It Began in the Locker Room Pt. 03

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Cameron didn’t know what to think. He kept staring at the email screen. He blinked and slowly opened his eyes again and read the words. Nope they didn’t change. “Hey Ethan, there might be something wrong with your laptop, or I’m going crazy. Maybe crazy.” He finished quietly to himself. He felt Ethan lean over his shoulder. His minty breath brushing past his ear as he read Cameron’s email aloud.

“Hey Cam, its Jeremy, I did your laundry yesterday. Just trying to apologise for behind dumb about everything. I hope we’re good. See ya later. J.” Ethan blew out a gush of air before Cameron felt him drop his forehead to his shoulder. “Hmm…we must have made quite an impression…or…you now need new clothes. One or the other.”

“Yep, guess I’ll check after classes today. You’ll be glad to get me out of your clothes.” Cameron said thoughtfully as he logged off the system and told the laptop to shut down. He stood up from the stool at the breakfast bar and stepped into Ethan’s arms plastering their lips together for a quick and messy kiss. Giggling he pulled back taking Ethan’s toast with him. Ethan looked at his now empty hand shaking his hand and reached around Cameron to grab another toast off the plate he’d put there while Cameron was checking his email.

“So, this evening, after class, did you want to grab some stuff and come back here, or did you want some time away from me?” Ethan asked, his eyes darting from Cameron to the floor.

Cameron didn’t really have to think about it. He knew he wanted to come back here. Even if Jeremy had decided to stop being an ass, where ever Ethan was, was where he wanted to be. “I’d like to come back here, if you’re not sick of my company.” He replied quietly, holding his breath. He released it again seeing Ethan’s eyes light up and nodding frantically. “Hey, stop that, your head will drop off if you keep doing that.” Cameron laughed placing his hands on either side of Ethan’s face and holding it steady. He found Ethan’s lips irresistible and snuck another kiss.

Ethan pushed Cameron into the bench behind him and rubbed their bodies together until both were panting into their kisses. One kiss running into another and into another. He slipped a hand into Cameron’s jeans and took his hard cock in hand. He played with the head, running his thumb over it back and forth until Cameron was bucking his hips jerkily and whimpering into their kisses. Ethan swallowed each whimper and curled his hand more firmly around the shaft and squeezed. He loosened his grip just enough so Cameron could fuck into his hand. He wrenched his lips away from Cameron’s and claimed his ear, a sharp nip and a low growl were all it took for Cameron to stutter and spill.

Cameron’s knees shook, he took advantage of that and let himself drop, his mouth perfectly lined up now to mouth at Ethan’s hard bulge through his pants. He breathed heavily wetting Ethan’s crotch, just breathing and teasing until Ethan had had enough and undid his fly, pulling himself out. “Suck now.” He ordered and Cameron did. He sucked Ethan down hungrily. He pulled back again to lick at the head and heard Ethan growl above him. Ethan wrapped his hand around the back of Cameron’s neck and thrust his hips sharply, pushing his cock firmly into Cameron’s mouth. Cameron took a sharp breath in and swallowed. Ethan thrust carefully but firmly into Cameron’s throat for a few seconds before Cameron felt him shudder and come down his throat. He pulled back just enough to feel Ethan spill on his tongue to taste his lover.

Breathing heavily Cameron licked around Ethan’s softening cock until Ethan pulled him up and kissing him thoroughly as they leaned against each other allowing the bench to keep them both up. Ethan eventually pulled away. He was smiling, his face beaming. “We need to get cleaned up and get to school, baby.” Cameron nodded smiling back.

“You know that growly, dominating thing you did today? That was really hot.” Cameron commented heading for the bathroom for a quick clean up.

“You liked that huh?” Ethan asked as he followed his boyfriend. He chuckled and planted a kiss on the back of Cameron’s head when Cameron nodded enthusiastically smiling at him from the bathroom mirror.

“I am definitely a major fan of that kind of thing, when it comes to sex anyway. Not sure I could go for it on a life style kind of thing, but very very hot for sexy times.” Cameron replied a he handed Ethan a warm wet wash cloth to clean himself up.

They made it out of the house and made it to school with minutes to spare for both of their assorted Monday morning lectures.

Cameron felt a little put off. It was lunch time now. He was taking his lunch to a clear table in the university cafe. He was sure he kept seeing girls glance at him every few seconds. They never really made eye contact or kept looking but it was starting to seriously freak him out. He sat at the table and unwrapped his sandwich, he put his ear buds in and tried listening to some music to ignore what was happening around him. Two bites into his ham and salad sandwich he almost choked Avrupa Yakası Escort and screamed as a strange hand came into view waving up and down in front of his eyes. He swallowed quickly and ripped the earbuds out of his ears and looked to his right. Blinking he recognized the girl from the movies the other night. Emily, that was her name. She was saying something. He tuned into her voice. “Ah…sorry, can you repeat all that?” he asked.

“Okay, I was asking, if you had thought any more about giving those blow job lessons. I have talking to a lot of my girl friends and we’re all interested you know? It’s sort of hard for girls to get that right.” She was talking a million miles a second. It all suddenly made sense to Cameron now, all the looks and glances from strange girls. It was all Emily’s fault. “You what!” he tried very hard not to shout and make a scene, but it wasn’t a quiet question. He swallowed and started again. “What the hell have you been saying? Did you tell all your friends I was gonna give them lessons. What the hell Emily?” he didn’t know what to do or say about this. There was no way he could do that. No fucking way! He wrapped his lunch back up and made to leave the table and get away from everyone. He could feel his face was red, he was so embarrassed.

He felt a hand wrap around the back of his neck and for some reason felt immediate calm radiating from that hand. Looking around he saw Ethan standing behind him smiling down at him. He winked at Cameron before glancing over at Emily than back to Cameron.

“Hey babe enjoying lunch?” He asked sitting down to Cameron’s right.

“It’s not bad.” Cameron mumbled, he didn’t know how much Ethan had heard and wasn’t sure how to deal with it all.

Ethan stole the other half of Cameron’s sandwich and took a huge bite. He chewed and swallowed calmly before looking at Emily. “No Emily, Cam is not about to give blow job lessons to a bunch of giggling girls. Yes I know you’ve been talking to a lot of girls. A few boyfriends have come up to me already this morning asking me about it and if my boyfriend really gave spectacular blowjobs. I answered no to the first and he’ll yes to the second. So since none of you want to ask your boyfriends for what they like, or they’ll just lie to you because they’re just grateful to get one, Cam, myself and some other guys are going to write a pamphlet, get some printed and leave some with you to give out, leave some with student services and probably upload it to the student notice board. I’ll email you a copy too. That’s as much as you’re gonna get. Be grateful for it and stop annoying my boyfriend. Now shoo, I want to have a quiet lunch with Cam.”

Cameron clicked his jaws shut. “Yep I can definitely get into the dominant thing. Fuck the way you handled Emily and all that was just hot.” Cameron got out in a rush. His face was still flushed but now it was for very different reasons.

Ethan chuckled. “Eat your lunch.” he said pointing to the half eaten sandwich still half wrapped in front of Cameron.

Cameron had a bite in his mouth before realising he had followed what was in effect an order and liked it. He chewed and swallowed and repeated the action until his sandwich was gone. He dusted the crumbs off his fingers before shyly looking up at Ethan from under his eyelashes.

“Oh yeah, you do enjoy a little bit of dynamics. Well we just added some extra facets to our relationship.” Ethan said quietly. His hand coming to rest on Cameron’s thigh and giving it a possessive squeeze. He cleared his throat before continuing “As for Emily, I figured a few guys I know could write down what we like in great blowjobs and do like I told her. It lets all of us off the hook and keeps things anonymous. There is no way I was gonna let them railroad you into giving lessons. I already spoke to some friends and got a few interesting emails. They would probably make an interesting erotica book if I put them into some type of format. Okay now I’ve got to get ready for my next class so I’ll see you in the library around 4 after our lectures are done. We’ll go over and grab some of your stuff from there. Be good and play nice with the other kiddies.” Ethan dropped a kiss on his forehead and laughed as Cameron stuck his tongue out at him. “Ooooo is that a promise?” He asked cheekily as he swaggered away. Cameron shook his head ruefully at his boyfriends back, bussed his table and scurried off before his was late for his next lecture.

True to his word Ethan met Cameron in the library minutes after his final lecture for the day. Cameron was going over some notes, sitting at a table near the door so he couldn’t be missed. A fast and dirty kiss and they were out the and in Ethan’s Suzuki all wheel drive and heading to Cameron’s place.

Cameron pushed the door open and blinked rapidly. He checked he had the right door before he pushed on into the room Ethan behind him. He heard the whistle Ethan let out and could only agree. The room was spotless. Jeremy’s stuff which was usually all over the floor was neatly placed on the Avrupa Yakası Escort Bayan shelves. His bed was made and the room smelt recently cleaned and well aired. Cameron looked over to his side of the room which was usually clean and saw a pile of clothes folded and on his neatly made bed. Walking over he saw they all looked clean and in good condition. “Welcome to the twilight zone.” He said as he grabbed his clothes and stuffed them into his sports bag. He turned around ready to leave again.

Ethan was on Jeremy’s side of the room. He had a pen in hand and was scribbling on a yellow post it. Cameron went over to read over Ethan’s shoulder. ‘Nicely done J. Cam’s spending some more time with me. Call him if you get worried about it. Ethan.’ He unstuck the note from the rest and stuck it to the computer screen. Wrapping an arm around Cameron’s waist they set off again.


“When’s your next shift at the restaurant Cam?” Ethan asked as they dropped their bags in the living room.

“Usually Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights. From five to ten give or take. I called my manager earlier and arranged to not work this Friday though. He’ll just swap some shifts around and since it’s getting colder we’re not as busy as before.” Cameron said as he walked to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge. He downed half of it standing in front of it, eyes looking for a snack.

“Hungry?” Ethan whispered into his ear. He was plastered against Cameron’s back. Both hands resting on Cameron’s hips. Thumbs hooked under the waistband of his jeans. Cameron leaned back and rubbed his ass over Ethan’s hardening cock. He shook his head and waited. Ethan didn’t keep him waiting for long. Ethan slowly turned him around and nipped at his bottom lip. Cameron opened his mouth enough for Ethan to run his tongue around Cameron’s mouth, tasting him.

“I’ve been thinking about your mouth all day. It’s been a bitch to not get hard in my classes. Not very professional to pop a stiffy is it. So I was thinking you could get on your knees and suck me off now. Because I don’t think I can wait any longer.” Ethan’s voice was soft, low, serious and oh so sexy. Cameron was on his knees and scrambling to open Ethan’s jeans before he even sucked in a breath. He’d tasted Ethan just that morning but that felt like an eternity ago. “I think I’m getting addicted to your cock.” He gasped out before wrapping his lips around his lover and sucking hard and deep. He moaned around his mouthful as his tongue found the slit at the tip of Ethan’s hard cock.

Ethan’s hands came up to cup Cameron’s face and keep his face still. “Baby I need to fuck your face. Can I?” Ethan was panting like a runner. Cameron could see lust and need shining in Ethan’s eyes. He’d been waiting for that and never realised it, he relaxed his muscles and nodded slightly. It was enough for Ethan. Their eyes were locked and Ethan started to move his hips. Short, sharp thrusts than never came close to choking Cameron but still gave them both what they needed. Cameron wrapped his lips tightly around Ethan to make it even more intense. He’d never trusted another man to do this. It was too easy to choke someone this way but he trusted Ethan completely. And Ethan didn’t disappoint. He fucked Cameron’s mouth with care but oh so thoroughly. Cameron could feel his lips getting puffy. His mouth felt used and he relished the it. He was moaning nonstop, the vibrations travelling from his throat to Ethan’s cock. Ethan was panting above him. Cameron could see him biting his lips to keep control.

Cameron was so hard he could feel his zipper digging into him. He moved his hand to release himself. The relief was intense enough to make him gasp around his mouthful. Ethan grinned down at him. ” Hands behind your back baby. Spread your knees a little. That’s it, beautiful.” Ethan said on a sigh, he never once stopped his controlled thrusting.

Cameron was flying. Not literally but it felt like it. Ethan’s hands on him restricted his movement just enough. He knew Ethan couldn’t hold off much longer. He could feel him trembling. Then Ethan’s hands tightened in his hair and groaned as his cock pulsed and throbbed into Cameron’s hot and hungry mouth. Cameron swallowed fast. That salty cream was his and his alone. He liked it that way too. Whoever said gay boys weren’t possessive was an idiot.

He waited for Ethan to move away and tuck himself in, just letting his tongue cushion his treat gently. It took Ethan a minute to compose himself. Then he took a step back but kept one hand in Cameron’s hair. “When I take my hand away I want you to jerk yourself off for me. I want to see it. You don’t have to put on a show. I just want to watch you.” With that he slowly dropped his hand you his side. Cameron didn’t blink, he just followed instructions. His right hand pulled his aching dick out of his pants while his left took his weight. Leaning back onto his left hand he thrust into his right. That hand was a hot, tight channel. Three, four, five thrusts and he was moaning and panting. Escort Avrupa Yakası By the tenth thrust his fist was soaked in pre-cum and he knew he couldn’t hold off any longer. Seconds later his was gasping and shaking erratically as he came over his fist, his come making a mess of him and the floor.

Ethan swooped down and kissed him hard pulling him up with him as his straightened. “Gorgeous” was all he breathed as he lead them both to the bathroom and the shower there.


Hours later they were in bed when Cameron heard Ethan giggling. He put down the book he was flicking through for his latest assessment and looked at his lover. Ethan was reading something on his tablet and snickering for all he was worth. Cameron tapped him on the shoulder, eyebrow raised and waiting. Ethan turned to him, a massive smile on his face. “You remember the ‘blow job’ project? The guys I asked to contribute have started sending me their bits and pieces, some are even sending ‘blow by blow’ photos. No joke. They are sending photos. This thing is gonna be pornographic by the time it’s done. How the hell I’m gonna get this to the girls I have no idea.” Intrigued Cameron pulled the tablet over and started snickering too. The picture that met his eyes could have been at home in any gay porno.

“Anything I should know?” He asked thoughtfully as he strolled down the page and tilted his head slightly. Ethan pulled his chin up gently to get his attention again before he claimed his lips licking his way into Cameron’s mouth.

“Nope.” He whispered pulling away slightly. “Your technique is perfect is far as I’m concerned. Are you going to contribute to this, I’ve done my little part and about 15 other guys have too. If you want to, you have a lot to teach.”

“I’ll throw something together tomorrow during my free periods. I think you need to put that down now and fuck me senseless.”

“Is that what I need to be doing now is it?” Ethan teased, putting his tablet away and grabbing the lube of his bedside table. He dangled it above Cameron’s chest. “If you want this on my cock and my cock in you you’re gonna have to work for it, baby. Show me how much you want my cock.” He murmured low in his throat. His eyes burning and Cameron didn’t know where to start. All he could do as pant for a few seconds. Ethan pulled away and lay on his back, arms behind his head. Cameron scrambled to his knees and faced the unexpectedly dominant man beside him.

“What did you want me to do?” He panted, eyes eager and shining with want.

“I want you to strip off for me, then remove my shorts. After that I want to feel your tongue all over me.” Ethan ordered gently. Cameron couldn’t get off the bed fast enough.

“Slowly baby, we have all night. Show me slowly.” Ethan cut in before Cameron could rip his own clothes off. “In fact, put some soft music on, I think I want a strip tease.” Cameron stopped in his tracks. He didn’t know what to do. He could feel his skin turn beetroot red. His breath caught in his throat and clicking noises emanated from it. He stood rooted to the spot his mind erratic. Could he do that? What the fuck? He couldn’t dance. He wasn’t sexy. Ethan would hate it and dump him in seconds flat. His breath started to run away with him. Hyperventilation was around the corner and he knew it. Suddenly he felt arms around him and whispers in his ear. “It’s okay baby. Just relax for me. Breathe with me, in…out…in…out. It’s all okay. If you don’t want to dance for me it’s okay, I’m not going to be upset. Even if you think you can’t dance I’m still not going to be upset. I only want to see you move for me. Just sway and slowly take your clothes off.” Ethan kissed him slowly, just running his hands up and down Cameron’s back, letting them both relax into each other.

Cameron felt himself let go and melt into the kiss. He wound his arms around Ethan’s neck and relished in the pure adoration he could feel coming from his man. Cameron knew himself to be adored and safe. He stepped back eventually smiling at his lover. He nodded and moved over to his iPod and flicked on a slow song. He swayed over to Ethan and ran his hands over his chest. He hooked his fingers into Ethan’s shorts and pulled the elastic away a little just to let it snap back. Ethan laughed and ran a hand over Cameron’s soft hair. He moved away from Cameron and made his way back to their bed. He flipped the covers off and climbed into the middle of it. He lay back against the headboard and put his hands behind his head to enjoy the show.

Cameron waited till Ethan was comfortable, just swaying on his feet. He could feel the music run through him. The bass beat made its way into his soul and it found its way out of his body. Saying back and forth, running his hands over his chest and down to his hips. He had his eyes closed and bit his bottom lip. He lost himself to the music and swaying back and forth. His hands slowly slipped under his t-shirt and he started pushing it up slowly. Up and up until it was over his shoulders, off his head and dangling from his finger tips. He let it drop. Running his fingers over his defined abdominal muscles he opened his eyes to look at his lover. Ethan’s eyes were glazed. He was panting and running his tongue over his lips repeatedly. His arousal obvious through the tenting of his shorts. His hands clutched in the bed sheets.

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