The Perfect Day

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Disclaimer:This story contains very explicit sexual content. Those who are not of legal age and/or find this offensive, please do not continue reading. Those who would like to continue reading, please do so. :o) Also note that this story is completely fictional and none of these events have happened nor do any of these characters actually exist as far as I know. Any resemblance to living person(s) is purely coincidental. This story is credited to the author above only. Don’t take credit for a story that isn’t yours! One final thing… being 18 when I wrote this story, my hormones take responsibility for the majority of the contents… heheh.


If we only had one day together this is how it would begin…


I drive my Jeep almost 500 miles to where you live on a nice warm Thursday. Since I don’t arrive at your hometown until after 9 p.m., I find a good hotel to spend the night, though getting to sleep is impossible for me now, with all the butterflies zooming around in my stomach. Unable to sleep, I hook up my laptop computer to the phone line and within minutes I’m online.

Grinning to myself, I chat with you throughout the night, until nearly 5:30 a.m., as if I’m not here at all. It takes all the will power I have not to tell you I’m so close to you, but I want to meet you in the morning, when everything is just right.

I can’t believe it! Just one more day and I will finally meet you, the love of my life!


I’ve known you for more than a year now, via the Internet, the phone, and snail mail, and in that time we’ve become the best of friends, as close as friends could ever get, and we’ve even gone further and have become lovers as well. We have never met in person before today, but that does not matter. The fact that we love each other still and will always remain in both of our hearts. And, after what has seemed like forever, the day we have waited for so long to arrive is finally here.


Slowly I drive up the driveway to your house on Friday the 13th (the best day of both our lives, heheh) and then I shift the Jeep to park before finally shutting the engine off. Looking ahead to your small trailer house, I take a slow deep breath to calm the butterflies that are in my stomach. Finally, I am here.

Taking another slow deep breath, I say to myself with a smile, “Here I am. It’s time to meet the love of my life.” And with that, I climb out of my Jeep, with my backpack hooked to my shoulder.


I walk up to your house and knock on your door a few times at 8 a.m. After three tries with no response, I gently turn the knob on the door, to find that it opens.

“Well… if the door’s not locked then someone must be home…” I think to myself.

Carefully I open the door, look around inside, see no one in either the kitchen or living room, and then walk just inside the doorway and close the door behind me. I walk down the hallway beyond the kitchen, looking through different rooms to see if anyone is around. Then I open the door to your bedroom.

“There she is” I think to myself. “She’s even more beautiful than I imagined..”

I stand very quiet and very still as I see you in person for the very first time, sleeping on your bed and clad in your large night shirt and pajama bottoms. Smiling to myself, I think of how beautiful and peaceful you look right at that very moment. You lie there so calm and serene that I just want to watch you and let you sleep longer.

Now, even though you’re at the age of 18, you look both adorable and much more mature as a woman than your age at the same time. I just look at you and smile, as the sight of you leaves me speechless…

I glance at my watch. It’s now just after 6 a.m.

After a few minutes I decide I may as well wake you up. “Here we go… time for the best wake-up call ever given…” I think to myself as I smile.


Silently I sneak into your room and walk up to your bed. I lean down and kiss your lips very softly and smile as you wake up and smile back sleepily at me. God, I love that smile. I can tell by the look in your eyes that, though we’ve never been together in real life before now, you know who I am, and that only makes me smile wider.

Reaching behind me, I then hand you a red rose. You smile, take the rose, and kiss me softly.

“Thank you” you whisper softly.

Then I whisper in your ear “You’re very welcome, gorgeous. Now, time to wake up!” and I smile again and kiss you softly once more. After that, I walk back out of your room and go into the kitchen.


A few moments later you sneak up behind me and wrap your arms around me and give me a hug.

And now, for the very first time… I say, “Hi there love! Good morning!” Then you grin and return the greeting.

“Hey yourself handsome,” you say with a smile. “Mmm… Hey good looking, whatcha got cooking?”

“Breakfast” I reply with a giggle before turning around and giving you a plate Travesti that has 2 eggs, a slice of toast, 3 strips of bacon, and a pancake on it.

I notice you’re now in regular clothes… t-shirt, shorts, etc. And I also notice the look of disbelief on your face, no doubtedly there from the fact that I can cook breakfast.

“Before you even ask, yes, I can cook breakfast.” I say and grin as we sit down at the table.

“Where’s your plate?” you ask, seeing that I don’t have any.

“Oh, I already ate before I got here.” I reply.

This is true because I ate at the hotel where I was staying, which is also where I got the plate of breakfast for you. Luckily for me, I nuked it in your microwave before you could notice. Heheh..

We chat a little bit as you eat breakfast, talking about things like when I woke up, how I found my way here, etc. You offer some of your breakfast to me, but I’m not hungry and politely refuse. Moments later you finish your breakfast and clean up your plate.


“Hey James!” you say as you finish cleaning up your breakfast plate. “I have to wash my car now. Ya wanna help?”

Grinning, I say “Sure! Sounds fun!”

And with that, we gather up a bucket, fill it with soap and water, and then you find a sponge. As we stand there outside together near your car, you give me the bucket and the sponge, and then you lean up and kiss me deeply.

Returning the kiss, I ask “Mmm… what was that for?”

“Because I love you” you say with a smile.

God how I love your smile…

“I love you too Alexis” I say, smiling back.


Noticing that I’m still holding the bucket and sponge, I say “Ok, time to get to work now!” and grin, then I give you the bucket and sponge. “Here,” I say as I turn to go around the side of your house, “take those and get started washing the car.”

“Hey! Why do I have to do the work?” you ask with your hands on your hips.

“I’m gonna go find the water hose to rinse the car with” I answer.

“Ok,” you say just before I vanish around the house. Then you soak up the sponge and begin washing the car.

A few minutes later I come back around the house with the hose coiled around my shoulder and the end of it kinked back in my hand tight so the water won’t get all over the place.

“Back up for a minute,” I tell you, deciding to warn you before I spray water on the car.

“Okay dokay,” you say as you grin and back up.

I undo the kink in the hose and water flies from it and lands across the front of the car. I continue to wash water onto the car until it’s completely soaked, making the dirt and grime easier to remove with the sponge.

“Ok, there, now you can go back to cleaning,” I say with a smile as you return to what you were doing before. Then I let go of the hose, run back around the house, shut the water off, and search for a sponge inside the house, a few minutes later appearing out the front door.


“Mind if I join you?” I ask with a grin, holding up the new sponge for you to see.

“Not at all,” you reply, grinning back. “Now it’ll get done faster.”

We work our way around the car, with you scrubbing and cleaning the driver’s side while I do the same to the other side. Then when we reach the rear of the car, we stop where we meet, kiss each other softly, then continue on, re-scrubbing over each other’s side of the car.

A few moments later we both now reach the front of the car, opposite from where we first started. We kiss each other softly again and then I whisper “Ok, I’m gonna go get the hose and rinse the car off now” and kiss you softly one more time.

“Ok, I’ll finish this,” you say with a grin just before you kiss me softly.

Then I run around the house, turn the water on again, run back around, grab the hose quickly, and kink it to stop the water flow before you notice I’m back. Grinning I sneak up behind you slowly…


I yell “Surprise!” and let the kink go in the hose, and ice cold water sprays all over the back of you. Thankfully it’s close to 90 degrees outside now so it’s not much of a shock. I laugh as you jump and then turn around, and then I laugh even more as the water sprays all over the front of you because you turned to face me.

Grinning, I move to one side of the car, rinse it off, then walk back around and rinse the other side. This gives us both time to catch our breath and calm down. You’re still standing there, squeezing some of the water out of your t-shirt and then out of your hair. Quickly I drop the hose and run around the house and instead of shutting the water off, I switch it to warm, then walk back and stand a little way away from you and look at you.

“Is it a little cold?” I ask, still grinning.

“Yes it is! You little… you little punk!,” you say, grinning back, still squeezing some more water out of your hair.

“Well, here,” I say as I walk up behind you and wrap my arms around you. “Let’s get you out of these wet clothes,” Ankara Travesti I whisper with a grin, just before I reach down and swiftly pull your t-shirt up and over your head, then toss it to the side on the ground. I notice you’re not wearing a bra underneath, and so your breasts are now exposed in the bright sunlight and warm air, which actually feels cooler to your damp skin.

Then just as swiftly my hands sneak themselves under the waistband of your shorts and pull them down to your ankles, catching your panties and bringing them down at the same time. Instinctively you step out of them and kick them to the side. Standing back up behind you, I slide my hands back up until they rest right over your stomach.


“Oh my god…,” you whisper, catching your breath from feeling your heart race, the heat of the day, and the coolness of the air on your newly exposed and soaked skin.

“Someone might see us if they drove by..”

“Like who?” I whisper back. “No one ever drives here much except you and your family.. and besides, you’ve said the thought of possibly getting caught gives you a thrill.”

I grin and kiss your neck softly.

“Mmm… you’re right…” you sigh softly as you smile, feel your heart beat even faster, and then you lean back onto me.

Remembering that there’s a bottle of sunscreen in my backpack, I lean over, open the backpack up, and grasp the bottle in my hands. Then I set it down on the car hood closer to us. I grab the hose and whisper “I’ve warmed the water up now, and before I can give you some sunscreen, I think we need some cleaner skin.” Smiling, I raise the hose and set the end of it on your shoulder, letting the much warmer water flow down across your bare, beautiful body.

You close your eyes for a moment, moaning softly, and then you rest your head back against my shoulder as the warm water slides down and covers your skin in a smooth, sensuous flow. The heat of the day only adds to the sensation as the water flows over every part of the front of your body. Tossing the hose to the side, I’m now sure that you’re both clean and very warm… both inside and out….

Glancing at the bottle of sunscreen, I then lift it up and show it to you and grin. “We don’t want you to get burned, now do we?” I ask as I put some of the sunscreen on my hands, then begin to rub it on your neck and shoulders gently.

“Mmm… no… I don’t wanna get burn–” you begin to say, but then hold your breath in for a second as my hands begin to massage the sunscreen onto your waiting breasts.

“God.. that feels sooo gooood…,” you moan out softly, now arching your back just a little, pushing your breasts more against my hands as you feel the coolness of the sunscreen and the movements of my hands across them.

I pull and tweak and pinch your very hard nipples a few times, teasing you, then I continue applying sunscreen across your rib-cage and stomach. Slowly I slip my hands lower, applying the cool sunscreen through your pubic hair and then rubbing it gently between your legs.

You moan again just a little louder as my hands first make contact with your over-sensitive skin and you feel the coolness of the sunscreen there. You relax more against me as I apply more sunscreen and then slowly slide 2 of my fingers into you. Then I apply sunscreen to your clit as I roll it between my thumb and index finger, forcing more moans to escape your lips as you feel sensations from my fingers and the smoothing sensations of the sunscreen.

As I feel your body and hips begin to move to my fingers, I slowly slide them out of you. I can’t help but grin as I realize now you’re not just wet with water.


I move my hands up and rest them on your shoulders, then gently push you forward so you lean over against the front of the car. Then I apply more sunscreen to your back and sides and then down across your bottom and between your cheeks. I drop to my knees as you slightly spread your legs and now I apply sunscreen to the front, inside, and back of your upper thighs. I purposely brush my hand against your sensitive skin and clit for one second before continuing to move lower, adding more sunscreen to your lower legs, finally finishing with your feet.

I glance up at you and notice you have your eyes closed and that you’re now completely lost in the moment and are enjoying all the feeling and sensations your body is giving you. I smile to myself, stand up, wrap my arms around you, and pull you back up to a standing position. Gently I turn you around, kiss you deeply, push you back until you sit on the car, and then once more I drop to my knees.

I glance back up to you and you look down at me and smile. I smile back, spread your legs apart, then wrap my arms around your waist and pull you close to me, then I kiss your clit with my lips gently. All the sensations and all the feelings that you’ve been experiencing today up until now have continuously built up and up. But as soon as my tongue touches your very İstanbul Travesti sensitive clit, you close your eyes tightly, arch your back, and moan loudly as those feelings explode within you. I hold on tightly to you as your body trembles violently, sending you over the edge into the most powerful orgasm you’ve ever had.

After you tremble through the aftershocks of the orgasm, which themselves are just as strong as any orgasm you’ve had before, you weaken and then you slowly slide down off the car and end up sitting in my lap.

“I love you, James” you whisper in my ear softly.

“I love you too, Alexis” I whisper back.


Now exhausted and completely spent, you kiss me deeply and I return the kiss back even deeper.

“God… I’ve never felt anything like that before… such a rush!..” you say as you continue to catch your breath and calm down.

“I know” I reply grinning. “I could tell.”

I wrap my arms around you and hold you there for awhile until you calm down and regain enough strength to stand, then I help you to your feet and step back.

For the first time I really get a chance to look at you and your beautiful body. It takes my breath away to see the sunlight shine down on you, brightening your whole body on this fine summer day. I can see your curves, your smooth skin… everything about you.

“Enjoying what you see?” you say to me with a grin, which sends me back into reality.

Blushing a little at being caught staring at you, I manage a grin and reply “mmhmm… most definitely. You are so beautiful…”

Grinning, you walk up to me seductively, wrap your arms around me, then kiss me deeply as your naked body presses against me. I return the kiss just as deeply and also return the grin.

You pull away from me, then walk over to your clothes and look at them. “We’ve had enough fun for now” you say, grinning again as you slip into your shorts and pull the t-shirt down over your head.

“Aren’t you forgetting those?” I ask, pointing to your panties that still lay on the ground.

Moving your hips around just a little, you feel the sensation of your tight shorts against your skin then moan softly “I don’t think I need them now…” and smile dreamily. With a grin, you pick the panties up, kiss them, then put them in my backpack. “There… a present for you” you say. We laugh and then we set the hose, sponges, and buckets away and are now finished with washing the car.


“Now what should we do?” you ask me. By the far away, dreamy look in your eyes I can tell that, even though you may have recovered from the fun that happened a few moments ago, you still are feeling the after affects of both it and the feelings your shorts are sending to you.

“I know” I say as I grab my backpack and walk into the house. “Since it’s such a nice sunny summer morning, how about we go the the Community Pool in town that you’ve talked about? We could even make some sandwiches and have a picnic afterwards in the park.”

“Okay! I’ll get the blanket and change into my bikini!” you say excitedly, now apparently, or at least temporarily, out of your dream.

“I’ll make some sandwiches and get my swimming trunks on” I say as I drop my backpack in your room and then go to the kitchen and take some things out of the fridge.


A few minutes later we’re all ready to go to the pool. Then I realize I forgot something. My swimming trunks! How can I go to the pool without them!

Realizing I must’ve left ’em in my hotel room, I decide I’d better go get them.

“Hey Alexis, I’m gonna run to the hotel room and get my swimming trunks” I say to you as you go in your room to change clothes. “I’ll be back here in about 20 minutes, ok?”

“Ok!” you say from within your room.


Approximately 10 minutes after I leave your house, I reach my hotel room and search around for my swimming trunks. After finding them, I happen to glance at a nearby calendar on the wall.

Today is Friday the 13th! I almost forgot!

Deciding to be in the spirit of Friday the 13th and all things evil, I quickly get a plan together. It’s not gonna hurt to have a little fun before the pool, is it? :o)

A few minutes later, I leave my hotel room and walk downtown to a store I found last night on the way to my hotel. I grin as I glance up at it’s name before I walk through the door. The name?…”Freaks – N – Fears Galore!.”

I browse quickly through the stacks and shelves that contain literally any- and every-thing a person could ever want to have to scare anyone else. There are masks, paints, fake weapons, fake blood, body parts, complete costumes, and even little voice-disrupter boxes like the one used in the movie “Scream,” and sooo much more. I fill up two whole grocery carts FULL of various things there that I find, pay for them, then return with them to my hotel room and prepare everything…


On the way back to the hotel, I happen to run into your friend Jennifer. I can’t believe my good fortune in meeting her. Agreeing to help me with all my plans for today, she helps me carry some of the things I bought from the store into my hotel room and set some things up. Later on, she leaves to go get ready…

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