Married to the Pack

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Married to the Pack

After being your pet for a long time, one morning as you eat breakfast whilst I am all fours sucking your cock as per my routine you make an announcement.

“I think it is time we made things official” I know better than to stop sucking but a flutter hits my stomach as I wait for the next bit. Your cock gets harder as you formulate your thoughts.

“As much as I like sex before marriage I think it is time for us to formalise the arrangement we have. Once you have made me come you will tell me whether you accept my proposal”

I carry on sucking your cock and as usual just before you come my head gets pushed down and held as you pump your hot come into my throat. You hold it there saying

“Think very carefully before you answer as what you say next will change the rest of your life”

I hear what I want to hear, I am so excited as I am allowed to pull my head free, a long string of come lands on my chin and my name tag tinkles as I raise my head.

” Yes oh yes, of course I accept” I gasp

“Are you happy?”

“Yes, very” I reply

“Lets not hang around then, I take it you would like all this to happen sooner rather than later?” you say

“Yes please” I reply

“Good then I have a lot to sort out, you have my permission to take my credit card and get a wedding dress.I want you to look stunning. I will sort everything else as I want to surprise you. I will arrange for the venue, sort out getting your hair and makeup done on the day. You will not regret this. It might seem quick but you have 2 weeks to get prepared for the ceremony”

I so loved being out shopping, something I havent been able to do before as I spent most of my time being naked being fucked by you or your Great Dane ‘Majesty’ with you working I have to spend most of my day servicing ‘Majesty’ who is one horny dog who loves to take me maybe 2 or 3 times a day filling my pussy with his come. I sometimes wonder where it all comes from as he seems to flood me each time he knots and shoots deep inside me. Many times when you come home I am found sleeping in his dog bed with a protective paw around me.

I was sad to leave ‘Majesty’ on his own as I went shopping for my dress. After an hour in the wedding dress shop I fell in love with a beautiful dress, white satin, low cut to show off my breasts, a small train with a hook to pin it up so that didnt drag on the floor, lace peticoats underneath filling it out but without looking to cinderella going to the ball. I returned home floating on air as I held the box with my dress tightly under my arm. I go to back of the house and into the garage where I take off the clothes I have been allowed to wear for the day, put my collar back on, then naked still carrying my wedding dress go into the back door going on to all fours as per your instructions (I am not allowed bursa eskort to stand in the house even to do the chores) As soon as I get through the door Majesty is upon me frustrated as he has missed out on at least 2 fucking sessions in my absence. The dress box is knocked across the floor as he pins me down and starts to thrust his muscular body on top of me. His huge cock soon finds its target and I whimper as he is being urgent in his fucking, this only serves to spur him on even more and he even makes a small growl to reinforce his dominance over me. Once he has his cock fully in me I am able to raise my head and see you sitting there enjoying the spectacle before you, you cock swelling with the erotic sight of your bitch being bred by your dog.You pick up the box and put in on the table and continue to watch as Majesty fucks me hard and deep, I gasp as his knot grows inside me stretching my insides so painfully. I know what is going to happen next as Majesty twitches and spasm after spasm of his come shoots inside and keeps on for what seems forever. Majesty;s drool drips down my neck as he licks the side of my face. It takes ages for his knot to grow small enough for him to pull out and before it does you give me a wine glass and tell me to put it under my pussy to catch all the come and my juices. I look up questionably but you just smile and say ‘Just do it’ Majesty pulls out and the glass takes his place by my pussy, as I sit up slightly my pussy makes a fanny fart and a gush of come floods out and starts to fill the glass ‘Keep it there, I want it as full as possible’ you tell me. After ten minutes the glass is 3/4 full and you give permission for me to remove it from my pussy.

“A toast” you say as you raise a glass of cold white wine up. I know what is required and hesitate as I have only licked Majesty’s cock after he has fucked me only getting a small taste of his come, now I am about to drink it. “To the wedding, the bride and the groom'” wow I thought how sweet and touching as I raise the glass to my lips. The bitter taste of dog come only lasts a few seconds as I drink it all down “to The wedding, Bride and groom” I say. You smile a knowing smile ….

The big day soon comes, I have not seen Majesty for over a day as you have told me it was best for him not to see me before the wedding so that I can get ready without any interruptions. My hair and makeup is down by one of your friends and I must say I looked beautiful once the dress was on.Your instructions followed to the letter, no bra or knickers just hold up stockings to be worn underneath the dress.

The venue is a secret but taken in the hairdressers car to what looks like a big estate. Driven round to the a part adjoining the big house I see you have set up the complete stage for a wedding, flowers around an arch with you standing with who I only assumed was the bursa escort bayan wedding official who was conducting the service and Majesty on his lead. Nearby I can hear dogs barking from what I can assume is a large kennel. Beside the arch was a small brazier burning with a rod inside. The hairdresser smiles, passes me a posy and links her arm with mine and leads me to the archway.

I look at you and smile, you smile back, Majesty strains at his lead and wags his tail, pleased to see me after over a day of absence.

We stand together in front of the official, the hairdresser releases my arm and stands to one side.

“We are gathered here today to witness the marriage and bonding of two like minded souls and bodies. Does anyone here present have any objections to this union?” no one replies , I smile “Then I shall begin” He turns to me “Will you repeat after me … ‘I give myself fully to this union, and accept all that it entails by giving my total submission and body’ I repeat the words and smile. “Do you accept your body is no longer owned by you and will be owned by another and of those who he deems fit to share it'”

I reply “I do”

“Who gives the hand of this bitch for marriage”

Now I didnt expect this “I do” you reply I look into your eyes and you smile. “Do you have the symbol of marriage” the official asks you

“I do” you reply and you produces a lockable leather collar with a new golden name tag and a small bell attached. You then proceed to attach and lock it to my neck, I cannot see what is on the tag but the sound of the bell seems to excite Majesty in a way I have never seen before as his cock comes out and gets hard in front of my eyes. The sound of the bell seems to make the dogs in kennel nearby bark even more louder.

“This collar signifies your ownership and your willingness to submit to others and seals your commitment to your betrothed. Repeat after me ‘I accept this collar as a sign of my love and submission'” I repeat the words

“There is only one more thing left to do before we finalise this marriage and that is the seal of ownership” he looks at me ” please kneel and get on all fours for this part of the service” As I get down on all fours my bell tinkles again and Majesty almost breaks free in his urge to get to me. My train is then lifted and attached allowing full access to my backside, Majesty is brought to the front of me his head touching mine blocking my view from what is about to happen. I hear something metal being removed from the direction of the brazier. I am kept busy with Majesty licking my face but it doesnt prepare me for the pain I receive on my backside as the red hot branding iron places a letter ‘M’ on my soft skin. I scream making Majesty growl. I lower my head instantly in case he bites me because I have frightened him.

The görükle escort next words seem to come from miles away as the pain sears through my body.

“I now pronounce you dog and bitch, you may fuck the bride”

Majesty is released and is immediately moubts me pushing against my sore backside making me scream in pain, this and the constant tinkling of the bell only seems to urge him on more. His cock insistent and soon finds its target as he shuffles along my slippery satin dress with his muscular body and large legs pinning me down. Once the shock of all what has happened I realise I am being fucked by my husband and have legally agreed to it!

When I look up I see you and the official waning in to a wine glass, the hairdresser is watching with open eyed fascination. I go through the humiliation of being fucked by Majesty in front of strangers and they seem to love the sight in front of them. Once Majesty has finished shot his come into me and pulled out I am handed the wine glass of come floating on what I later found out was the hairdressers piss.

“Congratulations bitch on your marriage to my dog Majesty” you say to me “Now drink to celebrate your marriage and consummation” I lift the glass in drink, my throat dry so it accepted willingly.

“I have Just one more surprise for you bitch, and that is the honeymoon. You will be spending it here on this estate for a whole week with Majesty and his friends. The bell on your collar has been used to train Majesty and the working dogs of this estate to want to fuck whoever is wearing it so there will be no hiding from the constant fucking you are about to receive. You are my property now by virtue that you are Majesty’s bitch so your place in my household is the lowest of low so dont forget that. You have 10 minutes to run before the dogs are released, we shall be watching from the comfort of the house on the many cctv cameras about the estate, have fun!” You turn and leave with the others and Majesty leaving me laving on the floor on my own.

Gathering my senses I kick off my high heeled shoes and run towards the woods the bell ringing so loud. It is not long before I hear the dogs barking as they are released from the kennels. It is not long before I am surrounded by the pack of dogs, I am desperately trying to stop the bell from ringing but I am scared and it rings all the more. I am pushed to the ground by an alsatian and he tugs and tears at my dress to gain access to me. I then suffer hours of being fucked over and over again by this insatiable pack. As the sun starts to go down I hear a growl and the dogs back off as Majesty approaches, they seem to know this is his bitch and he rips the remainder of my wedding dress from me and the other dogs play tug of war and rips it apart. Majesty then straddles me and fucks my hole that is full from the pack of dogs. His big cock slips in easy as it is well stretched and fucks me hard and fast. As his know grows and fills me he lets out a howl as he comes, causing all the other dogs watching to do the same letting all that who can hear I am his bitch …..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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