanded from there when he told me about how he enjoyed shitting his underwear from time to time. I later learned this wasn’t exactly accurate, and his interest in scat was significantly greater than he’d let on… but I digress. After a handful of late night chat sessions where we’d get each other thoroughly worked up talking about and sending pics of each other wetting ourselves he finally convinced me to give scat a try and I found it gross but definitely hot. A little while later we agreed to meet up at a hotel. While I wasn’t quite ready for shit play then, we had a great time getting drunk, dousing each other in messy food and piss, and fucking.

Fast forward a few months and it’s now the height of summer. We’d continued late night chat and jerk sessions, and I’d gotten more adventurous with shit play (especially after a handful of beers). Beyond just filling my underwear I’d found that having my cock coated and jerking off in the filthy mess was a huge turn on – though the cleanup was pretty rough! I’d also started experimenting with shoving a dildo up my shit-filled ass which felt amazing. Of course Brian was fully aware of all of this, so it wasn’t a huge surprise when I got the following message one evening:

[So Josh, last time was fun, but I really want to get filthier with you. You down for some in person shit play?]

[Yeah definitely! But not a hotel this time… don’t want to risk the mother of all cleaning fees]

Turns out Brian was more than happy to host if I drove to him. It was a bit of a hike, but I didn’t mind. Plus from what he’d told me his place was sufficiently out of the way that we could play in the back yard without worrying about disturbing anyone – and I can never resist some outdoors fuckery! We were both free that upcoming Saturday night, and agreed that since it was gonna be hot as fuck outside and we were both into strong musk that we’d go for as long as we could without showering before hand. And of course no deodorant!

I managed to work from home that Friday, so my last shower was Thursday morning. I’d gotten in a couple sweaty outdoor workouts in, always wearing the same sleeveless shirt, jockstrap, and shorts, so when I got in my car Saturday afternoon I was pretty ripe. It was in the 90s and humid but I left the windows down – partly to keep marinating in sweat and partly to keep from stinking the car up too much. Of course I made sure I had a big water bottle to drink on the way – gotta stay hydrated! I definitely got some looks from the liquor store folks as I was checking out with two cases of cheap beer, but I was past caring at that point. Brian’s only other request was for me to pick up a couple pizzas – which I grabbed closer to his place – and said he’d take care of the rest.

His place was pretty much in the middle of nowhere. The last house I passed before his was out of sight by the time I turned into his somewhat lengthy driveway. Getting the cases of beer out of the trunk with pizzas stacked on them was a bit of a feat, but as I walked barefoot up the path to the door of his modest but nice-looking house the front door swung open framing my friend. Clearly not worried about neighbors, he was dressed only in a sweat-soaked and stained tight white briefs and a similarly soaked and stained undershirt. Neither briefs nor shirt did much to disguise what was underneath – his bulging cock was clearly straining the briefs, his belly poking out below his shirt, and his hairy chest obvious through the nearly see-through sweaty fabric.

“Hey sexy, lemme help you with that!” He grabbed the precariously placed pizzas. “Follow me!”

He turned to lead the way into his house and I noticed that, despite the significant staining around his crotch and ass, his underwear looked empty of shit. The fabric was fairly obviously stretched over the large base of a buttplug, which was pushing his big and bubbly ass cheeks apart. My more muscular ass was similarly occupied with a plug, though of course I was hoping Brian would appreciate that it would be framed by my jockstrap rather than constrained by any fabric! The other thing I noticed was the lack of change in temperature as I entered the house. No cold blast of A/C – instead, his house seemed exactly the same temperature as outdoors, despite closed windows.

By now we’d reached his kitchen and he set the pizzas on the counter. I followed suit with one case of beer; the other I deposited on the kitchen floor. As I stood back up he enveloped me in a bear hug, our big bodies crashing together. I had a few inches of height on him but he had at least 30lbs on me so we were well matched. He planted his face squarely in my chest and gave a huge inhale, then exhaled and turned his face up to mine Ankara bayan escort with a blissful smile. I wasted no time locking my lips on his, our beards tangling as we engaged in a sloppy tongue wrestle. After a thoroughly enjoyable make out session that left us both panting and with spit dripping down our hairy chins I asked:

“Pizza or beer?”

“Oh beer first, definitely, then pizza, then more beer!” Brian always has the right answer.

We each cracked a – fairly warm – beer and pounded the cans back. We both finished them in one go, neither caring that some went to waste running onto our chests. With two full cases we knew we could afford to be sloppy.

“Fuck yeah… another?” Brian with his ideas again. I’ve come to learn from our chat sessions that he’s a pretty heavy drinker, and honestly, as I’ve been spending more nights talking with him I’m not far behind.

My only answer is to pass him another can and take one myself. These two are dispatched similarly, with perhaps a bit more slopped down our fonts.

Brian tosses his can on the floor and flips the top of the first pizza box and grabs a slice. Chewing loudly and even grunting he inhales the slice and gabs another before I even get a chance to get my first. Brian had specifically asked that I get it from this shop, and it’s an especially greasy cheese as I find when I finally get my first slice. Rather than let the grease run and fall to the floor I make sure to catch it on my face and chest, something Brian gives an approving grunt towards. The front of his shirt, already see through from the slopped beer, takes on an oily sheen as grease, sauce, and cheese escape is greedy mouth and run down his chin.

We inhale the first pizza, take a short break where we chug another beer each. As if on cue we each let out a huge burp after the beer followed by a fit of giggles.

“You know, this pizza’s good but it could use some more seasoning,” I suggest. “What do you think?”

“Ooooh I think I agree… show me what you had in mind!” is my friend’s reply.

I pull the first slice from the second box, drain the grease of down my chest (my sleeveless grey shirt now thoroughly soaked and a much darker shade of grey), and then wipe the pizza slice under each hairy armpit before I hand it to Brian.

“There you go!”

Brian destroys the slice with just as much enthusiasm as slices from the first box, slapping his chubby belly as he finishes chewing. He then grabs another slice, doesn’t bother draining any grease, and shoves the slice point first into his briefs. He pulls out the mangled piece and passes it to me.

“Ta da!”

I do my best to gobble down the slice – the scent of his unwashed crotch on the pizza is actually a turn on, but truth be told I’m getting full. I finish relatively quickly still, then grab a can of beer to wash it down.

“Fuck dude, I’m getting stuffed!”

“And that’s supposed to be my job!” Is Brian’s cheeky reply. “Though it looks like you’re enjoying yourself anyway,” he gestures at the bulge in my shorts.

“You know I’m a musk slut; what did you expect? Now, how do you want to finish this pizza?”

“Well there’s six slices left – think you can cover two of those if I take four?” Brian may have an exaggerated understanding of how much I can eat.

“Sure, I’ll give it a go. But first, lemme add something that should help it go down.”

The kitchen counter is relatively low, so by going up on my tiptoes only slightly my crotch is well above the pizza box. I free my cock from my shorts and jock, take a deep breath, and as I exhale push a solid piss stream onto the slices in the box. I try to hold back, but I’d drunk nearly a gallon of water on the drive over, plus the beers after arriving. The pieces are pretty sodden by the time I put my cock back in my shorts, but even so it barely feels like my bladder is any emptier. Brian has been watching approvingly the whole time, his cock now pitching a major tent in his stained briefs.

“And here I was worried you were gonna leak on the counter, but it looks like every drop got in the box! Lemme have one of those!” He comes over to the box and we each take a slice, letting it drip into the box before chowing down on the soaking pie. I’m so hydrated that the piss taste is barely noticeable – just a hint of what’s to come.

We finish the pizza (my last slice is a bit of a struggle, my belly noticeably pushing against my shirt and Brian looks even more rotund than usual) and chug down another beer. We make out a bit more, feeling each other up, rubbing our wet bulges together and revelling in our shared stink. Then Brian looks at me.

“You ready to get really dirty?”

“I thought you’d never ask!” I reply. “What do you have in mind?”

“Follow me; I’ve got something set up in the back yard. Oh, and grab the rest of that beer case!”

I do as he asks and follow him outside to the wide expanse of his back yard. It looks to me like it probably used to be a farm – it’s flat as anything and there’s nothing much in sight as far as you can see. The late afternoon sun is still visible above the distant tree-line, but dusk Escort bayan Ankara isn’t too far away. Just behind the house, however, is a large blow up pool that appears to be filled with mud with a barstool in the middle of it. There’s a hose nearby too, which lends credence to my mud idea, and beside the pool is a tarp on the ground with a variety of buckets, jugs, and some food. I spot a couple of store bought cakes and syrup. Brian has a slightly evil grin.

“What do you think?”

“Fuck yes! I think we’ll be able to have plenty of fun with this. But what’s up with the bar stool?”

“I was hoping before we got really down and dirty you’d give me a good gunging. Make me a pig before fucking like piggies!” Brian’s is music to my ears, as well as perfectly in line with our mild dom-sub relationship.

“Alright piggy, sounds good to me! Get that bacon up on there!” I say, slapping him on the ass for good measure.

For a big man he sure moves quickly to get seated, his legs plunging into the brown slop almost to the knee as he makes his way to the stool. As he’s getting seated I move towards the tarp, walking past the pool as I do. The smell is not entirely mud, or at least, not pure mud as I know it to smell. But I don’t pay that much attention and instead focus on the items on the tarp. A big jug of BBQ sauce immediately catches my eye and I rip the lid off and turn back to Brian.

“Pig always goes well with BBQ, right?” He’s seated close to the edge of the pool, so I don’t even need to get in to pour the entire contents of the jug over him. The dark red goop flows over his short hair, down his beard, cascading down his shoulders and belly completely staining his now destroyed shirt. I mentally think how glad I am to have a change of clothes in the car, assuming what I’m wearing will get similarly trashed.

“Mmmmmm yes….” Brian is loving this, his hands rubbing over his body, sliding over the sauce. “Make me sticky!”

Well if it’s stickiness he’s after… I know I’d seen a bottle of syrup and waste no time depositing that on his head too. A bottle of chocolate syrup follows, and then I open a tub of cool whip and throw handfuls of that at his face and body too.

“I’m getting your top and front ok, but your bottom and back is way too clean! Stand up and turn around!”

Brian complies, repositioning the bar stool so that his ass is facing me, hands leaning on the stool which is now a bit more in the center of the pool. There are a couple five gallon buckets with a good amount of what looks to be brownie batter in them. I grab one, pull Brian’s briefs towards me getting an even better look at the massive butt plug between his cheeks, and pour the batter down his ass crack. After emptying the bucket and tossing it aside I pull his briefs up to give him a chocolate wedgie. Next I pull the top off a gallon of very melted ice cream and pour that over his back. This elicits a shiver followed by a low moan. I slap his ass again, and return with a can of whipped cream.

“Turn around, I have an idea for this!”

Brian does so, the smell of the brown slop increasing as his legs stir it up as he turns. It’s definitely mostly mud, but there’s an unmistakable smell of stale toilet too. My cock stiffens thinking about this, but by now Brian has turned. I reach beneath his belly and pull forward the waistband of his briefs with one hand, stuffing the head of the whipped cream can inside them and spraying with the other. The area rapidly fills with the white foam, some spilling out the sides and top of his underwear. I give his balls and cock a creamy feel, sliding his foreskin up and down a few times. He moans and pants, rock hard now in my hand. I give a squeeze and remove my hand.

“Not yet you slut!” I exclaim, with a playful slap across his face which leaves cream on his beard. Plus, you’re wearing way too much to even think about cumming.” I toss the whipped cream can to the side, then grab the v-neck collar of his shirt with both hands and proceed to rip it down the middle. Some of the slop has soaked through, but I now have a new canvas of pale skin and dark fur to mess up. “Hmm, you were panting, does that mean you need a drink?”

“Yes please!”

I’d spotted two quart bottles of what was definitely not cranberry juice earlier, no matter what the label might say. I grab one and unscrew the top. Once open, I’m met with a pungent smell coming from the yellow liquid.

“Has someone been saving up for something special?”

“Damn right,” Brian starts to reply followed by a laugh, but I’m already pouring the stale piss over him. A good amount makes it’s way in his mouth as he gulps down, the rest cascading over his chubby body and adding to the mess in the pool. I quickly return with the second bottle, but feel the need for some fun myself.

“Pretty hot out… I think I need to cool down a bit” I say in Brian’s direction. I lift the bottle high above my head, throw my head back, and open my mouth. The liquid is a rank assault on my tastebuds, but one that sends blood shooting to my cock. I gulp, forcing a big mouthful of Brian’s stockpiled piss into my already overfull Bayan escort Ankara stomach, and continue to pour, soaking my shirt and shorts. I’m careful to reserve a good amount of the bottle and, once I catch my breath, I pour the remainder over Brian.

After that we both have another beer as we catch our breath. We’ve nearly cleared out the contents of the tarp, except for the beers, two cakes, and a huge tub of Crisco. I also badly need a piss by now, and have to believe that Brian’s in a similar state. My ass also feels pretty full, and it’s not only cause of the buttplug.

“Ok you… playtime’s nearly over! Shift your ass off that stool so I can get this cake on it”.

Brian stands up and jokingly points both hands at the seat. I take the plastic lid off the round cake, then grab it with just the cardboard platter and carry it over. The barstool is far enough away from the pool edge that for the first time I need to get in. The consistency is fantastic – thick but smooth – and the smell is even stronger now that I’m walking through it. I place the cake on the barstool seat and hold it.

“Alright sexy, sit on down!”

Brian positions his massive ass over the cake and sits slowly down, icing smooshing out as he does so and plopping into the slop below. He grabs some of the cake that’s stuck between his thick thighs and scoops it into the front of his nearly unrecognizable briefs. His waistband snaps back but his cock is so hard it pokes out the top!

As he settles on his cakey perch, I extricate myself from the pool (harder to do than one might think, between trying not to slip and my desire to dive into it) and collect the last remaining cake. It’s a bigger sheet cake, so I pull the plastic cover off but carry the whole thing over, back to Brian in the pool.

“Open wide, big boy!” He does so, and I grab a huge fistful of the cake and stuff it in his face. Some goes in his mouth, but mostly I rub it into him, face first, then down his hairy chest and belly. Another handful just gets shoved into his chest, then I take one for myself, messily chewing the chocolate cake and white icing while feeding even more to my friend. We’re each grabbing handfuls of the cake now, feeding it to each other while shoving even more into each other’s bodies. Brian seems particularly intent on smearing it beneath my shirt, so when we both have relatively free hands I pass him the cake tray and pull my shirt off, throwing it to the side. I take back the tray and he grabs two fist fulls which he proceeds to rub into my chest, then another which he slides into my shorts. My jockstrap is doing a better job hanging on than his brief are, but nonetheless the fabric is still being strained significantly!

“I’m still wearing too much!” I tell him, handing back the now nearly depleted cake. I pull down my shorts, getting some of the pool gunk on them as I do and getting my strongest whiff yet of the filth. Free of shorts, I stand back up with a raging hard on making a tent of my jock pouch.

“Fuck me, sexy!” Brian exclaims, eying my crotch.

“Soon slut!” I reply, scooping the last of the cake off the tray and shoving it into his face. I take the tray from his slightly surprised hands and toss it away, then grab his head with both hands and cover his cake-filled mouth with mine. Our tongues swirl through the half-chewed confectionary as we press our bodies together, my cock rubbing against the underside of his gut.

“One more beer before we really get to it?” he asks.

“Fuck yeah, and then I really need a piss.” I respond, making one more trek out of the pool and back with two beer cans. In the meantime, Brian has set the barstool (still with the remnants of the cake he squashed) outside the pool. I join him again in the center of the pool and hand him his beer. “Cheers!”

He finishes his first, burps, then blows rudely in my face. I spit the last little mouthful of beer back in his face, then follow up with another very wet makeout session. Neither of us can keep our hands off the other’s cocks, Brian over my jockstrap while I just shove his briefs below and am jerking him off. Just as Brian starts to pull back from the kiss though I quickly give a short downward shove. Some combination of surprise, slipperiness, and the booze means that after a very long second of flailing he succumbs to gravity and lands with a massive half-splash half-plop into the filth.

Hi legs, crotch, and the bottom of his stomach are almost immediately covered in slop, but Brian quickly props himself up on his hands so most of his torso and head remain relatively clean with just a bit of splatter. I think we’re both surprised by the stench that follows his landing. Between his bulk and his flailing he’s clearly disturbed most of the contents of the pool, and there’s now zero doubt what he’s been supplementing the mud with. We both seem to retch slightly, then twin evil grins spread on our faces. One side effect of the smell shock is that my boner subsides slightly and, now only half hard, I immediately realize I can no longer keep from pissing. I flood my jockstrap, then hastily pull my cock free to direct the stream. Brian obligingly opens his mouth, and I direct a fountain that quickly fills his mouth to overflowing. A quick gulp and he’s ready for more, then eventually my stream starts to weaken a bit as my bladder finally starts to reach an equilibrium and I spray across his chest and finally leave a puddle of piss in the muck above where his crotch is.

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