The Problem Ch. 04

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I sure hope you are enjoying the sex adventures of Stan. If you haven’t read the first 3 parts please do so. That way you will know how he got in this condition and what’s happened so far. Please leave me a comment. That’s what gets my creative juices flowing and gives me the impetus to keep writing.

My next service call was at the biggest hospital in town. This time I had to fix a problem with the dictation equipment. This has turned out to be a wonderful day. I’ve fucked more women today than I have in my whole life before today.

I’m heading down town and I’m lucky with the traffic so far. No problems today, the traffic is lighter than usual. I pull into the parking garage and find a good parking place. Usually I have to park on the top level and walk down 9 floors with my tool case.

Heading into the medical records department, I notice that all 12 transcriptionists are typing away. As I walk by them, most of them look up at me and wave. Little finger waves as I go by. There are all types of women in here. Young good-looking babes, middle age dowagers, young ones that have nice bodies but sure lack in the face department. Then there are the old ones. One is so old, I’m surprised she isn’t dead. She must be 110. She only works part time so I don’t see her often.

Soon, I reach the directors office and turn in. Luann is sitting at her desk shuffling papers and looks up at me with a scowl on her face. Luann is usually in a good mood, her scowling is unusual. “What’s the problem Luann.” I ask.

“Oh, one of the new doctors just chewed me out because we got his dictation all wrong. If he would learn to speak English and quit eating while he’s dictating we may be able to understand him. He’s just an ass hole.

I know what she’s talking about, I have heard some of the garbled dictation that these girls have to put up with. I feel sorry for them.

“I know what you mean. What’s my equipment been up to lately? Has it been bad again? Does it need spanking again?” I ask her. She looks at me and smiles.

“You always put me in a good mood when you come in Stan. How do you do that?” She says.

“It’s just one of my gifts like sarcasm, it’s just another free service I offer.” I answer.

She chuckles and smiles at me. I think she’s getting turned on, because I saw her look at my bulging crotch. But She’s too big for me with her weight being somewhere around 400. She’d squash me if I tried to fuck her. “It’s machine number 8 this time. It doesn’t have anything on it when we listen to it.” She tells me.

“All righty then, I’ll get right on it.” I reply. “Can I have the key?”

She throws it at me and says, “Don’t get lost in there.”

I grab the key and respond, “as long as that equipment doesn’t attack me, I’ll be all right. This may be a hard one this time.”

I head out the door and down the hall to the equipment room. Unlock the door and step in. Now this room is nothing except equipment. My dictating equipment is all around three walls and some telephone equipment on the other wall. I head over to the offending machine and take off my jacket, open my tool kit and grab a screwdriver. If you hadn’t noticed, I like screwing and unscrewing, so I open the machine and sit down on the floor to work on it. I’m facing the door when I hear a key in the lock. I look up and see this blond hair in a pony tail come in the room. She looks up at me and smiles. “Hi, I’m DeDe, I’m the telephone man.” And she laughs. It’s a musical laugh and I can’t help but join her.

“Well, it’s obvious that you sure aren’t a man.” This girl was wrapped in tight, I mean skin-tight jeans that looked like they were painted on, and a work shirt with the telephone logo on one very prominent breast and her name on the other. I think I started drooling. This girl was built like the proverbial brick shit house, with a face to match. She could have easily been an actress or a model. “I’m Stan, the dick man. I mean the dictation repair man.” I said with a smile.

“I could tell you are the dic…..tation repair man with what you have in front of you.” She said looking at my prominent prick that had escaped my back brace again. It was sticking straight out again tenting my pants.

“Oh this?” I asked as I held up a piece of equipment.

“That’s not what I was talking about. That is what I am talking Travesti about.” She said pointing to my crotch. “That looks very interesting. Can I see it?”

“I don’t know if we should, we might get caught if someone walks in on us.” I said, a little nervous.

“No worries mate. There are only 3 keys to this room.” She said while licking her lips. “I have one. You have one, and the head of maintenance has one. And I happen to know that he’s tied up with setting up the new operating room.”

“Well, since you seem to have all the bases covered.” I reach for my zipper then pause. “Hey, this isn’t fair, If I’m going to show you mine, you’re going to have to show me yours.”

“That sounds fair to me.” She said shocking me. I didn’t really think she would go for it. “How about you uncover mine, and I will uncover yours.” This is sounding better and better to me.

I stand up and walk over to her. Her lips are delicious looking, I want to kiss them. I reach for her and pull her to me, bend down and start to kiss her. She’s voracious, immediately opening her mouth and trying to devour my tongue, pressing against my teeth hard. I’ve never had this effect on a woman before and I’ve never had a woman that had this effect on me either.

DeDe grabs for my belt and unbuckles it quickly, unhooks and unzips my pants and they fall to the floor. I can’t let her get ahead of me, so I tackle her belt and pants and soon have them on the floor too. She drops to her knees and pulls my boxers down and my cock, hard as ever pops out and hits her on the nose. “Yummy.” Is all she says and engulfs my cock in her luscious lips. She wraps her little hand around my cock and starts to lick it like a frozen pop. She looks up at me and says, “I love sucking cock. It’s my favorite thing in the world.” Then she goes back to licking.

I can tell she likes it because she’s great at it. She takes the head in her mouth and slides down it until it’s at the back of her throat. Then she swallow’s and I feel my cock slide into her throat. I can feel her throat muscles massaging my cock. It feels fantastic, whatever she’s doing. She pulls back so she can get a breath then head’s down on it again, massaging it with her tongue now. She pulls off my dick and looks up at me and says. “I want you to fuck my face. Use my face as you will my pussy soon.”

How can I refuse a request like that from a beautiful woman. “First take your shirt off so I can have some visual incentive.” I tell her.

She grabs her shirt so fast I think she’s just going to rip it off her, but she’s got it down pat. Her fingers only take 3 seconds to undo her buttons and while her hands are behind her she unhooks her bra and drops them both. They are beautiful, full 38 D at least and no sag to them. They are topped with little red bullets sticking out of aeroles that must be 3 inches across. I’m going to get my turn soon. Right after I fuck her mouth. I grab her head by the ears and pull her toward my hard rod again. She opens her mouth and I insert my dick. I start fucking her mouth just like she wanted me to. She applies suction as I’m going in and out furiously. Soon I feel my balls start to tingle with the all too familiar feeling of impending climax. I tell her that I’m cumming and start to pull out of her mouth. She clamps her hands on my ass cheeks so I can’t pull away. Apparently she’s a swallower, so I speed up my pumping until I feel my cum starting to pump out of my cock. She’s in for a surprise, I shoot one, two, three, and continue until I have filled her mouth with 10 good strong shots. She’s swallowing furiously to keep up with it. Not one drop gets out of her lips. Nobody has accomplished that feat before. All the other women couldn’t swallow fast enough and ended up with cum all over them. De De’s an amazing cocksucker.

“My turn now. Lay down so I can eat you.” I tell her. She immediately lies back on the floor and rips her panties off and throws her legs wide almost in the splits.

“Go for it big boy, your cock was delicious and I have never see someone put out that much cum before. It was yummy. I can eat that all day everyday. This will give you time to recover, then you can fuck me anyway you want.

“Look.” I say pointing down at my cock.

“Wow, it didn’t go down at all. I can really have fun with you. Come here.” Antalya Travesti She says.

I want to start at the top and really give her an enjoyable time. I start by kissing her lips again. Mashing my lips to hers and sticking my tongue deep in her mouth wrestling with her tongue. Back and forth we go swapping my tongue in her mouth then her tongue in mine. I pull away and kiss and lick down her neck then around to the side of her neck and bite down. “Oh yea.” She says.

Next I start by dragging my tongue down her chest to between her breasts. Then I start nipping and licking under her left breast, round and round in ever narrowing circles until I reach her nipple which is sticking out like a bullet. I take it in my mouth and suck on it. “Bite it and pull it.” She says. So I bite hard on the nipple and pull it as far out with my teeth as I can. “That’s it.” She gasps. I release it with my teeth and grab it with my fingers and pinch and pull and twist. “Oh God.” She gasps.

While my hand in pulling and twisting on the left nipple, my teeth start working on the right one giving it the same treatment I had given the other one. De De’s arching her back and really seems to be enjoying the pain I’m inflicting on her breasts. I continue to work on them for all I’m worth. Soon she’s moaning constantly so I ramp up the action on her breasts and then I hear. “I’m cumming, Uh Uh Uh Mmmmmm.” And she collapses back on the floor.

I’ve only just begun. Kissing down her body, I stick my tongue in her belly button and she giggles as I flick her belly ring with my tongue. Continuing down toward her honey pot, I don’t see any hair. Fantastic, she shaves her bush. That’s the way I prefer my women. It makes it easier to feast on the cunt without getting hair in my mouth. I kiss her mons and lick down toward her clit. The next thing I notice is her clit with a ring in it.

This is going to be fun.

I flick her clit ring with my tongue and her hips jump and she moans. I leave the ring alone for the time being, and climb between her legs and start to lick down her outer lips. She’s pushing her pussy toward my mouth, but I just want to tease her for a while until she can’t stand it any more. Licking down toward her hole, I curl my tongue into a tube and shove it into the hole as deep as I can. She lets out with an AHHHHHH. I tongue fuck her hole for a while and she is bouncing her hips up and down on the floor. My tongue then traces up the center of her pussy to just before her clit then down again across her love hole and back again. Then I lift up her legs until they are at her shoulder, I tell her to hold them there.

I start licking back down over her pussy all the way to her anus. When she feels my tongue slide across her back door, she says, “yesssss, lick me there.”

Continuing to lick her brown eye, I dribbled some spit on it and stick the tip of my tongue right on the center and push. I can feel her muscles start to relax to allow me to push in further. My tongue slides in and I wiggle it in there. She’s going crazy, bouncing up and down and back and forth. So my finger comes into play. Rubbing it around the outside edge of her brown hold slowly then swiftly I push it in hard as fast as I can. That causes her to arch her back as far as she can so that only her head is on the floor. A licking on her pussy should put her over the top. Licking up her pussy all the way to the clit ring, she’s rolling back and forth on her head only, moaning constantly. With one finger in her ass, I stick my thumb in her pussy then grab the clit ring with my teeth and tug gently.

“OH, MY GOD! That feels good. So I continue shoving my finger in her ass and thumb in her pussy. My tongue is flicking the clit ring as fast as I can move it. She’s getting close to cumming, so I take a second finger and place it next to the other one in her ass, shove it in with the other and tug hard on the clit ring at the same time. That does it. Her pussy starts to squirt all over my face over and over. I’ve never seen a squirter before. The liquid she is discharging from her pussy is delicious and I’m licking up as much as I can, but a lot of it is already on the floor.

Soon I can feel her pussy clenching just a little with after shocks and she collapses against me and sighs. “That was fantastic. Now are Bursa Travesti you going to fuck me?”

I can’t resist so I drop her knees to my elbows, align my cock with her pussy hole and in I go. I realize that we’ve been in here for about an hour, and somebody is going to check on us soon. Since she seems to like it with a little pain, I’m pushing as hard and fast as I can. Her pussy muscles are clenching around my prick. I think she’s cumming again, because I can feel liquid running around my cock. Her constant moaning is an indication that she is cumming constantly.

My balls are filling again and I feel the pressure starting to build, so I pull out, align with her anus and push hard until I feel the head pop in. “AHHWOOOOOOOOOO.” She says like she’s howling. I push in all the way in one swift push. She’s pushing against me with her ass and reaches down and starts to play with her clit ring.

I know I’m not going to last long with the pressure in my balls and the tightness of her ass. Pushing faster and faster into her, I feel my cum coming up the length of my shaft. As deep as I can get in her bowels, my cream is pumping over and over until it finally slows down.

I pull out and reach around to my tool kit and grab a couple of cleaning rags. I hand one to DeDe, and start to clean myself up with the other.

“I don’t think one is going to be enough to clean up all this mess.” She says. I hand her my last one from my tool kit and respond, “That’s all we have, it will have to do for now until you can get to the bathroom.”

She stuffs one in her pussy, gets up and puts her clothes on. “There’s going to be a party at my house tonight, I want you to be there.” She turns to me and says.

“What type of party?” I ask.

“Well, it’s one of those sex toy parties, and it will be all women there. Does that interest you?”

“I would love to come, but the doctor said this thing would go down in 24 hours and,….(I look at my watch.) that was half an hour ago. I’ll tell you what, if it’s still hard, and I can get away from the house. I’ll come. What will the other women think if it’s only suppose to be women there and I show up?” I ask.

“These girls and I are always hanging out together and they are all addicted to sex. With them anything goes. Most of their husbands don’t know what kind of trouble or fun they usually get into.” She explains. “They are a really wild bunch of horny bitches. I can just imagine what they can come up with when you come in with your permanent erection. You’ll have your dick in more holes than you can count.”

“I’ll do my best to come. I wouldn’t want to miss a party like that, especially with me as the center of attention. You better give me the address and tell me what time you want me if I come.” I answer.

“If you can come, show up about 8:30, the party starts at 8 and they will be into their 2nd or 3rd drink by then.

“Great, I hope to see you tonight then. Thanks for the great fuck DeDe. You are fantastic. I hope we can meet like this again sometime.” I say.

DeDe looks at me, then down at my cock and says, “As good as you are at giving pleasure, and with a permanent hardon, you will definitely see me more. I’ve never met a man like you before. It’s too bad you’re married or I’d latch onto you.” She heads

out the door with a twinkle in her eye.

Wow, I hadn’t noticed, but her ass is perfectly heart shaped. She sure looks fine from the back too. I sigh with pleasure and return to the equipment. It’s an easy problem, so I’m finished soon. Gathering my tools and cleaning up the mess a little more, I head back to medical records. Luann is sitting at her desk and looks up as I come in. I hand her the service ticket and the key and say. “It was a pain, but I got it. Everything’s working normal now. Call me when you have anything else.”

” OK Stan, I’ll see you next time. What’s that smell? I don’t recognize it.” I’m thinking she hasn’t had sex in so long, she doesn’t recognize the smell. “Have a good day.” She says.

I head out the door and toward my car, in amazement that all these fantastic women want sex so easily. I never imagined women were so horny all the time.

Oh well, I may have to find another job if my boss finds out how much time I’m taking on my service calls. But the women at my service calls need servicing along with the equipment.

I’m pondering my dilemma as I call in for my next service call.

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