The Pit Ch. 01

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~A gravestone stands solid, alone, on a grassy field, as the grass bends lightly in the breeze.~

Those images kept flashing in my head, which was bad news cause I was driving on the freeway. Not that my safety was in jeopardy, during rush hour, top speed was 10 mph. But flashbacks of graves weren’t what I wanted on my mind at the moment. I was on my way to Bethany’s and focus shouldn’t have been a problem.

Bethany’s interest in me began the day I started at CommNet as a technical support agent. She always told me she liked techy types. She worked in customer service, and both of us dealt a lot with customers, so both of us wore business suits at work. Thinking about her blond hair up in a bun, or some do started to give me wood, which was good cause this evening we were gonna let our crushes grow into something further.

All that thinking allowed me to finally get to the freeway exit. And a few minutes later, I was parked and looking at her apartment building entrance. It was a small 8 unit complex, so the name wasn’t really advertised. I got out and locked my ’95 Celica and walked towards the whitish-gray, 2 story building.

I was a little nervous, my hands shook a little. We had been flirting for awhile now, and Bethany would tease me by pulling me into a storage room at work, but nothing would happen, we wouldn’t even make out, which always left me wanting to jack off. Maybe I was more excited than nervous.

Making my way through the entrance and up the stairs and to her front door, all I could think about was how hot Bethany always looked at work in a business suit. It was a minor shock when she answered the door wearing a jean mini skirt and a white form fitting t-shirt, thick enough that I couldn’t see a bra through it. Her hair was still up from her day at work, but seeing the change in her attire just turned me on even more.

“Hi” I managed to blurt out.

“Hi” she said back, with a smile that told me she was going crazy waiting for this moment to arrive. She moved to the side, holding her door open. “Come in, Peter.”

A little dazed from her smile, I walked past her into a very nice apartment. The kitchen on my left and a small dining room to its left, with the living room stretching from the edge of the dining room to just in front of me. A small hallway stretched to the right, ending in a bathroom Travesti and what I assumed to be a bedroom to the left.

“This is a nice place,” I said looking around, at paintings on the wall, and furniture spread out comfortably, couch, love seat, coffee table, TV on a stand, dining room table.

“Thank you,” she whispered into my ear, her lips barely touching my lobe. She had to do that on her tiptoes, cause I was taller, but it just floored me, and I felt a surge through my spine. She brushed past me, grinning, her right breast moving across my left elbow, on her way to the kitchen.

My dick pulsed in response, but watching her grin all the way to a cupboard, I realized she was gonna tease me further before we got down to business. “Something to drink, handsome?”

“No thanks, maybe later.” I was still looking at her from head to toe, as she pulled a tall glass and filled it from the tap. She brought the glass to her lips while her deep blue eyes locked with mine. After half the water drained from her glass, I realized that most of it was dampening her t-shirt. My eyes broke loose of her stare and I started to see the upper arches of a black bra outline. My jean pants started pitching a tent while my chest heaved a little harder under my blue t-shirt. Licking my lips, my eyes rose again to see the glass no where near her face. She must have placed it in the sink, but was now swaying her hips, walking from the kitchen through the dining room and to the living room, taking her out of my line of sight.

Following her, I gasped as I entered the living room. Bethany appeared to have fallen backwards over the armrest of the couch and was now laying comfortably with her damp white t-shirt tossed on the coffee table. As I approached, I could see beautiful breasts trapped in a black lacy bra, giving them great cleavage. My eyes scanned lower, and I froze as I found that her legs were angled just right and separated enough for me to see matching black lace undies under her skirt. I wanted to rip that skirt off so bad, just to see if she wasn’t wearing a thong. Bethany’s smile grew wider as she stretched her arms and body, closing her eyes, knowing it was driving me crazy.

I finally took a step and reached out to touch her left knee, feeling her soft silky pale skin. I slowly reached under her knee and lightly massaged her Ankara Travesti calf with my aching fingers. Her muscles felt good as I worked them, and slowly moved up to her thigh. My left hand joined her right thigh, and I rubbed them in symmetrical patterns, alternating between light finger brushes and strong hand presses. My eyes took in every detail of her, her soft breasts rising and falling, held tight by her bra, they must have been C’s, and I was determined to find out after we were done. Her tongue licked her lips while her hands started rubbing her fit abdomen.

My hands started to slip down into her skirt, finding little room to maneuver. So I decided to pull out and work on her button and zipper, which were right in front. To my surprise my fingers weren’t clumsy, and I pulled the skirt right off, the follow through tossing it somewhere behind me. The front of her panties showed a bikini cut, which made me pulse again. Seeing my tent twitch, Bethany let out a small laugh, her eyes looking hungry. She swung her legs over the couch arm and tucked them under her as she got onto her knees in front of the couch, facing me. She reached for my belt buckle and pulled me to her as she unbuckled my belt and tore at my jean button. The zipper she pulled at slowly, looking up into my eyes. She then leaned forward, and I could see her ass checks behind her, it was a thong. Seeing this pulsed me again, which she felt through my jeans, and she smiled again, as the zipper reached the bottom and she finally pulled my pants and boxer-briefs down in one motion.

Massaging my thighs with firm fingers, Bethany worked slowly upwards, studying my staff now that it was free and at attention. She came close and breathed on it, then one hand reached for my balls while the other wrapped around my shaft. She was gentle, stroking slowly, massaging carefully. Her tongue came out and licked her lips one more time, then hot breath and moist lips kissed the tip of me. I groaned softly, not realizing I was full of anticipation. A split second grin, and Bethany engulfed my full six inches, her hands grabbing my ass and her nose poking into my abdomen. Without a gag, she pulled my cock out of her throat and stuffed it in again. I was in bliss, realizing how much my dick missed attention. Two more stuffs and I was moaning more, squirting into her. İstanbul Travesti She swallowed with each pump, sucking me dry while still taking me into her throat. I remained stiff and she kept her rhythm. I reached down to hold the back of her head and pulled her closer, forcing my dick further down her throat. Nothing seamed to trigger a gag. She finally pulled my rod out of her mouth and stood up, pulling my shirt off in the process.

Bethany stepped back and I stood there naked and erect, looking at a beautifully curved girl in black bra and panties who just sucked me off. I had to be dreaming. Bethany then let her blond hair down, turned towards the couch again, and bent over, pointing those ass cheeks towards me. She rested her hands on the back of the couch, and arched her back, her legs straight, giving me full view of engorged shaved pussy lips through croch less panties. Seeing cream ooze down her left thigh was enough invitation for me.

I put both my hands on Bethany’s waist and thrusted myself into her. Her warmth engulfed me as I pumped in and out of her, feeling her walls tighten around me. Her head turned to the right, her chin resting on her shoulder, with her eyes closed. She was biting her lower lip, and a moan was slowly escaping her as I continued to pound away. My balls were slapping against her clit and my hands grabbed her waist hard, her panty waist band etching into my fingers. My eyes lost themselves in the well defined muscles of her back and the sexy bra strap. My throbbing cock delved into her time and again, sending her heat throughout my body. Faster and faster, Bethany let go of her lower lip and moaned openly at the wall behind the couch, her vocal tone rising and falling each time I pounded into her.

A drop of sweat fell from my forehead, and I realized that we were both covered in a sheen of perspiration. Our thighs slapped together with each thrust, and Bethany began to pulsate internally. This new rhythm coincided with a rise in her moaning, and finally she was yelling at me.

“Don’t stop! Don’t stop! Keep fucking me, harder!” As if I could stop. I kept going, her cunt creaming all around my cock, her moans turning into whimpers, her body convulsing. But I was about to cum again, and desperately wanted to. Thrust after thrust, I got harder and hotter, and her whimpers became softer, until an excited shaken sigh escaped her lips, and I unloaded into her, shooting my seed into her belly. After three more thrusts, tired and sweaty, we collapsed onto the couch and tried to catch our breaths. I pulled at Bethany’s bra strap and found her to be a 36C.

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