Dave and the Bear Across the Hall

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Group Sex

I couldn’t wait for the store to close. It was Saturday night and I had Sunday off and I was so ready for a day off. I’ve been working at a big box electronics store since I graduated high school two years ago and it sucked. I barely made enough money to live on, but at least I had a job.

As I walked out of the store to my car, my cell phone started ringing. I pulled it out of my pocket and looked at the screen. It was my boyfriend, Russ.

“Hello?” I answered.

“Hey, Dave. You still want me to come over?”

“Yeah, I’m on my way home now.”

We made plans for him to meet me at my apartment and then we’d go and get a bite to eat. I pulled up in front of my apartment building and hurried up the stairs to my apartment.

I pulled off my blue shirt and khaki pants and took a quick shower. As I was getting dressed, Russ knocked on the door and came on in.

Russ looked very much like a typical skater boy, with his shaggy dirty blond hair and blue eyes. He was really cute. He had pink lips and a cute smile. He had a patch of hair on his chin that I thought was cute. He was taller than me at 6′ even and fairly thin, but with a defined chest and arms and virtually no fat on his body. He had two double ball earrings in his left ear. On his right arm he had a tattoo of a string of Asian characters. On his left pec, he had a large star tattoo. His clothes were usually baggy and you could always see the waistband of his boxer shorts over his jeans. His body was mostly smooth, except for the patches of hair under his arms and the treasure trail from his navel down to his pubes, which he keeps trimmed short. Russ is 21 years old, a year older than me. He was pretty typical of the guys I dated, though Russ was my first real boyfriend.

My name is Dave, of course. Dave Braxton. I’m 20 years old. I’m pretty short at 5’7″ and have a skinny build. I have black hair and brown eyes and wear glasses. I look pretty nerdy, but Russ says that I’m really cute.

I noticed the smell of pot when Russ leaned down and kissed me, and I could see his eyes were a little bloodshot.

“Russ, have you been smoking?” I asked.

“Me and Barn partied a little bit. It’s no big deal, Dave.”

“You know I don’t like it, and you know why.”

“Dave, I’m not even buzzed,” he said dismissively. “It’s no big deal. I ain’t like your brother.”

My older brother Ronnie and I grew up with just our mom. Mom worked a lot of overtime and would leave Ronnie in charge. Ronnie and his buddies would hang out in the basement smoking, generally leaving me alone. When I was 15, one of his buddies came up to my room one night and he forced me to give him a blow job.

I told Ronnie and he shrugged it off. He knew that I was gay since he caught me giving a blow job to his buddy Ace, our next door neighbor.

When he said, “What’s the big deal? You’re a cocksucker and he’s got a cock,” I got so upset. I yelled and cried, then didn’t talk to him for about a month. I had a really hard time forgiving Ronnie for that and for the way he outed me to our mom. Ronnie eventually moved on to harder drugs and right now he’s in jail for three years, but may get out early.

Russ knew all of this and the fact that he didn’t care was the source of a lot of friction between us. It was really the only thing we ever fought about. I didn’t want to get into it tonight. I just sighed and grabbed my wallet and keys.

We stepped into the hallway and as I was locking my door, Russ lit a cigarette. My neighbor walked up the steps to his apartment and shot Russ a disapproving look.

We didn’t talk much except to say ‘hi’, but I knew his name was Mitchell Saeger because that was the name on his mailbox. He lived in the apartment directly across the hall from me. Mitchell was an older guy, around 30 if I had to guess. He was really tall, like 6’3″ or 6’4″ and had a really stocky build and had a little bit of a gut and love handles. He had black hair and grey eyes and had a beard which he kept trimmed short. He seemed like he was really hairy. His arms were hairy and you could always see hair peeking out of the top of his shirt. Ick!

Mitchell said ‘hi’ to me. He looked me up and down and then smiled at me. I swear he checks me out every time he sees me and Russ hates it.

“What the fuck are you looking at, old man?” Russ scowled at him before I could say ‘hi’ back.

“Watch your fucking mouth, punk,” he growled back.

“Come on, Russ,” I said, pulling on his arm.

I gave Mitchell a sympathetic smile and he furrowed his brow and went inside his apartment, slamming the door shut behind him.

Russ and I went to an all-night diner not far from my apartment. I paid for Russ’s dinner since he said he was broke. I complained to him that I was broke, too, but he said he’d make it up to me when we got back to my place.

When we got back home, Russ was all over me. He pulled me to my bedroom and we got undressed and fell onto my bed. We were kissing and making out. Russ was a really good kisser and I loved French kissing with him. türkçe altyazılı porno I also liked when he would kiss my neck and ears. I reached down between his legs and wrapped my hand around his dick. He was hard as a rock. Russ had a dick built like his body, long and thin. It was cut and around 7 inches long.

Russ moved us into a 69 position on our sides. I went straight down on his big dick and he licked and slurped on my smaller member. I always wished I was bigger down there, having only 4 3/4 inches. I slid my mouth up and down his long, skinny shaft, licking it and stroking it. I took him back into my mouth, getting most of it down my mouth and throat, causing Russ to grunt and thrust his hips forward.

I moaned around Russ’s dick as he slicked up his middle finger with spit and pushed into my tight sphincter. He let my dick drop from his mouth and he started finger fucking me hard and fast. When he thought I was ready, he pushed me onto my back and turned around and climbed on top of me. He pulled open the nightstand drawer and grabbed a condom and the lube.

Russ lubed me up and rolled the condom down onto his dick. He was kneeling between my legs. I pulled my knees back to give him access. I looked into his eyes and gasped as he pushed into me.

“Oh, Russ,” I moaned.

“Oh, fuck, yeah,” Russ grunted. “I love fucking your tight little ass, dude. You like my big dick? You like the way I fuck you with it?”

“Yes, Russ, please… oh god…”

I whimpered as Russ began fucking me harder. I ran my left hand all over Russ’s body as my right hand wrapped around my shaft. I stroked it and whimpered from Russ’s hard thrusting. I closed my eyes and moaned as I stroked my dick. Russ’s cock felt so good inside me. He slid it against my prostate over and over until I was ready to shoot my load.

“Russ, I’m coming!”

“Aw, dude, I’m gonna come. I’m gonna fucking blow! Fuck yeah!”

I moaned and began spurting all over my chest and stomach. My sphincter contracted over and over and Russ shouted as he shoved into me and blasted his come into the condom.

He fell on top of me and kissed me. When he pulled out of me, he tied the condom off and tossed it onto the floor. He rolled over onto the bed and started to fall asleep. I tried to cuddled up next to him and he pushed me.

“Gimme some space, dude,” he muttered.

I sighed and rolled over onto my side. I liked sex with Russ, but I always wished he was a little more affectionate before and after. We’d been going out for over a year and ‘dude’ was the closest thing he had to a term of endearment for me. Sometimes I felt like something was missing. I thought I loved him, but even after a year, we’ve never said the words to each other.


When I woke up the next morning, I was lying on my stomach. I could feel Russ’s weight on top of me.

“Wake up, dude,” he whispered. “I wanna fuck,” he chuckled.

“You’re such a romantic.”

“You know you want my dick as much as I want your ass.”

Russ started kissing my shoulders and my neck. As he sucked the base of my neck, he started rubbing his dick along the crack of my butt. He had apparently lubed up while I was asleep because it was warm and slippery. I moaned and pushed back as the head of his cock brushed against my hole.

Russ groaned loudly as he pushed the head into me and then popped back out. I grabbed a condom from the open nightstand drawer and gave it to him.

“Russ… put it on.”

I looked back over my shoulder as Russ ripped open the condom and rolled it down onto his hard dick. The head was red and throbbing. Russ lubed up again and pushed it into me. I closed my eyes tight while I tried to adjust to him. Russ laid on top of me and wrapped his arms around me.

“Ready?” he asked.

When I nodded, he started moving. I whimpered as he pounded me relentlessly. I knew he liked fucking me in this position because he could get the deepest penetration. My dick was hard and throbbing against the sheet. I reached back and ran my hands down his sides and gripped the sides of his butt. I could tell he was going to finish quickly.

“Oh, fuck, dude! Here it fucking comes!”

His thrusts became erratic and he finally pushed into me and grunted loudly. When he finished coming, he slowly pulled out of me. I heard the used condom land on the carpet with a wet smack. Russ rolled over onto the bed and tried to catch his breath. I rolled onto my back and looked down at my dick. It was dripping and hard. I took ahold of Russ’s hand.

“Russ, please,” I whispered. “Make me come.”

Russ wrapped his hand around my shaft. He smeared the pre-come on the head around and used it as lube. All it took was a few strokes and I was bucking and spurting my load all over my chest and stomach.

“Oh, yes, Russ…”

I nuzzled my nose into Russ’s neck and kissed him lightly.

“I’m hungry,” he said. “How ’bout you buy me breakfast?”

“Sure, Russ,” I said with a smile.

I xnxx probably would have agreed to anything at that point. He kissed me slowly and sensually and then crawled out of bed. I followed him into the bathroom and while he went pee, I turned on the shower and got it warm. After we had a quick breakfast at the diner, we headed back to my apartment. Russ didn’t come up because he had to work. Russ was a bartender. Hopefully he’d make good tips tonight since the place was always busy on Sundays with people coming in to watch the football games.


A month or so later, I left the apartment to meet Russ downstairs so that we could go to a party with some of his friends. As I walked out, my neighbor Mitchell was leaving as well.

“Hey,” he said.


We made small talk as we went down the stairs and I waved bye to him as we went in separate directions once we got outside.

“What the fuck did he want?” Russ grumbled as I got in the car.

“Nothing. He was just saying ‘hi’.”

“Well, tell him to fuck off. I don’t like the way he looks at you. He knows you’re mine and he’s always checking out your ass.”

“Whatever. And ‘hello’ by the way.”

“Sorry, dude. Hi.”

I smiled and leaned towards him and we kissed. As we pulled out of the apartment complex, Russ asked to borrow 20 bucks.

“Russ, I have less than 50 bucks in my checking account. I can’t afford it.”

“I owe Marx some money and he’s been on me to pay him back. Come on, I’ll pay you back after my next shift.”

“You promise?”

“Yeah. Promise.”

We drove to an ATM and I got $20 out and gave it to Russ. We drove to an apartment complex in a nicer neighborhood where Marx lived. I waited in the car for Russ, and then we drove to his friend Barn’s apartment.

We basically hung out and drank and smoked cigarettes. Well, I didn’t smoke, but Russ and everyone else did. Russ was in a good mood tonight. He was really hyper. He was laughing and snorting at just about everything. Then he got all handsy and playful with me. He didn’t normally do that in front of his buddies. Sure, they all knew he was gay and didn’t care, but Russ was used to hiding his sexuality from them.

When Russ took me home, he had to go to the bathroom and he ran past me into the bathroom.

I laughed and flopped down on the couch. My face was warm from drinking and I was feeling a little sleepy. When Russ came out of the bathroom, he was all over me. He kept trying to tickle me and I’d squeal and squirm away from him and giggle. He was being so playful and affectionate with me and I was really liking it. He chased me all over the apartment until he finally pinned me down on the bed.

He was laying on top of me, holding my arms by the wrist against the bed. I looked up at him and giggled. He was panting and his cheeks were red and his blue eyes were a little dilated.

“Are you okay, Russ?” I asked with genuine concern.

“I’m great, but horny as fuck!”

He attacked my mouth and kissed me hard. I wrapped my arms around his back and kissed him back. We were french kissing pretty hot and heavy as we pulled each others’ clothes off. He got the lube and a condom and was soon inside me.

Russ sucked my neck as he pumped in and out of me. I wrapped my legs around his waist and whimpered as he thrust hard into me. I was caught off guard because he came so quickly and suddenly. As he laid down next to me falling asleep, I reached down and grabbed my dick and a couple minutes later, I groaned as my body tensed up and sprayed my seed all over me.


I was stupid for not noticing sooner. Over the next couple of months, Russ kept having to borrow money from me and I would give it to him. He started having mood swings. He was usually hyper and playful, but other times he’d be really mean.

One Wednesday night after work, I drove right to his place. When I got there, his buddy Marx was there. Max was a tall, muscular guy. He had blue eyes and brown hair, plus a chinstrap beard. He was really handsome and dressed kind of preppy mixed with skater style. I had met him a couple of times before.

Russ seemed a little bit agitated. We went to his bedroom and he asked if he could borrow some money. I told him I was completely broke. My checking account was overdrawn and the nine bucks in my wallet was all I had until Friday.

He got pissed and yelled at me and when my eyes filled with tears, he backed down and apologized. He pulled me down to his bed and hugged me and said he was sorry. He started kissing me and I kissed him back.

“Do you like Marx?” Russ asked. “He likes you. He wants to get to know you better.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Never mind,” he said.

Before I knew it, we were naked and he was pushing his latex sheathed cock into me. I closed my eyes and ran my hands up and down his back as he made love to me. We were both trying to be quiet, but his bed was pretty squeaky.

Before I could even start to get porno izle close, Russ finished. “I’m sorry, Dave,” he mumbled as he climbed off me. “I’ll be right back.”

Russ threw on his clothes and hurried out of the bedroom. As I sat up to find my underwear, the bedroom door opened up and Russ came back in and closed the door behind him. It was dark, but I quickly realized it wasn’t Russ, it was Marx.

I pulled the sheet over me as Marx came and sat down on the bed.

“Your boyfriend is a real piece of shit, you know that?” Marx said quietly. “If you were my boyfriend, I would treat you like a prince. I would keep you safe and make you happy. You know, Russ owes me a lot of money… Dump Russ and you could be mine.”

My eyes welled with tears and I choked back a sob as Marx started to undress. I’m not sure why I wasn’t running away as fast as I could.

As he laid me down on the bed and climbed on top of me, he whispered, “I won’t hurt you.”

After wiping the tears from my face, he rolled a condom onto his cock and pushed inside me. As he sank into me, I realized his dick wasn’t very long, but it was thick. I was stretched out from Russ, but his fat dick was a little bit uncomfortable.

He started moving slowly at first and I closed my eyes hoping it would be over soon. I felt Marx wrap a slippery, lubed-up hand around my dick and he started stroking me as he fucked me. I was soon whimpering with each thrust against my prostate and grunt from Marx. I didn’t want to enjoy it and I tried to hold back, but the feeling of his hand on me and his cock in me was too much. I moaned and came all over myself.

Marx grabbed my hips and started thrusting faster and faster until he came inside the condom.

I silently cried as we both got up and got dressed. He hugged me and kissed me. I didn’t kiss him back, but just stood there.

“Here’s my calling card. You call me anytime,” he said. He slipped the business card into the front pocket of my khakis.

He walked out of the bedroom and I could hear Russ asking him, “He was good, right? We’re cool now?”

“Yeah, dude,” Marx responded. “We’re cool.”

I stepped out of the bedroom and looked at Russ. The guilty look on his face said it all. He sniffed and wiped his nose. I should have known. Why didn’t I see it? All the signs were there, just like my brother Ronnie.

“Russ,” I said. “I don’t think we should see each other anymore.”

“Dave, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for–”

“You whored me out for drugs, Russ!”

“Davey, please–”

“You let him touch me, Russ. He fucked me. Is that what you wanted?”

Russ looked shocked. His eyes widened and turned glassy with tears. “He wanted you. I… I didn’t know what else to do. I–”

“I don’t ever want to see you again,” I snapped.

I started to sob. Marx reached out and I jerked back.

“Don’t touch me!” I cried.

I ran out of the apartment in tears. I sat in my car and sobbed until I was able to pull myself together enough to drive home.


Russ called me more times than I could count that first week. The first couple of times I answered and told him to stop calling me. After a few days, the calls did stop. At first I was relieved and then I was even sadder. I missed him. I couldn’t help it.

A couple weeks later, I was at work, helping a lady find the DVD her grandson wanted for Christmas. I looked up and saw Russ in the video game section. A cute looking blond haired boy walked up to him and held up a game box. Russ nodded and the boy beamed. Russ whispered something into his ear and discretely squeezed the twink’s ass. The twink giggled and blushed and squirmed away.

I couldn’t watch anymore. I moved into the next aisle where they couldn’t see me. Russ already had a new boyfriend. I shouldn’t care, but I did. It hurt that he moved on so quickly. But then I realized that he must not have cared about me at all, and that made me mad. He knew where I worked and began to wonder if he came here on purpose to show off his new boyfriend. He could have bought that video game next door at Target. He wanted me to see him. Asshole!


One Sunday evening when I didn’t have to work, I wasn’t in the mood to cook so I decided to go the Wendy’s down the street for dinner. I had just sat down and started to eat my junior cheeseburger when I heard a familiar voice. I looked up and saw my neighbor ordering then paying for his food. After ordering he stood at the counter waiting for his food. He had his hands in the pockets of his Carhartt jacket, his feet spread wide apart. His snug blue jeans showed off a nice bubble butt. That was certainly different from Russ, who seemed to have no butt. He was wearing brown cowboy biker boots. He must have thrown them on in a hurry because his right pant leg was caught on the top of the boot.

He got his food and as he walked to a table, his boots clopped heavily on the tiled floor. He set the tray down and walked back and got some ketchup and a straw. As he returned to the table, my eyes were drawn to his crotch as he reached down and adjusted the large bulge. I swallowed nervously and looked away, but I couldn’t help but look back. As he sat down at the table, our eyes met. He smiled at me, then picked his tray up and walked over to my table.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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