Something Special

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From about the age of thirteen Bret became increasingly aware of his mother’s straitened financial circumstances.

His father, Gregory, had worked for a large export company and had been busily climbing the promotional ladder. One day he chanced to be passing a bank when two masked men rushed out carrying bags and shotguns. Bravely, if unwisely, Gregory tried to intervene and received a fatal shot gun blast in the face.

He was twenty nine when he died and he left little in the way of assets to Prudence his young wife: a house burdened with a mortgage; furniture and a car still being paid for, and a small amount of money in an investment fund.

Prudence, being an exceptionally attractive young woman might easily have married again even though it meant taking on a young boy along with her, but she elected not to remarry.

As Prudence said, “Gregory was the love of my life,” and that meant she was unwilling to take on anyone else.

Whether over the years following Gregory’s death Prudence had any lovers is not known. If she did she was very circumspect and certainly Bret knew nothing of any such amorous activates.

She had married young and before she was really trained for any particular work. She struggled on for some years picking up jobs cleaning or as a waitress, until she finally landed a job which she vaguely described as “Customer Service.” It was after she started the latter job that things picked up a little financially.

Bret was an affectionate and caring son, and as he became aware of things financial he offered to try and pick up part time jobs to help out with the money. Prudence accepted this offer but only if it didn’t interfere with his studies. The jobs he got were poorly paid and mainly with fast food outlets.

Despite the improvement in their financial circumstances when Bret went to university the expense meant that money became tight again, and Bret offered to drop out of university and get a full time job. Prudence would not have this, and talked about his education and preparing himself for a well paid profession.

* * * * * * * *

One day during his first year at university Bret was talking over the financial situation with his close friend Arny.

Arny listened for a while and then said, “You’re a fool to be working for the pittance those fast food people pay.”

“What else is there?” Brett asked, “I’m not trained for anything else, so what do you suggest?”

Arny grinned and said, “Do you ever see me short of money?”

“Well no, but I thought your parents…”

“Not at all,” Arny interrupted, “They think I make some money doing the sort of jobs you do. If they knew what I really do they’d go crazy.”


“If I tell you, keep your mouth shut.”

Bret was intrigued so he said, “Promise.”

“I fuck women.”

“You what?”

“I fuck women and get paid for doing it.”

“You’re kidding me.”

“No, that’s how I make money.”

“You mean you’re a gigolo…that old women pay…”

“No, no, nothing like that. You know those erotic videos and films you can watch on the internet?”


“So who do you think does the performing?”

“You mean…?”

“Yes, that’s just what I mean. If you’re able to get it up easily, then you get to fuck some good looking girls. There are plenty of girls around here working their way through college letting guys like me fuck them in front of a video camera.”

“Arny,” Bret gasped.

“No need to be shocked Bret. I make a lot more money that you do.”

“But fucking a lot of sluts…”

“Sluts nothing,” Arny replied, “some of them are nice middleclass church going women with a husband and kids, just secretly making a bit of extra money or having a good time; or both,” he added with a grin. “Everybody wins: I get to fuck sexy women; the women enjoy it; we both get paid; the boss gets people to sign up on the internet site; and the internet customer gets to masturbate while he or she looks at me doing the real thing.”

“You mean those things you can see on the internet aren’t faked?”

Arny shrugged, “Some might be, but our boss demands the real thing, and what’s wrong with that. You do a bit of kissing, suck her nipples and lick her cunt, and you often get your cock sucked then you get to stick your cum in her. Mostly we wear condoms, but the older women often like it without an overcoat on; it’s great.”

There was silence for nearly a minute while Bret tried to digest what Arny had said. Then Arny went on, “You’re a nice looking guy, just the sort the boss is looking for, I might be able to get you in…can you get a hard on fairly quickly?”

It was a bane of Bret’s life that he could not only get a “hard on” quickly, he was constantly plagued with embarrassing erections.

Seeing his hesitation Arny said, “Okay, if you’re content to get a few lousy dollars for serving garbage fine, but I can make in an hour what you get in a week and enjoy doing it, still, if you’re satisfied…”

“I’m not satisfied, but if I did decide to give it a Yakacık Escort try, there’s no contract…I mean, if I don’t like it I don’t have to go on doing it, do I?”

Arny laughed, “No, you don’t have to go on doing it, the boss wouldn’t want to have an unwilling worker in this sort of job.”

“And you think you could get me in?”

“Well, we can try. What about if I take you there this evening and the boss can have a look at you?”

And so the arrangement was made for Arny to pick up Bret and drive him (in his expensive car) to what Arny called, “The Studio.”

* * * * * * * *

The Studio proved to be an old but well kept house in a “desirable suburb,” as a house agent might say. This was less of a surprise than “the boss.”

The boss was not, as Bret had anticipated, a sinister looking male, but a very attractive looking woman in her forties. She had no modesty regarding her assets. The cleavage between her large breasts was well on display, and the slinky dress she wore was slit along one side to reveal shapely thighs.

Initially she spoke about Bret to Arny as if Bret wasn’t there.

“You’ve told him what the job entails?”


“Can he get it up easily?”

“He says so.”

“Have you told him I pay well, but I want action, value for money?”

“Not in so many words, Aimee.”

“I’d better have a look at him.”

At last she recognized Bret’s presence as she said, “Not bad looking, come with me.”

Arny grinned as Bret followed Aimee down a short passage and into a room whose sole furnishing was the largest divan Bret had ever seen.

“There’ll be no camera running this time,” she said coolly, but when there’s the real action you’ll have to cope with close ups as well as long shots, okay?”

“Yes,” Bret replied doubtfully.

“Strip off then.”


“Yes, now. I’ve got to have a look at you, and it’s no use if you’re too frightened to strip off because you’ll be naked a lot of the time if you work for me.”

Bret stripped off, but he was so nervous that his penis remained flaccid.

“Sorry,” he said, but I can’t…”

“That’s okay,” Aimee said, “it often happens like that, it’s the equivalent of an actor’s opening night nerves. Take a look at this and see if it helps.”

Aimee’s dress seemed, as if of its own volition, to slide down her body, coming to rest at her feet. Her breasts were naked and her panties seemed to consist of strands of thin material.

Bret felt his testes start to tingle and his penis began to rise.

Aimee came close to him, her naked body pressed against him, and her mouth seemed to engulf his as she kissed him and moved her pubis over his rising manhood.

“It’s easy, isn’t it?” she said seductively.

Her tongue began to explore his mouth as she continued to writhe against him. As she broke from the kiss she whispered, why don’t I lie on the divan while you suck my nipples?

She lay on the divan, drawing Bret beside her, and placing her hand under one huge breast she raised it invitingly, its large pink nipple seeming to fill Bret’s vision entirely as he closed his mouth over it and sucked.

Aimee’s hand wandered down to his penis, and taking hold of it she exclaimed, “My God boy, you’ve got a monster, we’ll be able to get some wonderful shots of that.”

As Bret continued to enjoy her nipple she drew his hand down to her cunt; it was hot and moist.

“I haven’t been fucked today, so why don’t you fuck me?”

As Bret came between her now spread legs she murmured, “Nothing fancy this time, just come in me.”

His penis slipped into a warm, wet, silky environment as Aimee moaned, “Oh yes…yes…you are big…I haven’t…oh my God…”

Bret was at boiling point, and quickly he speeded up until with one powerful jolt he shot his first ejection of sperm into her, and then with slow deliberate thrusts he emptied his testes in her vagina.

Aimee seemed to be frantic, crying out, “Yes…yes…don’t stop…don’t stop…oh Jesus…Jesus…”

Gradually her cries diminished and finally she moaned, “What have you done to me, I hardly ever have orgasms these days?” Then in a very businesslike tone she added, “Yes, you’ll do very nicely, I might even make use of you again myself.”

Thoughtfully she stroked his now diminishing although still impressive phallus. “Yes, you’ve really got a big one; I think my ladies are going to enjoy you. I’ll show you the showers now, I like my boys and girls to be hygienic, and I might even take a shower with you.”

The shower proved to be something of another test for Bret, Aimee trying to determine what his recovery rate was. She was not disappointed because Bret took her standing up in the shower.

The examination over they dressed and went back to where Arny was waiting.

“He’ll do, Arny,” Aimee said, and turning to Bret asked, “When can you come in for work?”

There now ensued a discussion about timetables, and this over Bret and Arny left.

Outside Arny said, “My God, Escort Yakacık what were you doing, you were in there for ages?”

“She wanted me to have sex with her, so I did.”

“What!” exclaimed Arny, my God, you must have something special. All she normally does is take the guy or girl in there, have them strip off so she can see how they look; what have you got?”

“She said I have a big one, and by the way, we did it twice.”

“I shouldn’t have brought you along,” Arny said dolefully, “you might put me out of a job.”

And so Bret’s career in erotic video and film making began.

* * * * * * * *

Arny had been right about the job satisfaction, the pay was good and the girls quite attractive.

He quickly learned that the room in which Aimee had examined him was not the only location; there was a kitchen and a bedroom and even a summer house in the garden in which various sex scenes were filmed.

Bret thoroughly enjoyed his work, but he did have some doubts about the final products, the videos.

The problem usually lay in the close-ups. It was necessary to get close-ups of him licking the girl’s genitals, and then they had to get into the right position when he penetrated her vagina so the camera could film the action clearly. This often involved some rather athletic contortions.

He often found the action as directed by Aimee to be stilted; one scene did not flow into the other. For example, at one moment he might be sucking a nipple and the next he was licking the girl’s genitals without any continuity between one action and the next.

When he looked at the finished product he often found the sound to be of poor quality. The moans, groans, squeals and sobbing were often muffled, and at times altogether missing.

Bret also aroused some jealousy among the other male performers because Aimee often took him for her private gratification, and to make matters worse, the girls voiced there preference for him as a partner.

In addition his rate of recovery seemed to be greater than that of most of his male colleagues, and this enabled him to work for longer hours and consequently he got better paid.

Sometimes he had to appear in orgies and even rape scenes, and the girls tried to manoeuvre so that it was his penis first in their vagina.

On the whole, however, Bret took pleasure in his work, and his erections that had once been a burden to him, now occurred less frequently at awkward times, seeming to reserve themselves for his working hours.

His sudden access to money, which he was unable to hide from Prudence, aroused her curiosity.

Bret had always been honest a truthful with her and it hurt him to have to tell her a lie, but he knew she would be appalled if he told her the truth. Instead he told her he had been promoted at the takeaway place he was supposed to be working at.

After a couple of months working for Aimee Bret felt that he knew most of the regular models. Many of them were students and tended to leave when they finished their university course and went off to their chosen professions. New ones who had passed Aimee’s examination joined the group, but there was a hardcore, mainly of older women, who stayed.

These older women usually appeared in incest videos, either with a pretended son, daughter, niece or nephew. There were also some older men who played incestuous fathers or uncles.

Bret had not been used in these incest scenes, and he was not altogether sure he wanted to, but inevitably his turn came.

* * * * * * * *

One evening on his arrival Aimee said to him, “I’ve got something special for you tonight. It’s an incest scene and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. I’m using a lady who I don’t think you’ve met, but she’s especially attractive and I want all the sincerity you can muster.”

She paused for a moment looking at Bret and then went on, “You know the rules Bret, no getting involved, no falling in love and that sort of nonsense. One of the problems I’ve had with this lady is that the guys I’ve put with her tend to fall for her. She’s something special, and as well as being sexy, she comes from a very respectable background, church and all that. That comes across and the guys seem to like it, so be careful because I don’t want to fire you for getting involved.”

Bret grinned. He’d fucked so many females by then he felt that he was impervious to the nonsense of falling in love, especially since it was to be an incest scene, and that would mean she was an older woman, and older women had never been his choice.

“Come on,” Aimee said, “I’ll introduce you.”

They went to the room where Aimee had initially examined Bret. On entering he noticed that the divan had been pushed against the wall and at one end a woman was sitting. The floodlights had not been turned on and the room was dim. It was the woman who was the first to react; she stood and gasped, “Oh no.”

Bret’s eyes adjusted to the light, and he gasped.

“Prudence, this is Bre…hey what’s the matter with you two, you look as Yakacık Escort Bayan if you’ve seen a ghost?”

“Nothing…nothing,” Prudence gasped, looking desperately at Bret, “I was just surprised, he’s…he’s…so…er…so good looking.”

“Yes he is, isn’t he,” Aimee chuckled. You two should get on well together, I want plenty of sincerity. I’ll leave you for a couple of minutes to get to know each other.”

Aimee left, and as the door closed Bret burst out, “Mother…what…?”

Prudence clamped her hand over his mouth and said, “Don’t darling, please don’t say anything to Aimee, I need this job and if she thought we…”

Bret pushed her hand away and said vehemently, “You work here, you actually work here, how could…”

“You work here too Bret, so…”

“But it’s different, you’re my mother…”

“There’s not time to explain, Aimee will be back in a minute, just go through with it darling, please, and we’ll talk later…please…”

“But we can’t mother…”

“Sssh, don’t call me mother, Aimee might hear and I don’t…please…pretend I’m someone else…one of Aimee’s other people…”

“But I…we can’t have…”

“Quiet darling, she’s coming back.”

A smiling Aimee entered with another woman, Muriel the camera operator.

“Well I hope you two are getting along okay. Most times it doesn’t matter too much but for this one I want some real feeling to come across. Okay…er…Bret take your jacket off, trousers and shirt are what I want.”

“Now Prudence…ah yes that skirt and blouse are fine. Does the blouse unbutton at the back or…ah yes, I see, down the front, that’s good. You’re just wearing panties and bras underneath?”

“Just panties and no bras,” Prudence replied.

“Good, you don’t need bras anyway; now we’ll go through the first scene and then take it one scene at a time. There’s no script so just say what seems appropriate. Now here’s the first scene.”

“You Bret are a student, very serious. You’re sitting on the divan…that’s right sit down…trying to read. Here’s a book for you.”

She handed him a thick volume and Bret saw the title, “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.”

Now you’re not able to concentrate properly because you’ve just broken up with your girl friend and are feeling depressed and very horny.

“That’s a bit of a contradiction, Aimee,” Bret interrupted. “I don’t think you feel horny when you’re depressed.”

“Well all right, you’re not exactly horny but you’re hankering for the girl friend or…or some girl, okay?

“Okay,” Bret mumbled.

“You Prudence, are his mother. You understand how Bret is feeling and want to do something to help him feel better. You’ve been deserted…no cancel that. Your husband has been killed in a road accident some years before and you’ve lived the life of a virtuous nun ever since. But you’re really quite a sexy woman and you haven’t had sex ever since the death. All right so far?”

“Yes,” Prudence muttered.

You’ve been sexually attracted to Bret for some time, and now he’s without any sex partner, so you see your chance and take it.

“You come in the door and see Bret moping over the book. You sit beside him and take his hand and say…well say whatever you feel, okay?”

“Mmm,” Prudence mumbled.

“For God’s sake you two, you look as if you’re going to be hanged. You’re two attractive people who are going to have sex with each other, so try and look as if…look, I want this one to be special and I’m prepared to give you a ten percent bonus if you get it right, okay?”

Prudence and Bret looked at each other, nodded and said, “Okay.”

“Right, let’s run that. Are you ready Muriel?”

“Fine,” the camera operator replied, turning on some floodlights.

“We’ll take this one as a long shot. Right, positions everybody, and Prudence, enter in your own time, but don’t make it too long.”

Aimee withdrew behind the camera operator and Prudence left the room. Bret sat pretending to read.

“Roll,” Aimee said.

There was a pause, and Prudence entered, and stood gazing at Bret. It looked as if she was contemplating whether she dared to make a move on her son, which was in fact the case, but not for the reasons Aimee thought.

As if making up her mind Prudence crossed to Bret and sat beside him. He glanced at her and then went back to reading. Prudence took his hand and whispered something in his ear. He looked at her sharply.

What she said was, “We’ve got to go through with this,” but it was inaudible to Aimee. Prudence kissed Bret on the cheek.

“Cut,” Aimee and said, “That was fine, I liked the whisper and the kiss, and you really looked like a loving mother who wants to make her boy happy.”

“Now you Bret are startled by what Prudence has whispered, and you look up at her – by the way, what did you whisper?”

“That’s my secret,” Prudence said.

“Well it looked good anyway. Now when Bret looks at you kiss him on the lips, not too sexy, just a gentle loving kiss — you’re looking for his reaction – you put your hand on his thigh. Do that, ready, roll.”

They followed instructions and Aimee said it looked like the real thing.

“Now Bret, your mother has put her hand on your thigh. You love her and you’ve had vague sexual thoughts about her for some time, and you start to get horny.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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