The Life Of An Adult Arcade BITCH!

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The Life Of An Adult Arcade BITCH!
The man pulled his car over in the empty space and parallel parked. It was a hot night and he had been riding around the city aimlessly after a fight with his wife. he was in a foul mood, and – incongruously – was horny too! He had spotted the flashing lights of the adult bookstore, and on impulse had gone around the block and was now parked in front. He sat for a few minutes, deciding whether he wanted to go in or not. He had been here a few times before, usually with his friends, to rent a couple of porn movies to watch after the football game. And once he had stopped in to browse, and had noticed people going into the back video arcade. The sign at the doorway indicated that to enter one had to purchase coupons for the video booths first. He had bought the minimum amount and went through the doorway, which was surrounded by flashing red and green lights.

The back was dark, lit only by a few dim red bulbs. He walked up the corridor, which was lined with booths. A light above the door of each booth indicated whether or not the booth was occupied; if the light was on, it meant it was occupied. There were signs saying, “NO LOITERING, NO SMOKING,” and “ONLY ONE PERSON PER BOOTH.” However the presence of several men lurking in the hallways, some of whom were smoking, led the man to believe the rules were not rules at all. As he rounded the corner toward the back he was surprised to see a blonde in a sexy 2 piece bikini and high heels. She was standing against the wall looking at her cell phone, which she put into her clutch purse as soon as she saw him. She smiled at him and asked him if he wanted company. It was then that he had spotted the penis outside of “her” bikini bottom. A tranny! He had shaken his head and walked on. “I’m Terilyn,” the faggot had called after him. “If you change your mind, I’ll be out here.”

He had been disgusted at the thought of the ladyboy, but he found he couldn’t get the thought of her out of his mind. Occasionally, while masturbating to online porn, he had visited shemale sites and had masturbated to completion, thinking of the hot little blonde sissy named Terilyn. And so on this night, he found himself at the front counter, paying for 20 bucks worth of coupons. He went into the arcade, his eyes darting about, hoping to see the sexy little blonde bitch. He walked around the entire arcade but didn’t see her. He leaned back against the wall and lit a cigarette. Then he heard a door open and close, and he heard the unmistakable sound of high heels coming toward him. Sure enough, it was Terilyn! His penis jumped in his pants. As soon as she saw him she asked him if he wanted a blow job. He could tell she didn’t remember him from before; he was just another trick to her. His hand went down to his groin, where his cock was tenting his shorts. The ladyboy reached out with a delicate hand and squeezed his dick through his shorts. “Make you feel real good, sweet man,” she whispered.

Man but that faggot looked HOT! Looked like a real bitch! He reached out and felt of the sissy’s tits. “How much?” he asked, knowing he would pay whatever she asked.

Forty bucks, the bitch answered, continuing to squeeze his cock. “You like my tits?”

“Fuck yeah,” he answered. “You got a nice set a jugs! You on hormones?”

She smiled. “Those are all mine, sweetie.” He pulled her close, his large hands cupping her buttocks, and leaned down for a kiss. The fairy responded, opening her mouth and taking his tongue. FUCK! he was so horny! “Let’s go somewhere private honey,” she said, taking his big hand in her little dainty fingers, and leading him to a vacant booth.

She turned and said: “Forty bucks – ok?” He fumbled in his pocket for his wallet and with trembling hands took out 2 twenties and handed them over to the whore. She took them and put them in a little clutch purse and they entered the booth, closing and locking the door behind them. As soon as they were inside, the sissy stripped off her bikini and stood completely naked to just high heels.

She got down in a squat at his feet and pulled down his sweat short and then his jockeys, freeing his hard cock. “MMMM, that a sweet lookin’ cock, honey man!” the whore gushed.

The feel of her velvet mouth around his swollen cock caused him to gasp. He could feel her soft hands running all over his big hairy legs and she performed oral sex on him, sucking his cock and balls into her mouth. His hands reached down to her tits and his strong fingers grabbed the nipples. “Ohh, YEEEAH, like that! Pinch my tits – makes me SO fuckin HORNY!”

He continued pinching – hard – until the whore was whimpering in pain. “You want me to stop?” he said. She grabbed his hands and pressed them to her jugs.

No! I want it harder! Don’t stop! Pinch it hard – here – on the flesh, where it REALLY hurts! Come on, big man – make it hurt – PLEEESE?”

The man felt a rush of testosterone fueled anger. A lot of men want to get rough with a woman during sex, but society had made this dangerous. And it took a certain kind of woman to want rough sex. But this sissy, well, she wanted it rough – I’ll fuckin give it to her rough!

He was a working man, and he had large, strong fingers – calloused – rough. He took the soft nude soft flesh of the faggots tits and began – at first fondling them, but increasing the pressure until the little cunt began squirming and whining. She had her mouthful of the man’s rigid cock, spit drooling from both sides of her mouth, as she made noises and writhed around in pain. The more the queer moaned the harder the man pinched down. It hurt so bad that the faggot tried to move the man’s hands from her tits, but the man slapped the faggot’s hand away and said, “Keep your fuckin’ hands away from mine! Does it hurt, bitch?”

The faggot, her mouth packed full of hard man meat, could only nod and take her hands away. Now suck that cock, and don’t fuckin’ stop until I tell you!”

The bitch began sucking cock again and the man was pinching on her tits so hard that tears were rolling down her cheeks. It hurt so bad that she tried to back her head out, but the man grabbed her jaw with one hand, and the back of her head with the other, and began ram fucking the homo’s face. His cock was so far down the cocksucker’s throat that with every down stroke the bitch was retching loudly, so loudly that everyone in the arcade could hear the retching and the slaps and the angry admonitions of the brutal man. Suddenly the Man shoved his cock so far down the blowboi’s throat that her nose was pressed up against the man’s thick patch of pubic hair, and the queer felt her throat flooding with spurts of hot gagging semen! The fag gulped to keep up with the flow of cum juice being pumped into her throat.

Slowly the man relaxed, and allowed the freakin’ sissy to pull her head back. The queer felt the still hard pork sliding out of her throat, onto her tongue, and out of her mouth. The faggot coughed, tears running down her cheeks, and sat on the floor naked as the man wiped his cock clean, pulled up his pants, and walked out of the booth, leaving the door wide open. A head peeked in. It was a Latino guy. The fag was sitting there, tears running down her cheeks, snot dripping from her nose, looking used and abused. But she knew that this was exactly what she had signed up for – to be a stand-in for a whore, to take the abuse a woman in the real world would not accept. She rose to her feet and sat on the bench, wiping her face. She took her compact out of her purse and began to apply a fresh coat of red lipstick, and touch up her mascara, which had run and streaked her cheeks. She looked down at her bare breasts, where vivid black and blue marks were all over the white flesh. That guy had really worked her over!

Meanwhile the man, standing outside in the fresh air, lit a cigarette, and laughed inside. He had not only gotten his nut off, but had expended his anger too! ‘Not bad for forty bucks,’ he thought to himself, as he drove away.

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