The Restaurant

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Caruso’s was a family owned Italian restaurant on the outskirts of town. The décor was simple with the usual checked tablecloths and empty bottle of Chianti with a candle in it on the table. The atmosphere was homey and comfortable. It was usually quiet and a good place to just unwind. Alicia’s day had been long and tedious and she wanted to relax and have a nice quiet dinner and a glass of Merlot. The waiter seated her at a table in the corner where she could see everyone who came in.

She had gone by her apartment before coming to the restaurant and changed into her favorite green silk blouse and long black silk skirt – the one with the slit up the side. They were her comfort clothes and made her feel very warm and sexy. Sex – that was something she hadn’t had time for in a while. Oh well, probably not tonight either since all she wanted to do was relax and enjoy her meal. She would just read the book she’d grabbed on the way out of the apartment and try to forget all the things she still needed to do at work.

She saw him come in and the waiter seated him at the table next to hers. They smiled politely at one another and then looked away. He was tall with long hair, beautiful eyes and the most sensual mouth she’d ever seen. She felt her gut quiver a bit but immediately put any thoughts of him out of her mind. He was just a stranger there to enjoy a good meal. She couldn’t help but notice when he ordered the same Merlot she was drinking and when he looked her way again she raised her glass to him. He smiled the warmest smile and nodded slightly then went back to reading the menu.

Dinner was wonderful veal Parmesan made from scratch by Mama Caruso. She ordered a second glass of wine that she savored for a long time as she read the latest John Sanford book. Books were her lifesaver – an escape into someone else’s troubles and victories. She was enjoying the book when she realized her napkin had fallen to the floor. As she bent over to pick it up felt the heat of his gaze. She looked up and realized he could see lots of cleavage as her blouse gapped open.

Alicia felt herself blush but she pretended that she hadn’t noticed his stare. There were those feelings again in her belly. She wondered what it would be like to make love to someone you didn’t know, someone who’s name you never asked, someone you never saw again. That was certainly risky but very erotic and made her smile. As she straightened up she turned that smile on him. Now it was his turn to blush.

She finished her dinner, paid her check and got ready to leave. Just as she was leaving her table he stood up and bumped into her. He looked so good those tight black jeans and the black shirt. Black was definitely his color. There it was, that electricity again. They both apologized and, rather embarrassed, headed for the exit.

Alicia watched him walk towards his car in the parking lot. His legs were very long and he had an incredible ass. His shoulders were broad and the hair that hung down his back was soft and shiny. She wondered again what it would be like…

As he reached his car she realized she was parked right in front of him. He seemed to hesitate as he unlocked his car. She couldn’t imagine why but he was looking at her car. Now she was a bit concerned. What if he were some weirdo? What if he were a dangerous criminal? As she a got to her car she realized why he was staring. She had a flat tire.

“I was just noticing that you have a flat. Would you like some help with that?” His voice almost startled her – it was calm and deep with an accent she couldn’t quite place – maybe mid-western.

“I can change it, I’ve had to do it before”. She thought her reply sounded so stupid and she wanted to take it back as soon as she’d said it. She bent down to check out the tire and saw two black cowboy boots walk up in front of her.

He bent down and reached his hand out to her. “A beautiful woman like you shouldn’t have to change her own flat. Let me do it for you.” How could she resist? She took his hand and he helped her up. They were standing close enough that she could feel the heat Travesti from his body. Her knees grew weak.

She quickly went and opened the trunk and he took out the spare. She could see the muscles in his shoulders and back as he removed the flat and put on the new tire. She wasn’t even aware of twisting the top button on her blouse until it fell off in her hand. Now she just laughed out loud.

Puzzled, he looked up to see her standing there with her blouse partially open and the top of her bra showing. It was white lace. Immediately he felt himself begin to harden. “Better stay down here,” he told himself. She held up the button for him to see and began to laugh again.

“Looks like it’s my day for things to break.” Now he began to laugh. She was glad there was no one else in the parking lot since they looked like two idiots standing there laughing over what appeared to be nothing. The tension was broken and a new kind of tension began.

He wanted to touch her – to run his fingers over the top of her bra. He wanted to feel the contrast between the lace and her skin – skin that was milky white and looked so soft and inviting. He could feel his erection growing and wasn’t sure how he would handle this. At least it was relatively dark in the parking lot and he had on black jeans. Maybe she wouldn’t notice…but if this kept growing there would be no way to hide it.

He finished putting on the new tire and stood up with his back to her to put the flat tire in her trunk. He was beginning to gain his composure when came around to the back of the car. She was holding her blouse closed but the vision was still in his head. She thanked him for changing the tire and asked if she could pay him. He just looked at her.

Oh god, those eyes looked straight into her and she thought she would melt. She reached out her hand to shake his and realized hers was trembling. He took her hand in both of his and held it for what seemed like an eternity. Neither of them spoke – their eyes were locked on each other, the tremors going through them both – and she knew. She knew she would fulfill her fantasy with this man if he made one move toward her.

“My name is…” She stopped him. “Don’t tell me your name please. Somehow he knew – he knew what was going to happen and he knew he would do nothing to stop it. He moved her hand away from her blouse and she let her hand drop to her side. His fingers slowly traced the top of her bra. It was just as he’d imagined – the texture of the lace against her soft skin was so sensual.

He felt her body quiver and saw her eyes glaze over with desire even as his desire grew. As his fingers continued to explore her soft skin he reached down to kiss her ever so gently. They both felt the fire begin to ignite and knew that a volcano rested underneath the gentleness.

When he finally spoke his voice was husky with desire. “We can’t do this here.” She could only nod in agreement. “My house is nearby and we could go there if you like.” Again, her voice would not come out and she could only nod. He took her by the hand and led her to her car knowing that she would be more comfortable if she could escape.

She followed him down the highway and down the dirt road he turned onto. His house was back in the woods. Now she was having second thoughts – but the heat that had already built in her made her keep going. They pulled into a long driveway and finally up to a wonderful log house. It was large and spread out all over the place. It appeared so inviting and warm but all she could think of was his touch on her.

They parked the cars and he came back and opened her door. “You don’t have to do this, you know.” She was already committed and would not turn back now. The risk was so great but that was part of the excitement. She had felt his erection next to her when he kissed her and knew that his desire was as strong as hers.

He led her into the house, to a big open room with a beautiful stone fireplace and lots of big overstuffed furniture. It was like him and was as warm as it appeared from the outside. He closed the door Antalya Travesti behind her and when he turned around she was standing right in front of him. Her scent was clean and fresh and her mouth so inviting. He wanted to devour her but his head told him to move slowly. He wanted to know all of her and that would take time.

His kiss was soft – kissing her eyes, her mouth, her cheek and her neck. With each kiss there was a soft moan from throat. Her body molded to his and finally her mouth sought his. She kissed him with such need that he thought he would explode. The kiss was deep and probing and hungry. Her hands were between them unbuttoning his shirt, running her hands over the downy hair on his chest, over his nipples. She pulled his shirt out of his jeans so that she could reach his back. Her hands were slender with long fingers that moved over his body with such expertise it made him weak. Her touch was like velvet as she explored him.

He could stand it no longer; he unbuttoned her blouse and slid it down her arms, letting it fall to the floor. Her breasts were soft beneath her bra and her nipples were hard and pushed against the fabric begging for release from their prison. He kissed the top of her breasts and felt her arch against him. His hands explored the fabric and the nipples straining to be free. His hand moved up her arms and over her shoulders as his mouth sought hers again. This time the kiss was tender, nibbling her lip, running his tongue around the outline of her mouth. His hands moved to her back to unfasten her bra as she pulled him close. He wanted to prolong the moment, to savor each movement and touch.

Slowly he slid the bra straps down her arm revealing just a bit more of her breasts. He leaned back just enough from her embrace to allow himself full view of her. She dropped her arms to her sides and the bra slipped to the floor. The sight of her was breathtaking. Beautifully rounded breasts with large nipples that begged to be kissed and sucked. He could hardly take it in or control himself. All of the desire moved to his loins and he felt himself harden and throb, as he never had before.

He took a breast in each hand and caressed them so lovingly, so tenderly. As he lowered his head to kiss them he felt her hands on his hardness. Now it was she who wanted him to be free. She undid his belt and then his jeans with such ease and her long fingers reached inside and engulfed his cock, holding it tightly and then squeezing lightly. His head began to spin. He could feel the heat so intense in both of them yet he wanted to make this last forever.

Their legs would no longer hold them and he lowered her to the floor, never losing contact, never breaking the spell. He placed his body beside hers so that he could view every inch of her; take in this entire bewitching creature who had taken over his being. He noticed how her long red hair laid against the carpet like a mane. Her pale blue eyes flashed to a deeper blue and back again to the pale color that was like a pool of water in the high mountains. Her legs were long and slender and her soft belly invited him to touch it.

She closed her eyes and let herself feel his hands roam over her. It was as if he were a blind man discovering sight for the first time. His hand moved up the slit of her skirt and underneath it to her thigh. Her body arched slightly at his touch – but she too wanted this to last and she held herself back from full surrender. His hands were like fire licking her body. She could feel their strength yet they were so gently against her skin. How could something so tender set her on fire everywhere he touched? She knew that she was so very wet and ready for him but this touching was driving her to insane places.

She had to touch him, to feel his manhood. Her hand found him again and stroked him ever so slightly. She found the bit of moisture at the tip of his cock that indicated he was as ready as she. The agony of prolonging the inevitable was almost more than they could handle, yet they continued to explore each other and to kiss deep long Bursa Travesti kisses. He unzipped her skirt and she lifted her hips so he could pull it off. She was wearing white lace panties that matched the bra. Again he allowed his fingers only to run along the edge of her panties, teasing her and teasing himself. He pulled himself away long enough to remove his jeans. His cock was so beautiful and hard and she couldn’t take her eyes off it. Her hand reached out to him and he dropped back to the floor beside her.

As he leaned over to kiss her belly her felt her hand once again on his hardness but this time there was no teasing, no holding back. She stroked him faster than before and with more pressure. He will cum so fast if she doesn’t stop so he moves his body down hers until his face is just above her thighs. She opens her legs and he can see that her panties are already wet with desire. He kisses her inner thigh as his hands move up her body to her breasts. He rubs her nipples between his thumb and forefinger and suddenly her body lurches upward. The orgasm shoots through her entire body like a shotgun blast. She is lost in time and space as the ecstasy takes over. Without waiting for her to come down he moves her panties aside and presses his mouth to her wetness.

She continues to cry out and her body jerks as she feels herself rising to another peak. He sucks her clit into his mouth and holds it there as his tongue moves back and forth over it. He can feel the shocks to her body as she cums again and again. Finally she is begging him to stop. He eases back as slowly as he began – planting kisses on her pussy, lightly running his tongue over her still swollen clit and rubbing her thighs. He feels her breathing start to return to normal and he sits up beside her with his hands never leaving her until she is calm again.

She opens her eyes and looks at him and smiles a very wicked smile. “Now it’s my turn,” she says. He is sitting crossed legged and she moves like a cat to his hard cock. Slowly she licks all the down it and all the way back up to the tip where she licks off all that wonderful juice that leaks from the head. Just as gradually she takes him into her mouth. Her mouth is warm and wet and her tongue flicks around his cock as she takes all of him in. It almost takes his breath away as she tightens her lips and moves back up his cock. He knows he will cum if she continues but he cannot bear for her to stop. He tells himself to think of baseball but it isn’t working.

Her hand massages his balls as her lips and mouth do their work. His cock has never been so hard and he has never been so hungry to take someone. He cannot allow himself to cum because he wants to feel her pussy around his cock. He wants to feel her muscles tighten and draw every ounce of juice from him. Just as she releases his cock from her mouth he pulls her up to him and kisses her ferociously on the mouth. The craving is stronger than ever for her. The hunger and the passion have a life of their own now and must be satiated.

He lowers her back to the floor and moves his body over hers. Painfully slowly he presses his cock against her pussy, holding it there for an excruciating few seconds. Finally neither of them can wait any longer. He plunges into her with such force that she cries out – not in pain but in total ecstasy. Her sounds are only matched by his as his rapture takes over. Again and again he plunges into her, trying so desperately to hold back as she cums over and over, squeezing his cock with each orgasm. Now, it must happen now. She sees it in his eyes, feels it as his body tenses and she cums with him. They both cry out in total bliss as the volcano erupts over and over – a never-ending trip to another world.

They lay there for a long time not moving and not speaking – entwined in each others arms. At last she makes a move to get up but he pulls her back to him for what he knows is their last kiss. She dresses as he watches her and wants her again. As she opens the door to leave she turns back and looks at him and says, “My name is Alicia.” The door closes behind her.

They both went to Caruso’s time and time again but they never met again. Each of them would smile and think of that incredibly strange night and wonder if they would ever find that ecstasy again. The hunger for it would always be there.

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